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January 18, 2019


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Anne McLaughlin

I wish you would give the pattern with the kit as I have a colour printer but the ink is really expensive I would be willing to pay for the pattern its just the time I have to take printing out the colour sequence.

rhona liddle

i only wish the parts that require four rows werent in red, for those of us that print out each weeks pattern rows and dont use a colour printer (i mean who really does at home anyway?!) i do wish you'd pop a little (4) beside it instead or even underline those ones or something that'd pop up visibly on a black and white printout. hohum. PLEASE? :-)))) xxxxxxxx yup, i'm a beggin'. x

Helen Collins

Lucy ( apologies for long post) I am loving your Sweet Pea Cal and find it so relaxing but I seem to have a small problem. I did the test piece to start with and found I could get the correct measurements with a 4.5 hook. Some how my work seems to have come out larger than the given measurements at the end of week 3. This should not be a problem but wondering if I will need to order more yarn. (Bought the pack from Wool warehouse ) my measurements are height 106 1/2 cm and width 113 cms. I know I could just be happy with smaller size but would like to finish as per your pattern. Wondering if I should order more now as postage takes a while to au. ( being born in 1938 may have something to do with chance in tension!)


Tilly is so cute.

Susan McQuade

I just placed an order for yarn from Wool Warehouse to participate in the CAL. Looking forward to package and stitching along! Blessings from Midwest USA.


Beautiful. Joyful. Inspirational. Thank thank thank you 🌸🌈

Teresa Kasner

I love each and every photo of this CAL. I just did a blog post of my blanket with 2 weeks of work. I'm doing the sample repeat with a twist. :-)
Now to start the 3rd section!! I adore the colors in this blanket!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Love crochet this Sweet Pea (posy) blanket. Before I saw this CAL I swore I would never crochet another blanket. Colours are amazing.

Heather Coady

Yippee! I’ve managed to get enough down time to get started and though this is first week I’ve gottothehappystage when I can lay it down and pick up when there are interruptions!
I just love all the creations just wish I could have the time to spend on as much crocheting! Beautiful all of them!


Wow, it is honestly all SO inspirational, a real pleasure to see so many variations. I can't imagine how amazing it must feel to you to see everyone joining in with you. Wonderful as ever Lucy, well done all. CJ xx

Claire Nurse

Hi Lucy,
Have you seen the new Emma Bridgewater mug? It’s a sweet little sweet pea mug!


hermosas las mantas!!! te invito a mi blog



I absolutely love the crochet and knit community! The picture of the women in Perth is so heartwarming! I love that creativity brings us together!


I am loving the progress photos showing so many different styles.
I am team colour wash. This is a 1st for me as I am usually so late to a CAL party that everyone has gone home. :)

 grace horton

So nice to see everyone's blanket color choices.

charlotte m.

Thank you for all the lovely pictures. It truly helps to keep me inspired and hooking along. My daughters have expressed an interest in having a blanket when I finish this one. Looks like there will be more crochet in my future. Have a lovely week Lucy.

Sheelagh Franklin

I am in heaven with your sweet pea blanket the pattern and colours flow so beautifully. I've worked hard this last week getting part one and two of the CALs completed so that I was ready for real time today! I'm so excited to get started on part 3 ! Love all the different variations that everyone is doing as well. So thank you Lucy for all your hard work, must go now as my crochet hook is calling me! 😃 xxx

Mary W

ADORE the beautiful soft colors! I'm really excited after seeing blanket all scrunched up in the middle with the flower petals strewn about. That is gorgeous! I do love how the pattern reveals itself the larger it gets.

Sandra fox

Wow what an amazing lot of blankets on today's post, so surprised to see my baby blanket included, it is coming along nicely.
Lovely to see the ladies from Perth joining in and having a great meet up, I'm hoping to join in with the West Bay meet in February.
You have been such an inspiration to me through some difficult times, I would never of started to crochet if not for you blog.
So a big thanks .

Lilo Bowman, Editor-in-Chief,TheQuiltShow.com,

Hello Lucy,

I love your use of color and have secretly been stalking your blog for several years. I've got a book in the works and would love to include you? Please let me know if you are interested.


Miss Daisy

ABSOLUTELY LOVE the pale colors !


I am still working on clue 2 but enjoying every row. Thank you for sharing pictures of different color ways. It is fun to see what other possibilities I could make when I make a second blanket.

Karen Fretwell

Thank you so much for showing my photo of my rainbow colour palette. I have only been crocheting for a year, and I find your blogs, and colour ways, teaching so inspirational. Thank you. I look forward to doing the actual sweet pea colours later in the year. Thanks again.


I screamed so loud when I saw you showed my blanket on your famous blog that my dogs started howling! :D Thanks!! Yvonne.


Finished clue 2 for my double bed an hour ago. Phew! Now to get started on no. 3.

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