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January 11, 2019


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Lorna McMaster

Is there a link anywhere to Kaz Hall’s PDF (as mentioned above - being released in March 2019) of the Harmony Blanket in the Sweet Pea colourway? Many Thanks

sandra large

love the sweet pea bunch. I followed the link but no luck on etsy for the pattern.
Daughter showed me these and has requested sweet peas in her bouquet.
I am starting to gather patterns together but no luck with this one.
Can anyone help me source a pattern

Diana I Dalton

Woke up this morning- touched my Pinterest logo and this beautiful blanket came up after clicking on one item. Since my favorite flowers are all different colors packed in one vase my mind was instantly drawn to each and every beautiful blanket I saw. My nickname is Sweat pea (from my husband) & in January of this year I was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia. Every day is a gift from God.
I do not know how to knit but I am going to make a blanket. I am 61 years old and this disease has a small (15% chance of living 2-5 years). I have
lived 8 months and I received a beautiful prayer shawl. I’de
Love to be able to make those & am so happy to have seen this today.
A big shoutout to everyone for displaying your blankets because they are all so beautiful!!


Is the pattern available for sweet pea harmony blanket please


Only just starting part 2 Posy......part 2 Colourwash will be muuuuuuuch later.

Christine Hammersley

Hello. I am new to blanket making. I ordered my sweet pea pack last weekend and I am trying to catch up with everyone. Just 4 stripes to go before week 3. The housework will have to wait!

Maria Illsley

What fantastic creations they a really wonderful I'm not on Facebook so it's great to see what others are creating . What a great community xx

Lesley Dersley

Meant to say, Moorland blanket , not Woodland. I'm going to call it my Dartmoor blanket.

Lesley Dersley

I've been a knitter all my life having only crochet squares. However you have inspired me to crochet your Woodland blanket. I am so thrilled! The waves are coming along nicely I'm just finishing the second stripe of lime. It's getting easier to see where I am and mistakes are fewer. I followed your wonderful instructions slavishly, doing the sample etc. I've a notebook with the instructions written and I've been cutting off a small piece of yarn to stick in so I don't confuse the colours. Thank you so much. It will be the sweet pea next!


O.M.G!!! I could KNIT one in feather and fan using the appropriate colour pack and sequence! I am so excited now. I simply cannot crochet, I just can't, even though I love the way it looks, but I can knit.


This is my first time following your pattern and it is so much fun..I love this blanket to pieces and the colours brighten my days :-). Thank you for sharing and enabling me to take the needle up again.

Helen taylor

Still loving making this blanket but very disappointed with quality of yarn, thickness, thinness keeps changing which affects smooth excecution of stitches!

Angela- Southern USA

All of them are fantastic!!! I'm currently using the interlocking colors in a C2C baby blanket. Have a fab weekend!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kathrine Siveyer

I love these colours - can I ask a question - I would like to make the Colour wash pattern, as a Lap Blanket, what would be the best way to shorten the length without losing the colour palette?

Ariadne Desarro

I have my yarn pack and had it set in my mind to do the "Posy". Now that I have seen the different variations I may be changing directions. This colour palette is so uplifting! It brings a smile to my face! Thank you so much for your posts and photos!!

Sarah Star

Lucy I am totally LoVinG this pattern and how beautifully it works up! I wanted to make a 'stash buster' version inspired by your posies so I'm doing a 'Rainbow Garden' blanket. Thanks as always for sharing all your colourful creative goodness xx

shannon miller

I came across this blog and crochet along this morning while having my coffee. I'm a quilter and haven't picked up a crochet hook in YEARS. Within an hour I had ordered the kit from wool warehouse and I absolutely cannot wait for it to arrive (I'm in the US) and get started! Thank you for designing such a beautiful blanket and giving me back my crojo!

Teresa Kasner

Lucy, you really have an amazing brain to keep track of everything and explain it all so well. I am so loving this blanket with the Spring colors.. it is helping me endure the winter. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


I have just received my yarn pack this week - it is GORGEOUS! and can't wait to get started. This will be my sixth Attic blankie - for my dear sister this time. Thanks for all your inspiring photos and detailed instructions - I appreciate the time you have spent doing all of this.

Crafty Cath

Blimey!! People are so clever!! I love all of the blankets and wish I could "hook" as fast :) I can't possibly have a favourite but I am very much in awe of Kaz's "harmony sweet pea" blanket. I'd better get off this computer and do some hooking! Thanks for your posts Lucy. I really want to do this blanket but must get on with the other 5 first. NY rez ;)

Helen Taylor

Oh my word what an enjoyable project The sweet pea colours are such a delight. I have been house bound with virus since Christmas Day and this great gift from my grandaughter Michelle has kept my spirits high. In a most delightful way THANK YOU so much x


How do I start this beautiful colors ??
They are all so beautiful.

Mary W


Does the loop on the hook count as one stitch when creating the chain?

Do I work into the back loop always or just that first row?

I LOVE the colors and look and am so happy to do this again with you and your group.

Janey Smith

Just looking at all these wonderful colourful afghans really lifts my heart. I can’t wait to smell sweetpeas again. Thank you so much Lucy. Being in this group and doing my first CAL with you all Is such a delight .

charlotte m.

Thank you so much Lucy. I am enjoying this so very much. I love seeing all the versions of the blanket. I am already dreaming of my next blanket. I have really grown to enjoy crochet again after being a quilt maker for over 25 years. Now I quilt during the day and crochet in the evenings. Whatever will I do with all these blankets? Such a cozy occupation though. Can't wait to pick up my hook again today.

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