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January 04, 2019


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Julie Browne

What beautiful Colors. I bought three packs for my sister, and friend and myself. Super frustrating trying to put together a cohesive pattern and color order. ARGH.. Never did find the border. If anyone can help me.....

I felt like I needed to put something together since they were gifts.

Janice Fox

I cannot find colour wash Sweet Pea COLOURS list from row 15, to make a blanket. I
I would like to try Harbour or Woodland Riple wavy lines, but I just can't make the pattern, brain doesn't work.
Lucy, please, anyone.... My crochet hook is bending at the handle!!
Just finished Cost Stripe for my Granddaughter xxx
P.S. Lucy, H. WE. OK. PP, anyone, pretty please

jennifer Howlett

how can i get a printed pattern thank you

F Butler

I completed this blanket last night after 6 months of working on it on and off. Today I started the first round of the border but after 3 and a half hours could not get the correct amount points along the foundation edge, after feeling utterly exhausted and frustrated I have now put the scissors right up the middle of it and thrown it outside. What started out as a pretty project was in the end a total waste of money ( customs had to be paid) and I feel the instructions for this aspect of the project appalling!

Josiane BEAU

Bonjour , je souhaite faire la magnifique sweet pea blanket en grande dimension lit double . Je crochète la meadow blanket actuellement en taille double lit, vous aviez donné les rayures supplémentaires à effectuer. Je ne trouve pas ce détail dans le cal de la sweet pea blanket. Pouvez-vous m'aider s'il vous plaît?
Merci, Josiane

Heather Mitchell

I’ve purchased the wool pack for the Sweet Pea blanket and was disappointed there wasn’t a pattern in it like other Attic 24 packs I’ve used. Is there anyone who has made the pattern into a Word document and could provide a copy? I’m really struggling with my concentration just now and finding it difficult to read through all the CAL pages.
I would much prefer a pattern to follow


I live in Canada .just got my second lot of wool from you the sweet pea. Is there a video to show how to do the pattern as I’m just learning. I finished your Magnolia blanket and loved it and the colours. Thank you for your wonderful colours . Sue


Where can I find the whole printable pattern please

Patricia kilmore

Where can I find the whole pattern please?

Maria Dower

Are your wool packs still available?


Where do you find the pattern for sweet pea blanket and is there a video I can follow

Kelly Kielpinski

Is there a US copy of the pattern?

Linda Weiss

Do I need to convert the stitches to English from British? I've never made one of these beautiful blankets, what's involved?

Doreen Fahey

Loving doing the blanket waiting for part two. The only knots I get in the thread is my cat Elsie sitting on my knee chewing away all the time😻

Denise Fordyce

Thanks for the responses to my comments on the yarn: I was surprised about the knots as all the reviews of the yarn have always been positive. I must have just got a dud ball. It has been fine since and I'm certainly enjoying my first foray into something more complicated than granny squares!


I think Denise has been extremely unlucky in finding three knots in the Stylecraft yarn within her first three rows. I've made most of Lucy's blankets since reading her blog from the outset and have only twice incurred knots in a ball of Stylecraft yarn. I've also used it for knitting and find that it's well worth paying a little extra on acrylic yarn as the resulting blankets and sweaters etc wear so well wash after wash. Hopefully Denise you've started again and won't find any further problems.

Angela- Southern USA

Another gorgeous blanket Lucy!I adore a good blanket project this time of year, so cozy to curl up under while you hook away. Love the stir stick idea! Happy new year! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Would the stitch for this blanket do okay in the cotton yarn from Summer Ripple?

Coral Bevis

Hi Lucy, Thank you so much for all your patterns and colourways. I have made most of your blankets now and I send them off to Project Linus alondg with prem hats and baby blankets etc.
I have so been looking forward ro your sweetpea blanket and am just about to start, once again it is another beautiful project.
Thank you aonce again, Kindest regards Coral

Denise Fordyce

So I have bought the yarn pack and love the colours. BUT I have to say I'm terribly disappointed in the quality of the yarn. I'm making the colourwash version and an just half way across the first trellis row, having completed the foundation chain row then the row of double crochet. I have already encountered 3 knots in the yarn, including 2 within about a 30cm length. Not a terribly good first impression: certainly wouldn't buy this yarn again. Hope it doesn't continue right throughout the blanket!


Hi Lucy
Just a question about your Facebook site - I don't have a Facebook account, but was able to see your site last week as it must have been 'open'. I am having difficulty now - please could you open it for us! I have no idea how this is done, but it is possible. That way us non-Facebookers can keep up with the fun. Thanks so much - I am really loving the pattern and the colours.

Kath Collinson

Sue from Cyprus - after the first row which is worked into the back loops only, work every other row through both loops.
Gorgeous colours. I particularly love the colourwash blanket. You've put an awful lot of work into this Lucy. Thank you. x

Dianne Sarada

Gorgeous colors.....

Mrs Jane Halvey

Hi, as hoped for I was gifted two yarn packs for Christmas, (thank you eldest son). Couldn't decide between Posy or Colour Wash in king size so have settled for one of each in single size.

Rowena Corlett

Hi Lucy - I wasn't planning on starting another blanket just now but I have fallen for the colourwash! I am going to use slightly different colours to go with our bedroom colour scheme. Can you tell me is there a computer progamme that you used to produce the schematic of the two colour ways! It would be great if I was able to get an idea of how my altered scheme woud look. Many thanks in advance if you are able to help!

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