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January 09, 2019


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Nancy Swank

Hi Lucy,
I thought you might see a neat ripple blanket I've been working on using the colors from your crochet garland that's pictured in this post. It's my first ripple, and I absolutely love it!
Nancy from Indiana, USA



Is there way to sub to your blog? I clicked on the sidebar but it just brought up a page with a bunch of gobbly word/numbers. Would love to receive it in my email. Love it!


Thank you Lucy for everything you share with us throughout the year..

With your gorgeous blankets, the captivating photos and how you involve us all within your family life....

Your generous spirit shines through..

Wishing you and yours every happiness and good fortune for this year of 2019!!

lots of hugs from N Ireland.....Nora x

Annabel Burton

lovely post Lucy - great to see the daffs and a spotty jug ( i love mine). Also cannot believe little B is growing so big - remember when you were expecting! And of course, BIG thanks for the mention of my little picture looking at home and happy xx


Can't believe Little B is nine years old. I remember, like it was yesterday, you showing us your very pregnant tummy on one of your posts and shocked us all! Happy New Year to you and your family. I don't crochet, but I enjoy your blog immensely. So colorful and full of joy.


I am going to see if I could grow a eucalyptus tree in Florida. The price of your flowers is an unbelievable bargain. Enjoy ! I never buy them because they are so expensive. Maybe should purchase bulbs as they are longer lasting. Love the pictures. Trying to decide if I want to try Sweet Pea in cotton. Have ordered one skein to try it. Happy New Year.


What fantastic photos, all that glorious winter light. And there's winter sunshine shining out from your words as well, a lovely post Lucy. Annabel Burton's art is so pretty, I particularly like the birds in the tree and the colour of the sky in your picture, beautifully captured. I'm wishing you a happy and productive 2019. CJ xx


I'm happy to hear your New Year started off well! I feel like this year is going to be full of peace and creativity! I'm loving following the Sweet Pea CAL. I can't wait until I can crochet this blanket for myself!

Agnes Du-feu

Hi Lucy I have just finished part 1. I am doing a double blanket. Question do i need to be adding extra rows as i go?

Jo Howes

I'm going to make a little balls garland, it's so pretty. I can do it alongside the CAL because I haven't had to do even a single bit of frogging - first time ever!! Big Love x

Winwick Mum

And she's back :) xx

Fiona M

My eucalyptus tree, grown from a seed brought back from holiday, is thriving here in my West Yorkshire garden. It's about 70ft tall though, so be warned!

Heather Cawte


OK, now I feel old....

I am quite jealous of your eucalyptus tree. What a wonderful thing to have! I love seeing the photos around the house almost as much as I love your patterns 😄😄

Elizabeth Denny

Dear Lucy check out this lovely 7 minute Australian animation "Lost & Found". Crochet beasties in a hauntingly sweet story. Still available online as Youtube. Something to cuddle up by the fire and watch - just long enough to drink a cup of hot chocolate with.

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, I'm glad you've embraced winter and are enjoying it more. I have to say, working on the Sweet Pea blanket is helping me stay positive during these dark and cold months. I am doing a series of blog posts about my progress on the Sweet Pea!! You've now inspired me to find a bunch of daffodil buds to bring home!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Denise Fordyce

Here in Victoria, Australia, we are so lucky to live right in a eucalyptus forest which smells SO GOOD whenever it rains (which is sometimes a bit rare!). The temperature forecast for the next week are all in the 40s C, somewhere between 105 and 110 F, so I will be inside working on my Sweet Pea as much as I can. Time to hibernate from the heat, not cold!

Ilona Bergen

Happy New Year to you and the family
This year a bit of a rocky start but it can only get better. I have Vertigo at the moment. Not fun at all but this too shall pass. The MRI on my cervical spine caused it. Live and learn.
Beleesing to all.

Jenny M

gorgeous photos of the rooftops & canal, I enjoy seeing the landscape and buildings surrounding you.
Wishing you a fabulous year ahead with all your creativity!


We have so many eucalypts in our back yard in WA Aus., but they are over 30 mts tall.So you it would be a good idea to keep trimming little bits to bring in the house.
Love reading your blog,keep up the good work.


Wishing you the same Lucy. I always feel better when I have read your posts. Here's to January days with sunshine and a bit of frost. Perfect.
Jacquie xxx

Jackie Farrow

Love that you can have a eucalyptus tree in your UK gardens. As you can image they are everywhere here in Australia. Of course you will have to keep an eye on it that it doesn't get too big.

I just love seeing your photos, seeing Skipton again. Please can you at some stage take a photo of the farm shop when you go next. I forgot to take a photo when we were there for Yarndale. Talking of Yarndale, next week there are a group of us Sweetpea Western Australians getting together and one of them was at Yarndale last year like me. We have lots to talk about 😀. Bye for now till your next blog.

Sandy Johnson

We have a large eucalyptus tree in the garden and I love the smell of it. I might cut some and put on the table tomorrow.
I am busy using up all my stash making lapgans for our local hospice. I have promised myself a new start with yarn. I showed you a photo of the king size patchwork blanket I had made for my son and daughter in law when we came to Yarndale.
Love reading your blogs. Happy New Year Lucy.

Heather Coady

Just love your posts ! Makes me feel really calm and positive as this week holds a very sad memory and be good when it’s over. Then on with sweet pea blanket!


Awwwwww. Enjoying sweetpea colourwash lovely post again


Another great post full of home-y news and other bits of your life! I have tulips growing a glass pot in my kitchen. A gift from a friend. Wonder when they will bloom?? Your daffodils are beautiful. And I didn't know you could buy a eucalyptus tree!! Now I have to look into doing that...

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