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January 22, 2019


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My heart is so happy when I see you write New Post!!!!!


Lovely photos Lucy !Love detail on the branch and twigs great photo love Jenny x

Susan Smith

Lovely post Lucy & could you blow some cool air our way here in southern Australia. Stay warm & take care.


Love seeing the landscape where you are, Lucy. So pretty. After a week of rain, we are having very chilly (by our standards) but sunny days. I can see flowers budding on trees already.

Helen Stevens

Hello Lucy, Lovely to look through your photos. Couldn't help noticing your bunting over the fireplace, are they by any chance Yorkshire buttons? I have just bought a kit from Hochanda. Helen

Annie Chermak

Oh my gosh, I'm SO watching the days getting lighter later already, too (I think our daylight time here in Eastern Washington is similar to yours there)! Those long dark days don't do me any good at all! We just got a dump of snow and it's really pretty but I just want it to melt as quickly as possible! Come quick, Spring flowers!!!

Sue McQuade

Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. We have had snow here in Illinois over the course of a few days and quite cold. Yesterday, it was a layer of freezing rain, then, heavy snow.
I received my packet of yarn from Wool Warehouse and will begin my CAL today. Such pretty yarn. Blessings.


Your water droplet photo is amazing Lucy. Thank you for sharing.

Vicki M

Loved your photos...we haven't had much snow here since the first of the year. Sorry your little guy did not get to use his goggles...
We sat by Lake Junalusku (North Carolina) yesterday. It was such a beautiful sunny day that I could not bear to leave until the sun went down and the temps started to drop. My hubby and I sat there and soaked in the sun for at least 2 hours...he with his book and I with my crochet. It was bliss!!

Blessings to you and all your family!!
Waynesville, NC, USA <3


Hello Lucy. I have been following your blog for a long time but don't often comment. I live in Canada (we had about 6 inches of snow overnight) and my husband and I are planning a holiday in England in September, timed especially for Yarndale. Do most people go for both days or is it possible to see everything in a day? We need to plan our itinerary.
Nicolaknits.com/nicolaknits on Ravelry

Wendy Bassett

The water droplet photo is just beautiful and worthy of the Countryfile calendar, Lucy. You should enter it for next year!


Hi Lucy,

We’ve got about the same snow wise, and it’s very cold. The roads and pavements were very icy this morning.

The blue tits, coal tits and a great tit are pinging in and out, on and off of the Perspex window feeder full of mealworms. Well, a snotty robin for whom the window feeder is designed, (the company name is I Love Robins!) is sticking to the seeds feeder hanging from the tree!

Stay warm. xx


It looks so beautiful.i wishilived ee it snowed 💕
Forecast in
Melbourne-Australia tomorrow 37, Friday 42!

Angela- Southern USA

Snow is so magical! Here in the southern US we don't see near enough of it, usually here and gone in a day, probably what makes it so magical. (not much mess) lol Have a fab week!xxxxxxxxxxx

Nina Kellock

We had a light covering of snow over here in Norfolk. Mighty cold, only just above one degree at breakfast time. Still lots of winter to come as you say, and I for one don't mind that at all.
By the way, love that little canvas behind the red-but-not-red hyacinths.

Teresa Kasner

I'm glad you got to get out and enjoy your pretty light snow. We haven't had even one snowflake so far and it's looking like we may get to Spring without one! But I'm already looking forward to snowdrops and lilacs!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Nancy Mac

I agree with Mother Nature being amazing! I love taking pictures of my garden, as being behind the camera makes you focus on the tiny delights...pollen on a stamen, drops of frozen rain on a branch, water droplets on roses, frost on leaves...all the things you would have been so keen on when you were wee and closer to the ground to see it all with wonder.

Your wee lad would have loved the storm we just had, over 1.5' of snow over the last 24hrs...your small snow fall looks so inviting to us on this side of the pond; we've just put shovels down and now the weather man says we get more tomorrow with ice rain as a chaser. So enjoy your photos and I feel like I get to travel to your shores every time I read you stories and view your lovely pictures.

Winwick Mum

I just love the way the snow blankets the hills, wrapping it up in a winter coat to remind us that it is still hat weather and the nights might be getting lighter but there's still a way to go before the spring xx

 grace horton

I very much enjoyed the pictures....


Amazing water droplet shot, beautifully captured. My youngest has made a snowball from the tiniest amount of snow, he would be digging out the ski goggles as well without a shadow of a doubt. I have seen snowdrops and crocuses this week along with some daffodil shoots today. Won't be long before there are spring flowers everywhere I think. CJ xx

Jan Buckley

Such beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing Lucy x


Enjoy taking a walk with you!! Wishing snow for little B... But only on the grass.
Snow, sleet, freezing rain, ice and all things white and slippery here in Chicago suburbs. Spring is only two?? three?? months away!


Love your pictures. And so enjoying the sweetpea colors in the CAL. Sweetpeas were one of my aunt's favorite flowers. (Along with Zinnias, Peonies,... you get the picture?) But I think of her as I crochet.


Yes indeed, the pleasure of the light coming back is worth a little dance Lucy. The snow took its change at the other side of the sea and there's a 5 cm white cover making the biggest traffic jam ever occurred. But my garden is absolute stunning <3


Driving to town tonight at 5.30 and there were still light clear patches in the sky between the clouds. Son moaned because summer was on its way. He suffers awfully from allergies in the summer so prefers winter when his nose doesn't run and his eyes don't itch.

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