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December 22, 2018


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Tamal Ghosh

Thanks for sharing this author
Keep it up


I am going to incorporate solstice and equinox celebrations into my life next year! I feel like I need that little bit of extra happiness (and quiet time/reverence) in my life. I love the idea of Yule wish pine cones!

My sister and I visited Guatemala for two weeks this past spring and got to see eucalyptus trees in their natural environment. The scent and color are wonderful!

Kathryn Ashe

Here in the Inland Northwest Washington, our sunset was at 3:55 pm on the winter solstice. Now, just one week later, our sunset is 4:16 pm. Hurrah, summer will be here before we know it!!!

Elizabeth Wittig

Mum left us on the Solstice in 2000 so not my best day. Like to think the dark days are over and we are moving into the light.

Green Girl Gardener

Oh Lucy, I love your wreath. I like to think of myself as reasonably creative and imaginative, but yet I never seem to have lovely ideas pop into my head like you do. I hope you had a marvellous Christmas with your family. Not long to go till the CAL starts *excited, grinning face*.

Denise Hall

December 22nd is my birthday and always the shortest day of the year. I treasure being born on this day - never seems to bother me! I guess I feel special! Happy New Year Lucy and family and everyone else who is reading this .


A lovely post. Oh! How I wish to live where you do! Do enjoy your extra moments of sun from now on!


I love the look of the wreath with the candle and fairy lights all lit up. I hope you had a happy Christmas!


Merry Christmas. Love Abi x


What a beautiful tradition! I absolutely love the rustic look! Happy New Year, Lucy and family!


I love the "rustic" look of your wreath. Thanks for all you're lovely inspiration throughout the year Lucy.


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Um abraço
Luisa Sousa
(from Portugal)


I, too, love your wreath, Lucy. It certainly looks 'magical' to me!! Especially with the mini lights and the star candle lit in the centre. I tend to like the more 'wild' things rather than the controlled ones.

You are already well into Boxing Day over there and we are just past midnight on Christmas Day, so I guess technically it's Boxing Day here, too.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. Ours was quiet, but good.

I wish you all the best in the coming year. Lots of health, happiness and all that. And creativity!!

Love and Light to you ~ Linne

Angela- Southern USA

Love the wreath!!! ***MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!***

Nadine G

Félicitations pour votre couronne si naturelle. Que de chemin parcouru depuis MARS 2008, je vous admire !- Passez de belles fêtes de fin d'année en famille ! Je vous embrasse.


Love your solstice pictures and have a happy Christmas and I am looking forward to your new projects in 2019. You new projects cheer me up every time. xx


Your wreath is very beautiful! The longest day of the year here in Australia passed me by completely! May you enjoy your extra minutes of sunshine each day now. Happy Xmas to you! Meg:)


Amazing pictures!!!! I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Winwick Mum

This was the first year that we've celebrated the Solstice and it felt very special, quite magical in a way that's different to Christmas. I think it's going to be permanent inclusion to our family traditions! xx

marie keller

A group of women and I get together 4 times a year to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Music, food, singing and laughter. At midnight we gather in a circle, hold hands and dance to Van Morrisons Moondance. (You only feel awkward the first time.) I'm like you in that I look forward to the Summer Solstice the most. The heat and sunshine really make me happy.


Your wreath is lovely and I like the thought of the pine cone wish. Have a safe, happy and cosy festive season with your family. xx Susan


Sounds like a wonderful afternoon, and I love the wreath. I must explore the wonders of eucalyptus. The winter and summer solstices are lovely aren't they, I always like to stop and appreciate the light. CJ xx

Hanne Abrahamsen

Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing your beautiful wreath!

Marlene Randall

Your wreath is breathtakingly beautiful. I've been wanting to add a solstice celebration to our family traditions, it feeling more relevant to me than some other long held traditions.

Mary W

Your wreath is just wonderful - love how the lights around the outside make a second circle with the light from the star inside. I ADORE your Yule Pine Cones! What a marvelous gift to give someone with a fireplace. Not only would they work well, they would certainly be pretty to look at lined up along the table center or along the window sill. These I must copy! So enjoy your blog - thank you again for sharing so much.

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