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December 15, 2018


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Lisa Smallridge

I received my Sweet Pea yarn pack in Australia very quickly, thank you!. The colours are gorgeous! Like "Anne Dearle" above, I like your initial layout of colours graduating from greens up to the purples. (The initial photo with the sweet peas on top). To me, this is the most life-like, and very calming to look at. I would like to try that version, (even though the other designs are pretty, too). Our Summer here is very changeable, with lots of stretches of cool, rainy weather, so I'm looking forward to starting my Sweet Pea on 4 January. Lisa from Melbourne, 21Dec18


This will be a wedding gift for very dear friends of us, who are getting married in April. Just a quick question: I am thinking of doing the colour wash version, but with the cosy stripes from one of your previous blankets. Would that still work with the border pattern? Thank you so much for all the work, that you put into this. Have a lovely Christmas and see you in the new year, ready for some hooky action :)


I just ordered my kit. Looking forward to doing this. It will be my first CAL. The yarn is stunning. I am attracted to these colors. Looks like a lot of fun.
Also, I have tried to subscribe to your blog but it won't accept the information. Something is broken?


Call them Sweeties ? Perhaps. I've made two moorlands and just finished the coastal ripple and love it. Thanks for the crochet colour! Enjoy your opportunity to nest, we hardly ever have dreadful weather here and I miss the opportunity to say 'No, the weather is too dreadful, I'll stay inside and crochet! ' Happy Christmas!


My 12 year old says we should be the Pea podders :-)
Can't wait to start. This one will be a gift for daughter, she has fallen in love with the colourwash scheme.


The last few weeks my internet security gives me a warning about your website. Could there be anything that needs checking? Do others get warnings?
Lovely sweet pea colours!

Susan Smith

DD & I both love the new rug & will think about ordering in the New Year & start a bit later than others, as it is summer here in Oz. I'm actually using up the scraps from 2 of your other packs I've bought over the years & am making a giant granny square, which I'll possibly donate in winter to a charity. Thanks for hosting the CALs, your wonderful blog & providing us with beautiful soothing rhythmic patterns. Take care & a very Merry Christmas to you & your family.

katherine truelove hawkins

Definitely the Posy version for me. And, having seen your samplers, I'm thinking I will need to buy another pack and do a double crochet version as well. Although someone above mentioned a scarf as well and now I *really* want a sweet pea scarf!

The yarn pack is my Christmas present so I can't wait to get me hands on it in a week or so.

Patricia Brambley

Lucy, I am so looking forward to starting this cal, but nervous too as I am a beginner. My Daughter has bought me the yarn pack for Christmas. Thank you for encouraging me to try this.
Regards, Pat.

Green Girl Gardener

Hi Lucy. I like the paler colours when they're interspersed with the more vibrant ones, but they're not my favourite on their own, so I think I'll do the posy version so I don't have a big chunk of pale together. Can't wait to get started and try to cheer up these cold, dreary December days. Thank you for answering all those questions xx.

Linda Carlin

Loving the colours, I will be doing the colour wash blanket, I’m working on a double bed size cosy stripe blanket at the minute but I will be putting that to one side come January 4th xx


Dear Lucy, this is a gorgeous pattern and I feel that you have captured the essence of a sweet pea posy beautifully. This is my first CAL, I have my yarn and I can’t wait to get started! I keep looking at the yarn and thinking how completely fabulous the colours are. Definitely the “posy” colourway for me, though the “colourwash” version is also very lovely. Like so many of us I too struggle through the grey days of January and February longing for the first signs of spring, and the idea of being part of a lovely group crocheting our bright, flower inspired blankets together during the long winter days makes me feel so very happy. I’m a long time follower of your blog Lucy. You write and photograph as beautifully as you design and crochet - thank you so much. Wishing you and yours a happy and peaceful Christmas xxx

Mary W

Received my yarn - it really is like a bouquet of sweet peas! I love the colors and have decided to make the colorwash version for its softness. Now to finish tucking in the yarn ends from last years woodland beauty. I've made a promise to myself to have that done before I begin a new blanket. I should have listened to you and won't make that mistake again - tuck in as you go!

Sylvia Busuttil

Hi Lucy, thank you for your blog, I agree 100% with you about sweet peas, they are one of my favourite flowers, I am originally from Scotland now living in Australia, so we have just about finished our sweet pea season, I was lucky to be given some flowers and seeds by a friend last week, just at the time when my pack arrived, so I will be ready to plant them after our winter.Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put in just to make us all happy little crocheters !


Really beautiful Lucy, this is definitely going to be one of my favourites. I love the narrow stripes and the texture, and the colours are gorgeous, absolutely perfect for sweet peas, you've nailed it exactly. CJ xx


Beautiful! I am so excited to start this CAL with you. It will be my first time. 😁
I absolutely love the Posy colour combination. It is so fun and playful. Thank you. Xo


These are the perfect colors to stare at during those dreary January and February months! I personally like the group name Sweet Peaers! Makes me laugh!!

Anna Kay

I would like to make a scarf with this yarn pack that resembles your Colour wash sample. What stitch did you use?

Jane Halvey

I can't wait to get started on my first ever CAL. I have asked Father Christmas for 2 of the wool packs and think I saw the local postie deliver a large squishy parcel last week. Fingers crossed, toes, eyes and anything else I can think of.

sandra dorey

Oooh so exciting! Well, I am in a flurry if indecision about which version to make, but what a lovely flurry to be in. I might have to do both like Brenda.
I think there might be several groups forming around the world to crochet together.
Any of the Sweet Pea Bunch are welcome to join us in Bridport, Dorset on Sunday 3rd Feb for coffee and crochet at the Sweet Pea Gathering https://www.facebook.com/events/371153333631844/


I spy a new blanket in my future for our new house - love love love the colour wash and can see it fitting in perfectly in our new bedroom, as well as giving me something to do when we have no central heating! Thank you for all the hard work you do xx

Christine Phillips

I do like the comment posted by Ruth two call us the Sweet Pea Bunch. It is simple, easy and obvious to remember and ties in with lovely bunches of Sweet Peas.


Hi, Lucy! I LOVE sweet peas and you have chosen the perfect colours for a Sweet Pea Blanket. My Mum grew them and I grow them whenever I have a place to do so. I especially like that they bloom more the more you pick them . . . I will definitely be doing this blanket, but not quite yet. I have some loose ends to tie up first (literally and figuratively lol). I'm looking forward to learning the new stitch, too. It's hard to say which of your blankets I like best (I love them all), but this one is likely to become my all-time favourite. Thanks again for all the lovely patterns and I do have to say that I've been doing handwork for over 60 years and yours are the best-written patterns I've ever used. Your photos always make everything so clear.

The only thing missing about this blanket . . . it won't have the amazing scents of the flowers. I suppose I will just have to buy some once I am doing the blanket (or grow some, if I'm fortunate).

Stay warm, Lucy. I hope you are enjoying the days leading up to Christmas. Warm hugs to you. ~ Linne


What a nice coloured design in this gray season.

Fiona M

Love it, and I will be doing the colour wash version.

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