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December 15, 2018


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Esther Maclean

It has always been my dream to make an Attic24 blanket so you can imagine my joy when my sister in law bought me the sweet pea blanket set! She also bought one for my mum, so that we could both work along together. I am travelling to England to be with her for two week over Christmas and we have been looking forward to starting the blankets together, but when I have checked here I see that you won’t be posting tutorials until January, by which time I will have left. Reading some comments it appears that there is a pattern available to download somewhere, but I can’t find it. Please can you tell me how to find the pattern for those of us who are too keen to wait until the new year?! I would love to spend Christmas crocheting your sweet pea blanket with my mum 😊 Thank you!


Im stuck before ive started. Could anyone tell me where to find jhow to do a sample square to measure tension for the posy sweet pea blanketplease?

طراحی سایت

WOOoww. they're amazing

وبلاگ روی پوشان

nice pics


Got my sweet pea wool on which site can I follow your tutorial to learn the pattern

Eileen Gibbons

Hello Lucy
I was wondering if you could help me. I love the Sweetpea Blanket I would like to do it in a cotton yarn. Could you recommend a cotton with similar colours.


On the the posy blanket second row do I crochet the cluster into the chain space?

Susan Brookes

Whenever I try and subscribe to this page, I just get a coding page come up! What am I doing wrong?


Hi Lucy, I have been following your instructions and seem to have quite a bit of yarn leftover, am I right in thinking you have a cunning plan to use those ones up at the end? If not ,I think I've gone wonky somewhere. It's a fab blanket to do and I'm doing the colour wash as well as doing a hydrangea blanket in your coastal colours.
Thanks once again

Lynne garlick

I am finding it difficult to find the pattern instructions for the colourwash blanket.


Hiya. What’s the best way to hide a join in the wool? I don’t want to pull back to the beginning of a row. Or leave the knot making the blanket slightly bulky at the knot. Thank you

Ruth McNally

I have purchased your yarn pack,just checking that this is enough yarn to complete the colourwash version of the cal ?

Cheryl Jones

I've chosen the colourwash pattern and am doing the king size blanket. I'm worried as i did a swatch which came out very slighty bigger ( no problem there as I figured I would just buy more yarn if needed), however I've finished the pistachio rows and still have more than a ball of yarn left..... what am i doing wrong...or is it used in the border later?
Lovely stitch!!
Cheryl x


Waiting for my yarn, I'll catch on when it arrives. It will be My blanket, the first one I will make for me. Can't wait to start it!


Hello Lucy,
Thank you so much for this beautiful pattern, I’d love to do the colour wash, and when I looked at the Sweetpea pack, it did not say if it was also the colour wash.

I don’t want to order the wrong one. As I’d make a double bed size.
Does the same pack work for both?


I saw a typo referring to' Sweep Pea' which made me think we should be called "Sweepeas'.

Karen m

I was going suggest the collective noun should be sweet pea bunch....but someone recommended, sweet pea podders and that's brilliant!


Just wanted to say "Hi" as I stumbled on your blog when researching Temperature Blankets.
I love your Sweet Pea Colour Palette - truly stunning!
Unfortunately I wont join in your CAL as I have started my Temperature Crochet - although I realise it'll be loooong so I am attempting a scarf to begin. Added - I want to mark the temp change thro the day so 8am temp, 12noon temp and max temp. All in a row.
I am inspired by different stitches and techniques so am toying with idea of a different pattern per month - I may work some of your trellis for Month of Feb. I love your ripples and will have a ripple month in the temperate colours I have selected.
Good luck with CAL - I am excited to see its progress! X


The group name could be "Posies" or "Petals"

So Looking forward to joining in on this Sweet Pea crochet along. Thank you Lucy for your creations, stunning colourways and generous sharing of your pattern designs.


Oh my goodness. I may have to make both. They are beautiful, Lucy. I can’t wait to get started. I am looking forward to the challenge of keeping up with the CAL, week by week. I am assuming an average of about 3 colours per day should cover it and allow time to keep on top of sewing in the ends. All knitting projects have been completed and who needs to do housework anyway? (It is overrated in my book)


Une belle année neuve en perspective !? Merci pour toutes ces explications

Amy Davis

Hi. This will be my first CAL and I’m so excited. The colors of the yarn are stunning and I immediately fell in love with them. I haven’t decided what size I’m doing so I bought two sets of yarn just in case. I am going to practice and get my gauge figured out so I’m ready on January 4!!

Carolyn Reed

Mornings licy
I have just had my yarn delivered and hooks arriving tomorrow. I am a utter beginner to crochet (very experienced knitter) so hoping my creative capabilities transfer well! I think I’m going with the ‘colour wash’ effect. It appeals to my eye.
I think you should call us ‘peaties’! Can’t wait for next Friday.
Carolyn xx


Hello all just joined, this is my first crochet cal and am so excited. Just ordered my pack can't make up my mind wether too order another.
I am so pleased to be joining everyone on this project, Thank You Lucy for found this lovely blog.
Pat another sweet pea powder.


Hello Lucy,

I'm new to your site and am anxious to start with the Sweet Pea CAL! I have one question, would this be suitable doubled? I have a difficult time with smaller hooks. I thought about ordering 2 packs and then following the pattern as instructed. Thank you so much! Can hardly wait to get started. xo ~Barbara

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