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December 31, 2018


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things to do near me

Love the post! I feel the need to go traveling somewhere.


Happy New Year, I read the book you mentioned back in the summer and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to following your blog during 2019 I find it fascinating. I envy you having your family all there. My two daughters have grown up and are living their own lives now.


Happy New Year Lucy, hoping there will be many more idle chitter chatters x


Wishing you a new year filled with peace, joy, and happiness.


Happy new year Lucy to you and your family.
I have brought the hggye book last autum. A really lovely book.
Believe me your defiantly hggye :)
Have fun this year, look forward to your post.


I Wishing you and all the family a very happy New Year. Thanks for your amazing work and inspiration.I looking forward to starting the Sweet Pea CAL. I Love your blog!


This Christmas holiday has seemed long to me, which has been super nice, despite working a bit over the Christmas period. I like the slow days where they just roll into the next. I've just let Christmas 'be' this year. I usually get very stressed in the run up to it which makes me annoyed as I want to enjoy it so much every year. This year I just relaxed as much as I could and enjoyed the three Bears' having fun. All the decs are now packed away and the house has had a detox and I feel clear in my head for the New Year. I always like that feeling!

Happy New Year to you Lucy. I hope it is a year full of life's sweet blessings and awash with beautiful creativity! Take care lovely, Ness xxxx


Happy New Year, Lucy! I hope your 2019 is filled with delight and creative pursuits!

I won't be partaking in the Sweet Pea CAL this year as I am working on a Temperature Blanket! However, I will most likely purchase the Sweet Pea pack and work on the blanket in my own time as the pack has the prettiest colors I ever have seen!


Lucy and family, Thank you for another year of enjoyment reading your interesting blog and delighting in the wonderful photos. Wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year! Big Hugs from Kimmy ♥

Susan Smith

Happy New Year to you & your family. Thanks for such a lovely post, take care & enjoy the rest of the break with the children.


Happy New Year, Lucy and family! I have been looking at the Hygge book as well but haven't gotten it...yet! I hope it's a good read! I love making amigurumi and find stitching their facial features to be the hardest part as well! Thanks so very much for taking the time to let us peek into your little world!

Moni Bermann

Hi Lucy! Im from Argentina, Buenos Aires. I read you a lot and made some of your blankets. I love all your work. Just want to say Happy New Year! and send you some rays of sun. Is hot here now, summer begun at 21th of december!

Angela Cameron

Wishing you and all the family a very happy New Year from New Zealand. Thanks for all your amazing work and inspiration. We are on holiday (27 degrees here today, I'm melting) and I have my Sweet Pea pack and hook on the ready! Looking forward to 2019 and to reading your blog. Take care, best wishes always.

Wendy Bassett

We're staying with my Mum in Yeovil this week and went to West Bay today. It was so warm and sunny, a beautiful day. The sea was like a mill pond - most unusual for West Bay. I always think of you when we go.Looking forward to the CAL. Happy New Year!

Crafty Cath

Happy New Year to you and your family and thank you for inspiring me to do more craft :)


happy new year lucy from your attic space...hope its a bright and jolly good one filled with all your yarny makes and adventures. I have enjoyed through the many years seeing the months postings through out the years...your blog is my little escape and the colour and yarny talent always inspires and cheers my days...

Jeanette Renting

Happy New Year to you and your family!!!!

Angela- Southern USA

Back to the clock watching for us tomorrow but it's been grand these lazy days with the kids nearby. Wishing you a very happy new year filled with the little things and plenty of hooky time! xxxxxxxxxx

Mary W

Thank you for a beautiful and warming post this morning. Coffee in hand, sitting in my recliner with the bird singing peacefully next to me, your gentle and positive greetings made me forget all the horrible news and events that squeeze the life and happiness from my soul. With your post, I took a short vacation into peace and will continue in that feeling by not reading any more news. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Happy New Year!


A very happy new year to you too Lucy.

Sweet greetings,


I read the hygge book. Your blog is all about hygge! First thing I thought while reading the book was your blog. Crackling fires, cozy projects, colorful flowers...You live hygge!
Have a Happy New Year!

Rita Anne Hope-Haverman

Happy New Year to you and all who read your blog. It is a refreshing peak into family life in the UK; just a bit different than living in Omaha, Nebraska USA.

Miss Daisy

Happy New Year! Love your pictures, especially the small waterfall. Wish I could go on walks with you and yours. You live in such a beautiful area. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who enjoys the simple, little things in life. Love your mantle and the fire, so comforting. A Blessed year to you and your family.

mrs. smythe

You inspire me to get out and do more walking. Happy New Year, and thank you!


Happy New Year Lucy. xx

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