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December 18, 2018


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Thank you so much for the nice article you shared. This is what I need to find.

Donna Philpott

Have a wonderful & peaceful Christmas,Lucy, you & your precious family!

Jane Dorfman

Have you seen photos of this Christmas tree in Italy? Totally granny-squared.


carolyn mary jackson

Enjoyable post once again. You would be very welcome to visit Hawkes Bay NZ, I would be over the moon! we have had some 30+ degree days this week, and some rain, I prefer 24o, but of course we always have a summer Christmas. We all think a Christmas with snow would be exciting.
I love your posts and look fwd to seeing more of the sweet pea blanket. We have sweet peas flowering right now over the fence from my neighbour who hands over bunches for me. Happy Christmas. Carolyn.


I just received my Sweet Pea CAL here in the USA. This is my 2nd one, I did the Woodland last January. I plan to use the Woodland crochet pattern for the Sweet Pea in the color wash. How's that for mixing it up. Thank you for your LOVELY blog. I love reading and seeing the pictures you post whether they are outside or crochet related.


Hello Lucy
Thank you for ALL your Posts ,and Patterns , I really appreciate them , I love the nature ,like you do .
Love colorful blankets , I love to crochet and Knit,it is my way to relax from a busy , stressful day , i Always have many Projects going.i cant wait to start the
sweat pea Blanket
Thank you ,i hope someday i am able to visit England,its so beautiful
Merry Christmas to you and your family


Beautiful winter sunshine. But yes, it has been dark hasn't it. I love the solstice too, but I'm rather taken with the idea of spending the rest of the winter abroad in the sunshine somewhere, I should definitely like to try that. Glad you managed to make the most of the sunshine. Let's hope there's a little more. Enjoy the solstice, I'm really looking forward to it. CJ xx

Rosie Beaucoup

Enjoy your postings a great deal. It has been a grey, dreary November and early December here in Nova Scotia too (New Scotland - so we are used to mizzle!)
This week we had snow and the landscape is a winter wonderland but an upcoming rainstorm is going to result in a green Christmas- drats! Most of our snow comes from January on.
I share your love of colour and texture. Nova Scotia is a small province but we have wonderful yarn storms.
Come to New Scotland sometime!


Yeap! You and family need to spend some time in Aussie during our summer. Always a bed here on the farm. Xx

Nadine G

Magnifique promenade auprès de cette rivière, merci à vous. Je vous souhaite un très bon vendredi de Solstice ici à Paris à 23 heures 22- de merveilleuses fêtes de NOEL et jour de l'AN- douces pensées pour vous avec cette féérie de couleurs de pois sucrés. Bises.


It’s a lovely post, thank you. The pictures are great.

Angela- Southern USA

That's my kind of day out! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


What a wonderful way to spend the day with someone you love! <3 I experience SAD (seasonal affective disorder) at about this time every year, and I have found that filling my life with plants to keep inside and lots of crafty projects, things are never so bad! There is light in everything, we just have to find it.

Miss Daisy

Enjoyed your post as always - I shouldn't say this but here goes , I follow bloglovin every morning and when you post I read yours first. I would think of the weather you're having as a time of rest. Have blessed day !

Winwick Mum

Quiet moments in the madness of the Christmas preparations are so important - and so rare! Glad that you were able to find one for yourself and J! xx


Struggling here too. Oh I so love your photos and am hunkering down crocheting. Dreaming of the New Year and trying new crafts as well as doing the sweet pea blanket yay. Have a good Christmas and New Year and Thankyou for all your lovely blogs and your crochet inspiration.


Hello Lucy!
Thank you for your post and the beautiful pictures! I understand how you feel about chasing the light. My family and I come from the USA and currently live in Germany. This is our second winter here, and these gloomy, dark, gray days really are something! It’s been a bit of an adjustment getting used to winter with minimal sunshine. Whenever I see sunshine and blue sky I feel like Kate Winslet’s character in Sense and Sensibility when she sees blue sky and says, “Let us chase it!” Then when it escapes me I feel like Dory in Finding Nemo when she beacons back the whale, “Come baaahhhck!” To help keep my spirits up I watch gardening shows and tend to my small greenhouse garden. It gets me outside and I enjoy the earthy smell of dirt and plants. Right now my butterfly plants are blooming and they smell so sweet! I hope they last until Spring so the butterflies can come around!
I love the Sweet Pea blanket you’ve posted! My friend and I love flowers and nature, so I shared the Sweet Pea post with her. Both of us will be joining in on the CAL in 2019! Both of us are really excited and cannot wait to begin! In for disclosure, this is my first CAL ever, and my second crocheting project. I am a beginner and hope to improve my skills, and enjoy the journey with your beautiful Sweet Pea CAL! Thank you!
I hope you have a great day, and very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Kind regards,


While in London I came across the book "The Light in the Dark" by Horatio Clare. I confess to buying it for the pretty cover as much as for the theme. He is describing his struggles with winter depression in a very personal, sometimes rambly manner. There's no ready-made recipes how to avoid the winter funk, it's more of a diary, going into descriptions of his life and musings on other related themes, but I enjoyed it a lot. It made me a little more optimistic about getting through the darker season better, but my dark season happens in January/February or even March when winter is dragging on and all is grey and hardly anything bright. Meaning I'm not there yet. Let's see how optimistic I feel then ;D

On another note: Thank you for creating the colourwash scheme for the Sweat Pea CAL. I love the stripy scheme as well, your blankets are always so bright. Yet I prefer the pattern that is more restful to the eye. It's sooo lovely!

Have a very happy Christmas.

Eira Clapton

We are celebrating Solstice with a summer party here in Perth Western Australia. For us it brings the happy thought that the days -now starting at about 4:45 am will gradually shorten, and that the sun will bring relief from heat earlier and earlier as it goes down.


It was blowing a holiest down here in Dorset today but a small patch of daffodils already in flower brightened the gloom (already well in bloom!! ) Sorry no picture but I was not getting out of my car in that much rain!

Also I joined the moorland fb group today in preparation for the sweet pea cal and just looking at all the colours of everyone’s work just lifted the gloom a little more

Sandy Turnage

I just ordered my Sweetpea CAL kit and am so excited! Thanks Lucy for all your inspiration!

Teresa Kasner

Lucy, I just love how peaceful and joyful this post was. It makes me want to drive to the viewpoint with my yarn and a good book and relax and see the Columbia River flow by on it's journey to the Pacific Ocean. I've ordered my yarn pack for the next CAL.. so exciting! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

*M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*


It sounds like a lovely day and a reminder that we can find joy in the simplest of pleasures. Enjoy the soltice. xx Susan


Yes. All will be well.


It's always winter in the north of England, like a less snowy Narnia and no talking animals. Mostly soggy freezing rain and howling winds. The upside is how green it is the rest of the year.

Technically it's only 3 months of the year and although it hasn't even begun yet, Spring will be here very soon.

There is always so much to be grateful for though. A warm cosy home to wait out the worst, a family to care for, our pets, warm food, running water, soft bedding. Not things that everyone has by any means so we should be thankful. If we have these things, we have much good fortune.

We need Christmas to recover from all the stress we put ourselves through in the lead up to it. None of it is compulsory but it's easy to forget that.

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