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November 20, 2018


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saude brota da natureza

I love a wood fire as well. I grew up with a wood burning stove in the family room and the smell of a fire burning takes me back to those times. I love your patterns and your eye for colors


Lucy, I bought the Sweet Pee yarn pack. I'm a beginner and I want to make sure to buy the right hook. What size are you using with the CAL, so I'm already for January

Samantha Bishop

After living in the UK for 20 years, I moved back to Australia three years ago. My goodness, this blog has made me homesick for England! Christmas just isn't the same in the blazing sunshine - and that's from someone who grew up here! But we will still have our fairy lights, and show these poor deprived Aussies how to do Christmas :)


I love a wood fire as well. I grew up with a wood burning stove in the family room and the smell of a fire burning takes me back to those times. I love your patterns and your eye for colors. Much love from me to you!

Carol  Partridge

It has to be said, you have a wonderful eye for colour. Another beautiful collection . My dad used to spread the fire ashes on our garden path. We had a cinder path. ( thought everyone did when I was a kid)


I adore sweet peas. What a gorgeous palette of colour. I love seeing the yarn next to the blooms.


Oh ... my ... goodness - I should not have clicked on the links for Paper and String - such felty goodness! I'm making some felt penguins for Christmas and I'm sure I need more supplies ... :)


Hi, there! Just popped by for a visit and I have to say I absolutely love your mantle! Such gorgeousness!


Lovely lovely Lucy !
Love Jenny from Cornwall xx


I love mmm crafts 12 days of Christmas. Have made many snowbirds and add one each year. Gorgeous. Cant wait to see yours.


Oh those sweet pea colors. Sweet peas were one of the favorites for one of my aunts and I remember her yard having a wall of them along the garage. Zinnias were another favorite which you have in your 'fall' color blankets. I might have to just buy the yarn it's so delish.

Elaine allerton

Started my first cal with u last january! And had not crocheted in years! Was just what I needed,,,
Then went onto hydrangea, ,,, almost finished it,,,
So will be ready to start a new one in january!
Winter is here, too, snow, snow and cold,,, brr,
Have a propane fire,,, its ok,, but not as warm as wood,
Yours is lovely,,,
Enjiy ur posts,,,,

Heidi Clarke

I would love an open fire, I have fond memories of my school uniform having a wood smoke smell on a Monday morning,after mum ironed in the living room on Sunday night [don't remember being so pleased as a teenager]. Can't wait for the cal have money tucked away.

Creative Mummy Bear

I'm with you on the fire-loving! Our living room, where the wood stove lives, is currently 'kitchen makeover central' so out of use for sitting, and we are using the front room instead. Yes, it's nice, but the coal effect gas fire just isn't the same! Missing the wood stove big time! xxxx


OMGeee, you are right... I want to make all of them!

How absolutely beautiful each of them are.

Kathryn Ashe

Looking at your photo from 2008, I see your creativity just grows and grows year after year. I am so glad you chose crochet as your creative outlet.


Lovely post today, thinking of trying that new Sweet Pea blanket, I’m not such a good knitter or crocheting but I could try.


Amo outono e o inverno. São estações aconchegantes.


Gosh yes, Winter is a coming!!!!!!!! It has been so cold today and the greyness...oh the greyness......greyness that can only be overcome with candles and lamps and cosy warmth of a fire...or radiator!!!!

That's weird, as I got out my big stash of felt and decided that I wanted to do something with it all. Actually a Christmas Wreath brooch sprang to mind, but goodness knows where I am going to find the time. Your project in the making looks adorable. I always think I have so much time to make Christmas ornaments......and then whoosh, Christmas comes and goes and those thoughts don't get past my head stage! One year will be a creative Christmas I'm sure!

Stay cosy under your blankets Lucy. Mine are being put to pretty good use at the moment in every room!

Take care lovely xxxxxx

Therese prince

Can't wait for the Sweet Pea Blanket...I fell in love with the 12 Days of Christmas on Pinterest and have got the pattern ready to do...Paper & String are great, their service is excellent !!


Love your fireplace. Yes, it is Winter. Beautiful sweet pea colors, looking forward to the blanket.

Angela- Southern USA

The fire and mantel looks so cozy. I'm sure the felt pieces will be gorgeous, as well as the blanket. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Gorgeous photos, as always. Love the bright colours of the canal boats against the dark, wintry sky. Oh, those felt ornaments. Gorgeous! And I can almost smell the sweet peas. You've chose lovely colours. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you are creating with them.

Crafty GJ

Can’t wait. It will become my memory blanket. My dad who died 8 months ago was a gardener and I have fond memories of sweet peas. Dad used to cut them in the morning so I could take a bunch for my teacher at school. The fragrance reminds me of sunny childhood. X


Can’t. Wait! That colour palette is my absolute favourite! Roll on January!

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