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November 29, 2018


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Lori Duckworth

Thank you so much, MotherOwl, for the tip of using a tiny drop of oil on the needle to stitch more easily through the sticky interfacing, which is the only thing I didn't like about using it--my Etsy shop is called Owlbaby8069, and how cute it is to have the MotherOwl help the Owlbaby :)


How are you getting on with these? Would love to see an update post :)

Janet Wieczorek

May I just add a quick comment about the cost of the Twelve Days Ornaments patterns? Yes, the entire set of patterns is $75.00. But please consider that there is a total of FIFTEEN patterns - twelve ornament patterns, and three of the ornaments have an extra 'companion' ornament. That totals 15 ornaments. $75.00 divided by 15 is $5.00. They are downloadable, so there is no charge for shipping. Hopefully, when you think of the cost in that way, you'll realize just how reasonable it is. And the patterns themselves are excellent. Extremely well-written.

Patricia Norris

I ordered the first 6 about one and a half years ago and for some reason I must have printed the first one. I guess I'll have to reorder although I have the first one.Patricia Norris


As someone said above, the sticky interface won't be delivered until after Christmas - are there any other suppliers or alternatives?


$75?!?!?!?! FFS.


Oh my! Those are incredible!

Angela- Southern USA

Those are fantastic! It has me itching to stitch ornaments now. lol

Tres the inkedhooker

Lucy, I've just reread your blog from the beginning. Such a joy traveling through your life and creative journey. Two years ago you redid your granny stripe to be 90 stripes but never posted the additions and new border. Is this still something you plan to post still? I've just bought your original colour pack and would love to make granny stripe update.


I wondered if you would like watching this video on the theme of The twelve days of Christmas? It's from In a pickle knitting and shows these ornaments as part of her vlogmas. Today, being day number one, we just see The partridge in the pear tree. There is also some chat about a lovely children's book and the possible meaning behind the partridge in the pair tree. I really enjoyed it.


Oh my goodness! Aren’t they just lovely? I have so many wips at the moment though so must stay focused! xx


Wow, they are absolutely fantastic! I love them so much. Maybe next Christmas (if I start making them in July?)


How lovely your children joined in. Yes the felt ornaments are beautiful. Enjoy the making

Larissa Holland

Wow! How kind of you to post this review of my Twelve Days ornament patterns! I love seeing what you are making. I'm happy to find someone else who enjoys French knots. LOL Yes! I have discounted bundles of 3, 6, and all 12 patterns. Thankfully, Sulky has changed the name of the stabilizer to something less tongue twister (Stick N' Stitch). I love that stuff. (And unfortunately, the kit seen in HobbyCraft stores and mentioned in the comments was not designed by me and does not even have the embroidery design included. I have been in a dialog with HobbyCraft about the copycat packaging design. They agreed to pull the kit from their website but apparently not in their stores. Many kind folks have let me know. Boo. Not fun.) Thanks again for posting your review, and I think a whole day drinking coffee, eating cake, stitching, and having girl talk sounds just fantastic.


I was just a little saddened to see that the price of the patterns has really jumped up now that must-have-it fever has taken hold - my fault, should have got it when I first saw the decorations on line, which was quite a while ago... that's the power of "soshal meja" for you! They do look good though. Yours look lovely.

Rose Hester

Loved the patterns and the finished items. I was thinking if this would work, putting your needle through some wax and see it that helps with the sticking.


Absolutely lovely, they really are. And I love that your two youngest joined in and made things too, that's just wonderful. I need to make some things with my youngest too, I know he would love it. Wishing you a good weekend. CJ xx


Holy macaroni! Simply gorgeous and I am so tempted to give this a go. Your birdies are BEAUTIFUL Lucy. Thank you for sharing this. And the thought of taking a FULL DAY to just craft away with a like minded friend sounds like a real treat. I haven't done that... like ever? It has to happen in 2019. Ok... so I want to make Christmas ornaments... Maybe a heart with a snowflake on to start with... I better start searching for patterns. Thank you again Lucy. This is really really lovely. My heart is going skip skippety skip.

Mary W

You may need to have two sets of 12 Days so that they can both have a 'memory' one day for their own tree, and fondly recall that time together with you, too!


They look amazing. :) xx


I saw a lovely photo on Instagram where instead of some of the french knots they sewed in beads!! Very very lovely.

Maria João Machado

So so pretty!!! Love it, love them all.


Thank you so much for posting this, I have the pattern and I am waiting for delivery of the sulky sticky stuff before I begin. It was so lovely to see you working through the pattern and your result is just brilliant. I hope my efforts will turn out so nicely.

MotherOwl (Charlotte)

Oh, how lovely.
Sticky etc. making stitching difficult. I once learned a trick. Put a teeny tiny drop of oil on the needle - true magic.

Carol Fewlass

Lovely, however looked into purchasing some of the sticky solvy stuff via Amazon and it won't be delivered until after Xmas, is their nothing like this that we can buy from the uk, or failing that could you use a light box and trace through somehow?? They all look so gorgeous just wanted to make some before this Xmas!!! Thanks again, love your blogs Lucy. X

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