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November 07, 2018


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Very enjoyable as we really don’t have change of seasons that are so dramatic. Do hope your family is all feeling better and on the mend.

Annie Brodrick

I really enjoy visiting with you through your posts on your blog Lucy. You started me on my crochet journey in the Autumn 5 years ago & I have enjoyed every minute of it! Thank you for inspiring me to pick up my 1st crochet hook and ball of yarn, it has been such a lovely journey. 🍁🍂🐑


The glizty gold pattern on your candle matches the underside of your toadstool! It's just perfect! :) Thanks for sharing your world with the world, you brighten my days!

Lynne Stankard

Lovely post Lucy - all those lovely pics! Don't tell me you didn't have slices of thickly buttered Parkin with the fireworks? I miss the days of great big bonfires and everyone putting potatoes in the ashes to bake and all the boys running round with bangers and rip-raps scaring us girls to death! Yes, and the smell of it all priceless.

Joy Teale

I am so loving those sweet pea colours.


The farm shop looks wonderful, I love places like that. I'm glad it was a nice relaxing half term. It was good here too, except I had terrible tooth pain. Had the tooth extracted today though, so I am hoping that's the end of that. I'm looking forward to some real food! I shall look forward to seeing your toadstool, the first one is absolutely amazing, a thing of beauty. CJ xx

Winwick Mum

For the first time that I can remember, we didn't buy fireworks this year but there were plenty around for us to enjoy watching. Sparklers do have that special nostalgic smell, don't they? I think I missed the sparklers more than the fireworks, if I'm honest! xx


I’ve so enjoyed reading your posts. Your life is calm and wonderful compared to so many. Love your colors in the pictures, just up my alley (an American term for ok).

Angela- Southern USA

I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to autumn, ours has been so short here this year, summer hanging on too long (intense heat & humidity)fingers-crossed it will last a bit longer. Love the latest hoop art! I have a few that I hang on the walls inside, and love them hanging that way as much as twirling in the wind outside. Here's to more slow lazy days. xxxxxxxxxx

Mary W

I love the gathering of colored yarn balls. It shouts a happy, floral, warm, summery nap. So excited to see what is forming inside your head and out through your fingers.


I love reading your blog...you have such a sweet and calming post and I really appreciate it. I would love to request that you teach us how to do the felted bowl that I saw on a previous post. TFS your creative talents with all of us!


such a heart warming post~ just how a half term with family should be. I love the toadstool make, how precious. I have a thing for toadstools, i seem to have one on nearly every shelf and seem to always appear in my illustrations to. Isn't that just magical when the fire works light the dark sky~ I think im still a child at heart because i so enjoy it. We have a hill top garden and it looks down towards the little town next to Dartmoor, devon and all the little gardens below we could see with sparklers and whizzing bangs of sparkly light, filling the sky with glitter. We head to a village in cornwall set by a river, but for some reason the fireworks are later this year there and will be this saturady. looking forward to that. Love the yarny mandala! colours are beautiful. And the Autumnal photographs, cheered up my grey outlook its raining heavy here in devon. x

Cristina Vasile

Love all your posts , i m happy that you are well . God bless you dear !Wish you best . Kisses :-*


It occurred to me reading this that you could make seasonal mandala hoops and change them out (if you were short of things to do haaa!).
Also, I am absolutely besotted with that paper mushroom you made, it is beautiful.


Your lovely autumnal post just gave me a relaxing coffee break. Thanks. I always love it when you let us have a peek iinto your world and your creative mind.
I wish you could blow some of your wet and windy weather our way (the Netherlands). Our garden and I would be ever so grateful.


I'm actually really rather liking Autumn this year. It's felt quite sleepy. I think because October was really rather warm, it highlighted (for me) Autumns yawning.

I'm pottering along sewing up the million blankets I decided to make at once, but I've been trying to take it gently in between the stresses of other stuff going on in my life. It's also Birthday season here in my patch which always panics me a little as I seem to miss the Christmas build up because of it. I hope J is doing well. We've had those kind of scares. It really does make you focus on family and self care.

Like you, I adore the smell of fireworks and sparklers. Such memories of childhood associated with them!

It definitely is candle lighting season isn't it? I've got a lemon poppyseed one that I light in the kitchen and within 5 minutes the whole kitchen smells like you've been baking. I make a coffee just to mix the fresh coffee smell in! ha ha! what about a crochet cover for your candle if you don't like the gold? I adore your mushroom. I rubbishly missed the craftpod box. gah! xxxxx


I just love reading your blog! I live in the US but have English and Irish roots and live vicariously through your stories and photos!

Carolyn Dietrich

Your comment about Autumn changing into winter reminded me a poem I wrote years ago:

Autumn, tossing her flaming tresses
Holds Winter an arm’s length away.
Until, overcome by his chilling persistence
She succumbs to his numbing embrace.

You share yourself on your blog, which I love, so I thought I would share this with you.


I do love slow, lazy school breaks, they're perfect for helping everyone recharge the batteries. The colours of your mandala are gorgeous too. xx Susan

Jo McGee

Hi, Lucy Thank you for the post it has warmed my cockles. Oh I miss the UK so much at this time of year the events and changes that Autumn brings. Here in Australia it is warming up but I am trying to find all the joy in nature around, but i love seeing your fireworks and colours which i miss so much. Thx Lucy Love Jo (the lassie who stopped you in the street and mentioned your red coat and little woolie a few winters back) xxx

Ariadne Desarro

Ahhh, lovely post!

Green Girl Gardener

That should be *never participated! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Green Girl Gardener

Love the sweetpea colours. I’ve participated in a CAL before but I think I’ll give it a go 😁 xx.


Looking forward to the Sweet Pea blanket. I think you encapsulate autumn beautifully x


I very much enjoyed this post!

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