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November 27, 2018


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Sarah Pollard

I’ve purchased the yarn pack for the sweetpea blanket today, but I can’t seem to find the pattern….. how can I get it ready to give to my mum for her birthday??

Betty Olmstead

I cannot find part 7. Please help


Im trying to print the pattern without success 😳

Erica Lundquist

I've made several of your blankets and love them! I'm so excited to start the sweet pea blanket but I can't find the color chart, or the downloadable pdf for the pattern like I've done in the past. I have the pack but I don't have the directions. Where can I find them?


I have spent 3 hours trying to find the color chart for the sweet pea blanket , I am wanting to start my blanket but don't know what colors you are using... Help... Sandy

Kate Gallagher

Hi, I have just ordered the sweet pea wool from New Zealand. Is it possible to be sent the pattern?

Catherine Winters

Is there a paper copy available for this pattern?


Hi Lucy. I live in Canada and I have just started your sweet pea blanket. I ordered Two lots as I’m making a large blanket for my bed. I absolutely love all the colours and also the pattern. This is my Third blanket with your wools and patterns and I am addicted . Hope you continue with new patterns and colours for us all to continue enjoying. Stay safe everyone.

Amanda pankhurst

Is there a chart to show what colour to start with pls

Wendy Mills

Hi Lucy I have just purchased the sweet pea yarn pack and wondered if there was a way to print the whole pattern .Thankyou

Lorna White


Mayna Kfoury

I am staring on this journey and I was wondering where I could find the pattern and subsequent sequence to this blanket please. Thank you, loving it already!!!!

Pamela Geoghegan

If I order wool for sweet pea blanket where can I get the pattern. Thank you.

Lesley Ellery

Ihave only just been introduced to your website and am rather lost. What does Cal stand for?How do you join in?
I think your choice of colours are wonderful and very inspiring. Looking forward to understanding your website and ordering some wool.
It is now 2020 ,canI get hold of the sweetpea range or is it out of date.

Patricia Bandle

I am trying to find the Sweet Pea blanket pattern on the Blog. It must all be there by now but it doesn’t seem to be listed under recent posts. Help please!!!

Betty Barrett

I want to order the Sweet Pea yarn kit. However, it is now July and the make along is over. Is it possible to still get a pattern?

Mrs Melinda Gould

Hi I have only just found the wool pack for the Sweetpea blanket. Can you tell me where I can get the pattern from.



Is the Sweet Pea Blanket pattern all together somewhere? Thank you.

Barbara Wiseman

For those who can not find the pattern, if you look almost at the top of this post, on the left is a section headed 'Recent Posts' where there are links to the posts with each stage of the pattern. As I write now there are 5 parts posted, with more to come in February. It is such a lovely pattern and colour scheme, I do not have anyone to make it for, but am SO tempted to get the yarn pack and make it!

Kathryn T

Where can I find the pattern please , just joined so very behind & not ordered wool yet either .


Hi i have just purchased my wool from you for the weet pea blanket where can i find part one of the pattern please

Margaret Morgan

I just received my yarn. I can's wait to start! The colors are so pretty. Here in Phoenix, AZ

Deborah Tenkate

Hello Lucy
I've only just discovered your SweetPea Cal. Very excited to join in but will have to wait until the yarns arrive from the UK......I'm in Australia.
I tried to subscribe but the option just took me to Apple, so am a bit confused.
With the shocking heat here at the moment, I imagine I will take a while to catch up,once the yarns turn up. Can take several weeks!
Have also purchased the Woodland yarns as well. Both my parents are now living in a nursing home, as of this month and I wanted to create a blanket each to replace my hugs. You will understand when I tell you that they Live on the west coast and I on the East coast. We are a 5 hour flight away and it will mean so much to have something that I made. Hoping to have the two blankets completed in time for the cooler months.
Look forward to sharing this journey with you and so many other crochet loving ladies. I only hope I can do you justice, since I'm not very experienced and only self taught from uTube.
Warmest regards, Deb

Cathy E Lees

I am so happy because I just received my 2 packs of yarn for the CAL. I need to catch up!

evie boverhof

I can't seem to be able to subscribe to your blog, Help! Evie

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