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November 12, 2018


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Hi i have tried to subscribe to your web page but every time it is coming up with lots of writing and numbers i have been subscribe to your site before but i don't know what happened .
I have purchased the sweet pea pack and ready to get going i love the colours and i love the beautiful smell you get from sweet peas flowers


I think your mushroom diorama is delightful. I painted a tree on the living room wall (full height)and it took my partner a few days to notice... that's how normalized to quirk he is!


What a creative soul you must be! Just found your blog via googling a crochet pattern, I will be looking through your posts with much joy! Thank you for letting us peek into your day, warm regards from Sweden :)

Cathy Pettitt

Hi Lucy. Another wonderful post full of gorgeous stuff! Have been coming to your blog for inspiration for a couple of years now and am going to make your woodland blanket next. Thanks so much for all the beautiful patterns you share! (Have just donated a little for a few coffees. :) )

Angela- Southern USA

I love your mushrooms! They fit right in with all of your hooky autumn décor. I'm very tempted to make some as well, it would be good practice, for my youngest want to make a miniature of Hagrid's hut. So no, I do not find your mushrooms a bit quirky. ; )Have a great day! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hazel coombes

I always enjoy your posts. I am so looking forward to seeing your new blanket.
After seeing your autumn garland I hope to make a small on next year.
That you Lucy.
Hazel c uk

Green Girl Gardener

I love your mushroom garden. I don’t think it’s odd at all (but maybe that says something about me 😉).

Crafty Cath

What a lovely compilation of Autumn scenes. All those warm colours look just great. I love your garland, that's just fab!


You just made me all nostalgic for Guy Fawkes Day - we used to have so much fun as kids with the fireworks under parental supervision, until the stupid Government banned them in Australia - that was the end of that loved celebration :( Although they are not banned in the ACT - go figure.


Your mushrooms are lovely and look perfectly at home on the mantle with your other Autumn treasures. xx Susan

Monika Holzschuh

I so enjoyed your sunny fall pictures - we have had a number of storms with very strong winds, and now the trees are all but bare. It won't be long before the white stuff shows up...
Enjoy fall while it lasts with all your lovely decorations!
Monika, Ontario, Canada


Beautifully done, you have such a talent for putting together such things. The painted newspaper is a lovely touch, I always love to see a bit of text in things. CJ xx

Judith Dee

I love to read your very original blog. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos of your walk, it makes me want to get out myself instead of jumping in the car. Your mushroom display is really lovely as are your crocheted pumpkins.

Bethany Handford

Love your mushrooms. I too had a craft pod too and couldn't stand the wasted mushroom paper, so I made one really big one. My plan is to paint it red and white, might even add a door and a window!


We have had very cold weather and snow for the last few days. Very unseasonable for us in St. Louis with my garden filled with beautiful red and orange leaves. I loved this blog about autumn and your mantle is so very cheery. I think I need to perk my home up in autumn colors now.

Mary W

You were so RIGHT and me so wrong! Do tuck in the ends of yarn when changing colors as you go and DO NOT wait until it becomes a job in itself. When I saw your woodland blanket I immediately felt such remorse. My grandson adores crocheted blankets and refuses to have anything else on his bed. They are all extremely small for his 3 year old body but he piles all his baby blankets on top to sleep. He loved the autumn blanket I crocheted with you but I still have it in a box behind my chair - all done except those stinkin fringes of yard ends. He would so love to have it over him now that it is cooler. Seeing your picture was a huge awakening to me to get busy! (I had to order a big needle and waited for it to come then promptly 'forgot' about it) I really detest that job but will begin. Thanks for the beautiful and effective reminder.

Miss Daisy

Love your "uniqueness "! Enjoy your walks and ramblings , you live in such a lovely place. I've made your fall fappiness and enjoy looking at it everyday. Would you mind posting your Christmas fappiness so I can have it ready by Thanksgiving, put my Christmas decorations up the day after Thanksgiving. I will check previous posts for it also. Have a Blessed Day.


Hi! I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog, and I look forward to reading it and seeing your lovely photos! You live in a beautiful part of the world, and it's so inspiring to see how much it changes through the seasons, and also how enthusiastic you are about it.

And your mushrooms are brilliant!

Susan Smith

Great chatty post about your Autumn musings. I love your decorations & have never thought about seasonal decor. Spring here & I do put more flowers in the house before the very hot weather gets here. Your walks look lovely. Take care.


I’d completely forgotten to get out my Lucy-inspired Autumn wreath until now! Thanks for the reminder that I haven’t long to enjoy it before Christmas takes over.
Thanks also for the tip to visit the Arcade on my last trip oop North; next time I will definitely try and find that walk, it looks beautiful. x


Aww thankyou for sharing with us such a lovely blog. But you have started trouble I can feel some pumpkins and leaves coming on ooooer he he. Also this time of year so chilly its lovely to cuddle up with some yarn and have some fun before the Christmas madness starts

Karen oakley

Aww I love your autumn mantel, I love autumn colours, so many beautiful trees and colours.... I eagerly await your blogs. I love Skipton and the surrounding countryside, I also live in a gorgeous part of England, arnt we lucky ladies. I enjoy walking my mad cockapoo down the country lanes surrounding our village. Thank you for your blogs xx


Although I have not commented for a while I have enjoyed, read and re-read some of your latest posts and your earlier post for the Neat Ripple pattern. Thanks so much for your generous gifted sharing, Lucy. I admire your work and hope to follow your directions to create many projects! xxxxxxxxx

Carolyn Dietrich

I love the little diorama you created! How lovely! The mushrooms are so real looking. Your mantel is lovely. I like it makes it all the better that you used simple materials and put your heart into it. I'm glad you are enjoying it.

Teresa Kasner

Oh how I love your Autumn mantel decorations! The mushrooms are exquisite and your art project is a winner, my friend. And the little pumpkins with the stripes make me want to make one.. right.. now... LOL! I'm still working on my Woodland blanket. I have to tell you that I work on it while I'm volunteering at Multnomah Falls and so many people ohh and ahhh over it, so I write down your blog address for them and send them on their way. So.. you have new followers from all over the world.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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