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October 29, 2018


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Hi Lucy, really enjoying doing the Sweetpea CAL Blanket. Iam doing the colourwash version, first time I've taken part in a CAL. Finding it a bit of a struggle time wise but I can always do a catch up , also been very good and tying in all the ends as I go too ( learnt the hard way when I did the Hydrangea Blanket and left it till last, never again)
Thank you for showing us this lovely stitch pattern, looking forward to seeing what we do with all the balls left over at the end.
Kind regards

Louise Paemen

May I ask who the artist is of the painting behind the jar candles in the photo? It's gorgeous.

Deborah Taylor

Ooh Lucy what a great post! My friend and I are coming to Skipton next week and would love to visit the horse - could you tell me where to find it please. is it in Skipton woods on the far side of town? Just to say thank you for telling us about the farm shop in Skipton. We always stay at the premier inn at gargrave and have breakfast there but since discovering the farm shop breakfasts we always eat there now and love it!

Tuula Maaria

Just so beautiful photos! A lovely time of year.


Just received the King Cole cottonsoft kit for the blanket. I am very pleased that you offered the kit in the cotton. For some strange reason I have started having allergic reactions to acrylic yarn. I have previously done serveeral of your kits. Always look forward to your blog and your beautiful photography. Happy Halloween !


Catching up with your blog, oh my, what a lot has happened in your life. First of all I wish J. a quick and complete recovery.
Thanks again for all those lovely, inspirational photos and stories.
It was only when I read your description that I realized that the horse is a willow one!

Carol D

Once again, such gorgeous pictures, Lucy!
Thank you so much for taking us along on your morning walk - it was delightful!

I haven't been here for a while and I desperately needed a "Lucy Fix"! And this was such a lovely fix!
You are amazing and your children are so lucky to have you as their Mum!
I wish I could go there and see these beautiful scenes for myself!
Thank you once again for sharing this beauty with us!


Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Mary W

Time for another lesson on English. We do use the word brook when speaking of a small meandering stream that is very shallow and gentle but it looks more meandering. So I'm wondering if a beck (not familiar with that term) means a man-made channel very similar to a brook. We must be sisters at heart since ripples and reflections are my favorite way to enjoy looking at water. Your pictures just warm my heart. I feel a warm ripple blanket coming up.


I am sitting here with my woodland blanket over the back of the sofa, the sea side one keeping me warm and the hydrangea blanket on my hook! Doesn’t get any better. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful horse I too thought was real.
Looking forward to the next cal.


Beautiful photos and I to thought the horse was real. Hazel c uk


Lovely photos, I always enjoy your walks, this is one to do next time I am staying in the area.

Miss Daisy

Thought the horse was real. Everything was BEAUTIFUL!

Nadine G

Cette foret est un enchantement pour les yeux, magnifique cheval. Une belle matinée pour se promener, je confirme que pour moi aussi, c'est agréable de respirer l'air pur et de retrouver sa maison, la chaleur du feu de bois, les ouvrages laineux. Belle semaine pour vous et votre famille. Merci pour le partage des photos. A bientôt de vous lire. Amitiés.

Kristine S

Beautiful, as always... and the photos are spectacular too! ;o)

Fiona M

The horse is amazing. I had to go back for a second look, I thought it was real!

Green Girl Gardener

Wow, just so beautiful 😀.

Teresa Kasner

What a beautiful forest you have so close at hand! I also thought the horse was real and when I read your text I had to go back and look!! I'm still working on my Woodland blanket and I could indeed see the colors in those woods. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Jenny M

Such stunning Autumn colours and how lucky you are to have such a magical place so close to home. Thank you for sharing the amazing willow structures, I am now following Anna on IG.

Ari Doherty

Your photo's a fabulous! The artist/artists of the willows are amazing. The horse was quite realistic and the light was perfect for your picture. Love your blog and your use of the mere words to paint a lovely picture!


Just........wow ❤️

Gillian McM

Can't tell you how much it means to me to be able to go on your walk with you, sitting here in my city room. I feel refreshed.

Math Lloyd Jones

I looked at the horse,thought how lovely ,next photo and then read your blog again ,couldn’t believe it wasn’t real,magical. We have just returned from a foreign holiday to find our lovely Snowdon has an icing topper! Maagic again!


...I'd put a comment on here about the sculptures i'd seen in the summer~ but im a numpty because i'd actually shared the photo on my instagram account 'kazzyloves' and not on my blog. my brain needs to go to bed i think ;)


It's just beautiful out there right now isn't it. We always like to take a little snack along as well, there would be mutiny without one now I think! CJ xx

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