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October 31, 2018


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Dear Lucy, thank you very much for sharing the amazing work by Kate Kato, it's delicious!

Lynne Stankard

WOW! Amazing Lucy it looks so real.


WOW! Your mushroom is amazing. Well done you!


Ahhhhhh love love LOVE this! xxxxxx


That is so awesome!! It really looks great. So lifelike. I'm very impressed.

Arlene Bomback

HI Lucy, I am just charmed by your story of sticky fingers and encouraging children. My kids have always been huge supporters of my weirdness as well and I feel very lucky.

Keep at 'er ~ Arlene


🦄 💙


I tell you, when I saw this on Instagram I was like, OMG that looks seriously toxic, why is she playing with mushrooms, oh dear ... that's how real it looks. Well done you!

Teresa Kasner

I love that so much.. I'd be tempted to paint it red with white dots!! So cute! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Oooh, such patience! But well worth it! Absolutely lovely mushroom and the very last photo deserves to be framed and hung up on a wall.

Angela- Southern USA

Well done!!! I love it, and can see it with the moss for sure! Here's a YT channel that makes life like things from simply supplies as well (where the gnomes live), she has a fantastic spooky tree but here's her log that a mushroom would love to grow from.


So neat and so real looking amazing. But then all your craftiness is wonderful Lucy xoxo

Mary W

I just had an idea/inspiration. If I use an oval punch to make many 'gills' then proceed as you have shown. I adore this mushroom so! I could make bunches and use gold flakes to finish off the top. I put things on my window ledge that are tiny which I call sill setters. I've painted tiny sticks with the grands. Stripes of all colors up the branched twigs that have no leaves - about 6-8" tall. Stick them as a group into a tiny square of air dry clay and I have instant striped trees that sit in my window along with tiny bouquets of heart punched 'flowers' glued on some tiny branches stuck into antique creamer glass jars. This mushroom will look perfect up there in the window. THANK YOU! I know the grands will be happy creating this, also.

Mary W


Green Girl Gardener

Wow! That looks so fiddly, but the finished product is well worth it 😁.

Jill Rothwell

I am not one for cross stitch or embroidery really , but I just love , love , love the paper sculpture of the toadstool . Fantastic work Lucy , can’t wait to see how you finally display it .


Love it. Not sure that I would have the patience to do it.

Miss Daisy

What a lovely creation !


Πολύ όμορφα!!!


Wow, so lovely. I adore mushrooms and these are just so lifelike but super pretty. No wonder you felt inspired Lucy.
Happy November
Love Jacquie xxx


Wow Lucy, it's absolutely amazing. It never ceases to astonish me what clever things people make. I've really enjoyed following you and Gillian through Making the Seasons, you've both made some really lovely things. CJ xx

Ruth Love

Just seen the above comment referencing Ann wood - I'm recommending a different Ann wood! She is @annwood on Instagram.

Ruth Love

You should check out an artist called Ann wood, she makes things a little like this, I think you'd really like her stuff!


Hello! My first comment on your blog! That is amazing! I couldn't do something as intricate as that as I have clumsy fingers and no patience for fiddly things ( it takes me ages just to thread a bit of DK yarn through the eye of a darning needle! ) I've been looking through some of your previous posts and I'm in awe of your talent! I knit and sew a bit ( though I haven't sewn for over 2 years ) and learnt to crochet this past summer. Your blog will be so inspiring. Best, Jane x


Oh ! j'ai cru que c'était un vrai champignon. C'est beau.

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