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October 25, 2018


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Well deserved Lucy. cheers from downunder Lenore x

Jeanette Renting

Congratulations for you and for the Yarndale-crew!!!!


Congratulations on all the awards and you had a wonderful couple of days with Christine and yourself. I really enjoyed going back in time with you at London, i took a group to the WI to the Sky Gardens (I wonder if it is still free to go in) I love London but now I have moved I don't think I will be going anymore but I have lots memories.
Hazel c uk

Kath Gale

Aussie congratulations for your awards,so deserved.Best of wishes for your half century of birthdays and also those years together-always worth great cheers! Thanks for sharing .


Congratulationson everything yaaaaaaaaaaaaay lovely blog as ever, seeing things through your eyes via your blog is so inspiring x


WOW WOW WOWITY WOWZER!!!! So well deserved. I follow Christine's blog too and can see why the two of you are such good friends. HIP HIP HOORAY!!

Jane Walker

What a brilliant adventure you had congratulations Lucy your blog is brilliant 😀

Gillian McM

Couldn't vote for you because not living in the UK, but I would have if I could have! CONGRATULATIONS, Lucy, your blog is wonderful and your designs are endlessly lovely. I enjoyed this blog SO much. xxxxx


Congratulations, you deserve it! I enjoyed your virtual tour around London from the water. What a lovely way to see it all!

Victoria Oyama

Congratulations on your awards, Lucy! Third year running is truly fantastic. A testament to your entire genius, not only in crochet but also in your genuineness as a person. Have always loved reading your blog and am inspired by you!


Congratulations on your awards Lucy, they are well deserved. It looks like you and Christine had a fabulous time together. xx Susan

Sylvia Frazer

What a delightful post. Such lovely places to visit in London. Congratulations on your well deserved awards.


Congratulation to the awards! You certainly deserve them.
Take care

Helen Coulthard

If you like high up in London, try the viewing gallery at the Tate Modern. It’s free and 360 degrees!

Green Girl Gardener

Congratulations on your awards. Oh so well deserved. Your trip looks dreamy. I know exactly what you mean about loving home but loving the excitement of trips to the big smoke too. Congratulations on twenty five years with J too 😁.


Looks like you've had a fantastic time! I've been to London twice -- once as an 18 year old and I remember little of it, and once again in my 40s, and I loved every second. Let me tell you, there is no better way to go through the National Portrait Gallery than flanked by two friends, one of whom knows all the straight history on everyone in the portraits, and one of which knows all the dirt.

I had one person on my right who could tell me who held what office, who followed whom in the line of succession, and who was who's nephew ... and one on my left telling me who slept with whom, who had whose baby out of wedlock, who was gay, and who wore women's underwear. It was one of the most fun museum visits I've ever had, and you wouldn't think that a walk through a building full of paintings of dead people would be all that much fun. :-)

And congratulations on your awards! Much deserved!

Cindy Rawnsley

Congratulations!!! It is through your blog and your creative genius and generosity that I now know how to crochet. I am cuddled under one of your blanket designs as I type this. Thank you for sharing yourself with so many.

Suzana Behmer

Congratulations Lucy ! For the awards , your birthday and for the 25 years with J !! You are a very generous person and you deserve all this happiness.

Kristine S

SO well deserved, Lucy! Congrats in large huggy heaps...

Jackie Sharp

You started me on my crochet journey Lucy, with the cosy stripe blanket and I have made five of your blankets so far. Your London trip sounds lovely and a Happy belated Birthday to you xxxx


Sounds like a lovely trip. Which hotel did you stay in? I wouldn’t mind a trip like that myself 🙂

Winwick Mum

I so enjoyed our time in London - let's definitely do all the high places next time we go! - and so many congratulations to you for your awards, they are well-deserved. I am truly blessed to have you as my therapist, counsellor, time manager and mentor - perhaps there should be an award for that! :) xxx

Gillian Crowe

What a tremendous day you had. Well done on your awards. The Sky Gardens are well worth a visit but Get booked up quickly.

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