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October 04, 2018


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Charlotte Hodge Thomas

Love your little wave Luce XXX


Love your blog.The wonders of dahlias, a £3 pot from Booths supermarket 2 weeks ago has made looking out on a barren garden in our rented house so much bearable1


Hi Lucy! It was our (mine and my daughter's and 1 year Grandaughter's) first visit to Yarndale this year and we thoroughly enjoyed both days, I can only imagine all the hard work that goes into organizing these events! We saw you chatting to other visitors but I didn't like to come over and say hello, it must feel strange having people you don't know saying 'hello' as though they know you, lol. We loved Skipton, you are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place, we spent nearly as much in the town on clothes as we did on yarn at Yarndale! In fact we loved it so much I came back home and booked to stay in Skipton for the Leeds Christmas Market and the Skipton Christmas market :-) Enjoy your rest, i will look forward to reading your Yarndale post soon. Maggie x

Vanessa L Grant

Hi Lucy! I wanted to write to say how much I love your blog. I will go so far to admit, when life gets me down or just hard in general, I come to your page as an inspiration. Like today. :) I have followed your blog since little B was born! I'm not near the crocheter that you are. I have attempted a few of your projects. Lol I made your crochet project bag, and the pedal pillow cushion. Besides that, a few baby blankets for friends and family. The granny square is my favorite! Oh, how I love your projects!!!
I've learned, I'm much better at sewing. :) That your blog is just a slice of happiness for me. Thank you for your gentleness and coming back here with such a rhythm to your life. It truly is one of my favorite places to be. :) :)
Writing from Oregon, USA, Warm regards, Vanessa Grant ❤️❤️❤️


I love your blog and all your blankets. I've made two and they're so beautiful! I would like to make the Granny Stripe blanket but using the Cosy Blanket colors. The yarn pack for the Granny is 18 balls and 15 balls for the Cosy. Will my blanket be a lot shorter if I only use 15 balls? I am a short person and don't really need a 6' blanket.

Annie Chermak

Thank you for posting the link to the Yarndale video -- no words to describe it! Tis the loveliest way for us American armchair travelers to experience the wooley, yarney yumminess and all the fantastic creativity (love your little cameo appearance in there)! I know how to crochet a bit, but someday I WILL tackle knitting!!!


It was my first Yarndale this year, visiting with a dear friend. It was just so amazing words cannot describe it! And we got to visit your studio too xxx Rest well now, you deserve it, such a lot of work and you put so much of yourself into it too xx

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

Fabulously wonderful blog post as ever Lucy... now that I’ve been to Skipton and Yarndale myself, I can feel it even more (although your blog posts always describe it so beautifully!) And yes, woolly socks are the one of the highlights of autumn for sure...😊❤️🍂🍁🍂


I watched the video on youtube lucy, It looked such an amazing show...loved the dress up sheep and all the wonderful yarns and needle felt. I love the area around you with the canals it looks such a darling place. I remember when you first started with it as ive followed your blog such a long time...how amazing to see it grow~ great for local business's . but i can imagine how tiring it must feel and the come down afterwards. I do a lot of market fairs, christmas fairs and two big shows so i totally get that feeling of a 'high buzz' but followed with my body telling me i'm knackered. It takes a lot to prepare for, set up and organise and a constant smile of your face to greet people. I do love it though...And the feeling of others enjoying what you do and what you have created and being inspired the buzz off that is worth being tired after for. take time for you now lucy, love the flowers, Dahlia's are such a beautiful flower to end the summer with and Autumnal colours~ just so pretty. ;)


Hello, I was very fortunate to happen across Yarndale last year on our trip to the UK. It was one of my all time favourite days ever! Thank you so much. Sadly it doesn't get cold enough here (Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia) for all those gorgeous woolen crafts, but I was able to buy a few things to make. We stayed in Linton (where you recently walked) as we couldn't find accom for that weekend in Skipton & that's how I found out about Yarndale. I'm hoping to bring my sisters and nieces to it one day, so the video was fabulous to show them. We're also keen to make some mandalas for a local beach sculpture festival. Congratulations. Louise xx


Watched the video. Your "Attic 24" border looked great! So much creativity and lovely things to explore. Wish I had been there :-)


I love Dahlias! I never seem to grow them well. It wasn't a problem in Germany as they seem to grow some of the best. They just don't do so well here in the hotter temperatures.
Glad Yarndale went well.

Green Girl Gardener

Such beautiful dahlias. I love that they’ve made a resurgence this year and I’ve enjoyed growing them in my garden. I hope you have a lovely colourful weekend and feel much refreshed on Monday 😁.

Sheila Black

Hello from New Brunswick, Canada 🇨🇦. I just have to tell you that after creeping on your blog for a couple of months I have to step out and thank you for your inspiration. Your blankets are GORGEOUS. I am a quilter and rug hooker. And because of you, now a crocheter (is that a word?). With some help from YouTube and your instructions i’m now confidant I can make the Moorland Stripe Blanket. I need to get up the nerve to order your yarn pack, i’ve never ordered overseas and the price, even after conversion and shipping, is very modest compared to prices here in Canada for the exact same thing. I’m going to give it a go!


I saw the video and I so want to come visit! Everything is so beautiful.


Wow! What an event. Take time for Lucy to rest and recover. We will be here when you are ready to post words. Price of flowers is amazing. I never purchase because they are about 3 times that here.


O how lovely! You've been to the plant stall! You used to regularly post about your little colourful treats and it's nice to see them again. I'd be torn for choice, especially at your Yorkshire prices! Rest up and enjoy your weekend.

Pom Pom

Hi Lucy! I hope you get to rest well. Your blankets are so inspiring. You are a color wizard.
I went to Victoria, BC in Canada over the weekend and the dahlia beds at the Butchart Gardens were indeed glorious. Dahlias are so showy and bright, right up your colorful alley, I say!
I'm looking forward to seeing your Yarndale photos

Nadine G

Merci à vous chère Lucy cette vidéo est un enchantement de voyage au pays de la laine, que de merveilles. Félicitations pour votre engagement, votre petit "coucou" dans la vidéo est un soleil parmi toutes les couleurs, les lapins laineux, la musique de la vidéo et pour finir un joli paysage. J'ai aimé cette balade et peut être un jour être présente. Je vous embrasse.

Mary W

It's not jet lag - it's Yarndale lag. Studies show that it takes 2 days to recover from each day spent in another time zone, so Yarndale must have it's own time zone. No not twilight zone LOL.

Diane Smith

Thank you so much for the video link, it was lovely and congratulations to the maker of the video it really captured the colour and vibrancy of the show. I would love to come to the next Yarndale but it is a long way from Devon . . . . .

Helpful Mum

Thank you so much for sharing the video. I really love making them, and I think this year was the best Yarndale yet. Enjoy taking some time for yourself and recuperating.


I remember when you were starting the first one and you asked for people to send a square of crocheted yarn to hang as a banner and boy, was that a long one! congratulations, and if I ever visit england in october, I will come!

Teresa Kasner

Wow, I viewed the video and I can see why you are tired and over-stimulated.. what an amazing event! I might have to watch the video again as it was so amazing and inspirational!! Just think Lucy.. you started this whole movement! Your wonderful imagination and all your fabulous shared patterns have inspired so many people over the globe to make colorful wearable art.. I'm proud to know you. *C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S*!*
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Margaret Simpson

Take time to rest and put your feet up. Thank you for your wonderful blog. 😊🇦🇺

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