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October 28, 2018


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Anne Shaw

Lucy as soon as I saw your Sweetpea colours I knew I would be doing your crochet along this time. I love your idea of two separate colourways for the Sweetpea as it does give a different look. Either way, your eye for colour is AMAZING and is why I buy your kits and follow your rug patterns.

Thank you for all you do for the world crocheting community



Hi Lucy,
I love all of your blankets! You've inspired me to learn so I can do the cosy stripe blanket. I do hope that you will one day publish a gorgeous coffee table book with all your projects with your colour inspirations and the ta-dah moments. You'd be a must have author for all your like minded followers.
I'm glad J is getting better.
Kate xxx


Enforced rest is always difficult, so glad that J is doing better.


Sweet peas are my most favourite flower. How gorgeous that little bunch is! I forgot to plant some this year and it's too warm here now for them. Meg:)

H Worwood

Squeeee! We did that walk around the castle on the Sunday of Yarndale after a bacon butty at Coopers. It was a lovely bracing day and the Willow huntress was beautiful - so unexpected -but perfect in her setting.

hope that J is recuperating well wrapped in crochet hugs and taking medicinal chocolate.

Winwick Mum

It was half term for us last week and I was so glad of the time off the usual routine. We were lucky with the weather for the most part, too - hope the same holds true for you this week! xx


Such a delightful post!


So glad your husband is on the mend. Your posts always add a bright note to my week and I thank you for sharing it with us.


I definitely want this blanket kit oh and the colours of the sweet peas how glorious.
I hope J is ok and you are both having a restful time.

Oh how I miss having the kids home lolloping about in the school holidays. I do have 2 cats and 2 dogs that lollop quit well but its not the same ha ha ha

Your post as ever is lovely x

Sue Floyd

Hi Lucy! Reading your blog is like visiting an old friend! I Enjoy every morsel & smile the whole time. Thanks for doing what you do so well and with all your heart in it! Glad J is better and can't wait for the CAL!

Angela- Southern USA

Love the huntress! Your sweet peas are glorious! I shall sorely miss the flowers this winter outside my windows. I look forward to seeing your new blanket design! The autumn inspired tea light covers sound lovely. Here's what I've adding to the décor for Halloween this year.

Also on Ravelry next to the Halloween bunting is a photo of our new living "hot water bottles."
Cozy and slow sounds perfect! xxxxxxxxx

Jo Howes

It's amazing how cheerful the sight of a crumpet spread with jam can make you feel. I'm off to get a packet to go with a cup of tea later xx


Good morning, Lucy. I have been thinking of you, J, and your beautiful family since your last post. It's a terrible feeling when your rock stumbles. My husband, as well, has had medical issues that have
unnerved me. Lots of tests, appointments, and lots of waiting. Praying that J is on the mend. Resting day after day is so difficult when you are used to doing so much. I love your photos and your blog. There is so much of you in them. You are an inspiration, mentally, physically, and creatively. I am looking forward to the next CAL. Best wishes to you all.

Miss Daisy

Love your post! Fall is my ABSOLUTE favorite season, then old man WINTER. I'm a little late getting started but will start on my fall garland - I should say yours. Have a Blessed Day !


Was thinking about you and your husband the other day and was glad to find that your husband is feeling better. Your blog is such an uplifting place to come to with beautiful pictures and stories about what is going on in your life. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. And Sweet Peas are also my favorites. :-)
Take care


My Granddad grew sweet peas and I remember all those wonderful colours with fondness.I loved the red orange flowers on his runner beans and that funny white flower that came before the broad beans. Thank you for reminding me of my Granddad Lucy x

Best Wishes to all your family and hope things go well for your husband J.

Nadine G

Belle semaine pour vous Lucy, sortez vos citrouilles. Des photos s'il vous plait. Oui, un feu de cheminée c'est tellement agréable. Bonnes vacances chez vous en famille. Amitiés

Sandy Johnson

Hi Lucy

Would love to come and explore your area, it is lovely. Very different from North Devon, although that is lovely too. So pleased to hear your hubby is on the mend

sandra dorey

Oh those woods do look gorgeous. So glad to hear you two are able to have some quiet time to rest a recover. Health issues are always draining on mental energy, wonderful that you have some beautiful places and a deliciously cosy home to restore you both.
I am excited about your new Cal - I can almost feel the global excitement growing too! Your sneak peeks here and on Instagram are whetting the appetite perfectly!
My grandson adores his Woodland Blanket (with the squirrels and Old Brown)
Have a lovely week.


Hello Lucy, Just some random comments: I am determined to grow some sweet peas next year. I've grown to like them after seeing your photos. Very happy to hear J is taking the time to heal well. I was thinking of doing a little autumn decorating, myself. Halloween is next week and then Thanksgiving in four weeks. But, alas! The Christmas movies are already all over TV. Summer ends, Christmas begins. Really? Ah well. And, that willow statue is breathtaking! Happy October's end. Smiles from Maureen and JB (the cat)


Your posts, and photos, are always inspiring and spread a much needed warmth to the rest of us. Like everyone else I love the colours of your sweet peas, you really can't beat a bunch of 'em on the mantle!

And I thought I would let you know that I have finally finished my version of your Hydrangea blanket, that I started in April or May. Last year. In my defence I can't generally use yarn in the summer because my hands sweat too much, and there were times I wish I hadn't started it at all because of how long it was taking, but I am pleased with it now and it makes a wonderful difference to nighttimes!

Enjoy the halfterm break!


First up - I love sweetpeas. Have not been able to grow them as I would like.
Second - all your pictures are things I would take pictures of on my walks, except I never seem to have a camera (phone) with me, sigh.
The leaves - each fall by the front door I start a collection of leaves from my walks. Sometimes other natural things I find. Eventually they have to go, but I love the colors and shapes until then.
Thanks for your post!


Lucy just love reading your lovely blog and have done for past few years, it's lovely to see all the beautiful crochet you do also to hear about lovely family life.
Beautiful pictures and oh those super sweet peas are still stunning.
I do hope your hubby is starting to pick up a little, it's hard for them not going to work
So onwards and upwards, enjoy half term
Ellie x

Green Girl Gardener

Your sweet peas just look beautiful. The colours are amazing. I’m designing our garden atm and I think I need to make space for sweet peas. Are you finding you’re having more snuggles with your puddy cat now the weather’s turned? I am with ours two girls and I love love love it! Hope you all have a relaxing half term xx.


My Dad was a Sweet Pea Grower and won lots of prizes at the big flower shows so I am sure I will be crocheting the C.A.L. in memory of my Dad and Mum.

I do hope J will be better soon and have a good time with your chikdren.

Look after your self Lucy.

Hazel c uk

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