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October 20, 2018


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Green Girl Gardener

I do hope that J is well on the road to recovery and that next week is full of lots of highs and no lows. The Stitchtopia holiday looks awesome - I so wish I could join you. Sending you lots of love 😁.

Susie Moten

I am praying for J and your family. Wanted to let you know how inspired I was by your mental well-being info- I am a teacher and plan on implementing Wellness Wednesdays utilizing the info from the site you mentioned—thanks for the inspiration and your wonderful blog!


I just love your posts and tha magic of your photos. Glad J is ok and I am sure we are all sending you all big hugs, these things are sent to try us xx


Thank you for sharing beautiful pictures and the "highs and lows" story. Hope J feels better and that you and he will not get into such predicament anytime soon again. Take care.


Be gentle on yourselves.Each.Day. Hope you are all back in good health.
Hugs to you all, from Australia.


Life is a fragile thing is it eh. We tend to take it for granted.Until it hits us. Take care dear. You know how to take it in and enjoy it. Big hug.


You have wonderfully captured the feel of this time of year in your photos, what a beautiful place to go walking.
All love to you and your family hoping that J gets well soon.

Heather Coady

I so love reading your blogs and enjoyment about your life!
Sorry to hear about hubby do hope all is well again x


Thank you for sharing a little snippet of your beautiful life with us. It is unsurprising i find it a little upsetting that you have mmmmm lets say 'wobbly days'. You are not alone, what can appear to be a perfect life for some is to another a struggle, for some weird natural reason. I think its harder for us creatives that just need to be able to be ourself do what takes us and be in nature. I can honestly say I'm never happier than when im able to do be see and touch nature and create things in its spleditious forms and colours. Much love to you, and for your wonderful blog. x


Thinking of you and your family. Hope your husband is much recovered. Thank you for an exquisite post Lucy. Beautiful, uplifting pictures and words xTracey

Amy B

Sending you and the family warm and healing thoughts. Just picked up my WIP today and am feeling so much more centered. Thank you, as always, for your generosity, Lucy!


Once again your pictures & word magic have made me smile.
Love your blog, keep it up.
Best wishes to J for a speedy recovery &to all the family.x


I am sorry that you had a scare with J. I love the way you live your life with such intention and love. God bless you and y our family.

How I wish I was closer as I would love to spend time in France.

Victoria Oyama

Thank you so much for sharing all the beautiful autumn photos!
I was very sorry to hear that your husband was in hospital, albeit briefly. I do hope everything is much, much better now. Love reading your posts here in Japan. You are so inspiring, Lucy!


So glad J is home and better. Showed my husband your brunch picture and he said yes that is the kind of egg I would like. Don’t know how to do it. We have been dealing with and struggling with illness since the end of September. Doing lots of crochet. Need to order your cotton blanket in the morning. Wishing you a better week ahead.


Prayers and Good Wishes from across the pond. When my sister was so terribly sick, crochet was my constant companion. Enjoy every bright spot each day has to offer. Your blog friends and family will be sending prayers, love and strength to you and your family:)


So scary when something happens to your husband. Mine has had two minor surgeries this month and I didn't know how stressed I was about it until they were over. Praying for J's good health and that all is well.


Love the way you spent time with yarny peeps after traumatic events,sending love to you & yours❤️


Big hugs to all of you - hope J is OK now - life can be so random sometimes can’t it? I heard something unexpected about a former colleague / friend recently and it really knocked me for six - I discussed it with my kids and my daughter’s advice was “do some knitting - that”ll make you feel alright again...” It certainly helped :)

Loving your brunch picture - that’s one of my favourites too although I usually add a sneaky frankfurter sausage on the side!

Winwick Mum

So glad to hear that J is OK, these things are always scary, and perhaps more so because they are unexpected. We heard about the Five Ways to Wellbeing some years ago as part of a campaign and as simple as they seem, they are so important and not always that hard to fit into everyday life either - a walk with a companion or a morning at Coopers ticks them all! :) xx

Megan - Dolly Henry Blog

We have had a couple of weeks like that here - unexpected medical emergencies and sadly, the loss of a pet. I did the same thing this week, dragged along to craft group because craft therapy was precisely what I needed! I love how craft can bring so much joy and also be equally soothing when life hands you lemons...❤️ How amazing is the French Chateau workshop?!! Megan x


It is amazing, isn't it, how soothing yarn can be to the soul during trying times. Praying all is now well.

Sally Spragg

I spent 4hours in a&e the other week with my hubby. Thankfully all was ok, but I was shattered when we got home! Do hope he is on the mend whatever was wrong and hope that your spirits will shine again soon! Love the photos. The weather has certainly been glorious.x

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