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October 20, 2018


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Conkers are chestnuts. :-)

As always, I love your scenic photos and slightly envy the access so many in the UK enjoy to walkable land. ;-)

Hope all continues to imrpove!

Dominique Benmuvhar

Dear Lucy
I love so much your blog. Thank you so much for all the ideas, tutorials and inspiration you share with us.
I just registered to the French Chateau Crochet Retreat and I’m looking so much forward for the week we will spend with you
Best regards and see you soon :-))
Even if April seems quite far away
Dominique from Switzerland


Precious Little B with his T for tag. 😃.

Julie Higgerson

Jackie G - Conkers are what we in Illinois call Buckeyes. We had a tree growing up.

Lucy, hope & prayers for your hubby' s health
And,of course I can't wait for the CAL, this time I might get to actually participate at the time instead of putting it on my future list!
I he several of your kits & love your colors & the yarn itself. I bought both of the summer ripple kits, but since they are for me, they can wait until I am ready;)


It was lovely to see the photo of the English Magpies, they are so pretty :)
I love my Australian Magpies (except in mating season when they are absolute terrorists and if they don't know you and you don't feed them they attack you relentlessly from above), they are black and white, but that's the only similarity. They become really tame when you feed them and bring their babies to meet you.

Gillian Roe

Oh Lucy I had no idea! You poor thing. I really hope all is ok now. Xxx


I'm glad to hear that J is at home and fine, and I'm sending some good energy to you for a swift recovery from the shock. Rather a shock here today as well, so I know how these things play on the mind. I am doing a lot of deep breathing. Gorgeous autumnal photos you have there, the one of the mist over the canal is wonderful. And your local countryside is absolutely stunning. I'm glad you've been out and about to enjoy it. The chateau looks amazing, what a fantastic thing to be doing. I am wishing you all a good weekend Lucy, without any drama. CJ xx


Lovely photos Lucy hope you both recovering well lots love Jenny from Cornwall xx

Jacki G.

Since I live in the US, I have absolutely no idea what conkers are! Would you please kindly fill me in?

Heather Cawte

So sorry to hear about J’s unexpected hospital trip. It must have been frighten8ng fir the whole family - I’m glad to hear he’s on the mend now ❤️

Huge congratulations on the French crochet retreat! I can hardly believe how much life has changed for you since I first subscribed. Enjoy it - you deserve it!


So sad to hear about the trauma! I'm glad all is well and I hope it continues to be well for you and yours. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful pictures of your autumn and for your optimistic attitude. Best wishes!


Hope this week is going well , and that your husband is now okay. This was a lovely post, so glad you did decide to write it PennyL in Dorsetxxx

Patricia A

HI Lucy, Another commenter wrote on another page that the subscribe button is not working. Tested it in a couple of different pages of your blog.
Clicking on the button results in one being given a tab with your blog in text format.
Take care, getting older increases visits to the hospital... :-(


Sending all the best wishes to your husband!


Sending you love. Those hospital visits are not nice. I had one with my husband a few years back and it really shook me to the core. Take care of yourselves x

Gillian McM

Thank you so much for sharing your ups and downs. Many blessings on your life, Lucy. May all be well.

sandra dorey

Sending you all happy vibes full of good health and well being from sunny Dorset. So glad all turned out well.

Sarah West

So sorry to hear about J, hope he recovering it must have been such a shock.x


I do hope that all's well with J - highs and lows indeed.
On a lighter note, how is it that every time I see a photo of an Attic24 poached egg I feel the need to make one as I did yesterday?!

Angela- Southern USA

So glad to hear J is better! I always loved the I Spy game, L.B. was clever. lol Well done him on his school work also. Smoothies are my midday meal, I can eat healthier that way than I would normally at that time of day (you can hide so many things their, even from yourself. ; )
Good luck with the felting!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Linda K Klinedinst

I dearly love all of your Photos...they are so very pretty...and so vibrant of Autumn Colors.

I hope that your are feeling better and that everything is going better for you and that you are doing so much better. Life can be ugly at times. I went through that last week myself and its hard to keep on living when you have things that you are struggling with in life. My friends from all over the world keeps me going - seeing beautiful pictures like you have posted on your Blog - things like that keeps me going and helps me keep moving forward.

I hope that your week is much better as mine will be too cause I will make sure that it is better.

Take care - Have A Beautiful Week

Oh I love your Afghans that you have made too. I crochet as well. I am making another Afghan for me. It is on my Blog if you want to go take a look at it.

Happy Crocheting

Linda K, Buttercup

Nina Kellock

Hope J. is back to his usual self. Really scary when something like that happens to the one person in your life who is constant, healthy, the strong one physically and mentally. It really shakes your world for a time, but also makes you think how lucky you are when it turns out to be nothing too serious. You tend to look at the person in a different light, seeing them as vulnerable too in a way.
It happened to me when we went to the Lakes one year, got there and other half complained of chest pains. There we were in a strange place, no idea where the hospital was, and it was late October, seven o'clock and dark. When we got to a hospital they decided to keep him in, but thankfully the people who owned the holiday cottage came to my rescue as I was too shaken up to drive.
You get over these things, but never forget.
Very exciting news for you at the end of your post Lucy, well done!

carolyn mary jackson

So sorry to read of your scare, do hope J is well now, most of us know the feeling when one of the family are unwell. Our groups and crafts with friends are worth so much when we need caring company and a cheer up .x


So sorry to hear about your dear J, but so glad all is well and he is home! These unexpected little happenings throw us for a loop don't they! Thank you for taking the time to share your week with us. As always your blog is full of wonderful pictures and the goodness that is life. Wishing you all healthy days and many more moments of pleasure from living a simple, good life.


Lucy, you have a way with words, hooks and photos. I love all that you bring to the Attic. Whatever scare you endured, I hope it's over for good. Wishing you and your family all the best of health and much happiness. You certainly do live in a gorgeous part of the planet!

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