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September 26, 2018


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I usually feel the same way as you do in September but this year it’s been different maybe because of the beautiful summer. I still don’t like the mornings and evenings drawing in and part of me wishes it was May again (my favourite month) so the days were getting longer. The last few days have been glorious though in my part of the world- south Devon coast. It’s been chilly first thing but then beautiful clear blue sky and warm. I’ve managed to get a couple of hours crochet on my swingseat in the afternoons. I’m certainly making the most of the good weather while it lasts.


Gorgeous as always Lucy,you capture my mood perfectly.visiting the Alchemist is at the top of my list now.Those Special days together are precious and locked away for a rainy day,my daughter and I did a similar day in Birmingham visiting the Bear Factory and Pizza Express And we always talk about how special it was😊

Tuula Maaria

Oh, I so understand you feeling melancholy when the summer ends! I'm like that too. This year here in Finland we had the hottest summer ever, weeks and weeks around 30 C, which is far too hot for me. But still it is hard to see the summer end. However, since I love Christmas crafts, I'm telling myself that now that summer is over, I can straight away go full into Christmas and that makes it easier!


What a beautiful evening walk to end the day and I know you will enjoy them while you can. I try and have a 'date day' with one of my kids every now and then (the other gets to spend the day with Dad, usually at home, and then we swap kids the next time). I love spending some precious one on one time with just one of my kids and even if we don't do much, they really love having that time with just me. It really does create special memories for us all. xx Susan

Pam clarke

A very evocative thoughtful post lovely too read x


The colours are just so magical at this time of year but enjoy wearing wooly socks again and snuggling in my blanket again and watching the birds outside the window. Lovely blog once again thankyou. Promised myself would get up to Yarndale but once again no, but maybe next year eh


The weather here can't quite decided weather it is late (and warm) summer or (cold) autumn. We had temps near the freezing point at night but during the day it was above 20 yesterday... I am alway dressed wrong! That said, I can't wait to see how autumn will look look in this part of the world as the fauna and flora is rather different (even though we just move 150 km across the border)!

The waffle looks so yummy! :) I will have to travel to Bruge one day and have waffles there - they sound delicious!

Winwick Mum

Loved reading this post, you're quite right and September has felt Autumny from the beginning, it's been the same here xx


Lovely to wake up to this post this morning. I have no idea how you managed to fit in writing this with Yarndale almost upon us. Wish I could be there (maybe next year), and I hope it all goes well.
Can I ask where you got your needle minder? I had no idea there was such a thing and I've been sewing all my life. Losing needles all my life too!

sue silva

Beautiful post, Lucy.

Patti S.

I love this post, Lucy. I am in the US in the Northern part of Indiana on the shore of Lake Michigan. I know what you meant by the feeling of sadness as September winds down. My favorite months of the year are September, October and November. The ER months as my husband likes to kid. I do not know where this year and summer has gone. I tell myself I will get out every day during these months, but somehow before I know it, one is almost over. I work from home and I really need to get out and enjoy our cooler weather. It has been warm here and this morning woke up to cooler weather and bright blue skies. I think I will walk my dog Bella tomorrow and get out and start enjoying the best time of year. Cheers!

Angela- Southern USA

Autumn has always been one of my favorite seasons, it's becoming my top fave as time passes. Surprised to hear you are not mourning summer quite so much, a good thing. Happy fall! Hoping Yarndale goes smoothly! xxxxxxxxxxx


Lovely pics, especially those gorgeous leaves :). I thought summer was coming to an end too...and then today caught us all by surprise - I knitted outside for about 2 hours this morning and had to move into the shade, it was so hot and bright! Then my eldest got sunburnt whilst playing hockey this afternoon....I think sun tan cream was about the only thing he didn’t take away to university with him! Looking forward to Yarndale xx

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