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September 26, 2018


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Hi Lucy,
I truly enjoyed reading and relate so much about the change in emotion as the season changes. Mostly after the Summer, I feel down. But I learned the trick over the years. Enjoy and be grateful with the present and save memories to reminisce during the 'low' season.
Thank you for sharing.

mrs. smythe

Your colorful world makes me smile!

Gillian Roe

How lovely to end a busy day with a gentle walk after dinner with Little B. I cherish my dog walks for a similar reason, a much needed half an hour to myself after work to think through and process the day. xx


Happy Yarndale this weekend!

Green Girl Gardener

I also normally fall into the depths of melancholy as September draws to an end, but this year I have some exciting things going on to occupy my mind and that’s staving off the glumness so far. I so wish I lived somewhere as beautiful as you do but alas we have nowhere to walk at night that is half as pretty as Yorkshire. I do hope Yarndale is going well 😁.


I love that you find so much joy in cross stitching! What can you tell me about the bluebird button. Is it holding your needle?

Jill Davidson

hehe love that Little B reported back to school about his trip to the cocktail bar, kids eh?!


Such a pretty, magical place you live in..sigh!


Thank you once more Lucy for this lovely blog..it encapsulated all the beauty of the season..

Continue to enjoy!....

Nora xx


I aways look forward to your posts. The photography alone is enough to hook me, but your creativity is inspirational. It's also good to reflect on the places where we live and to be thankful for them.

Jo Gee

Another lovely post Lucy, thank you! We are so lucky in Yorkshire with such wonderful variety in our countryside landscapes. It's good to see your photos documenting the changes in the dales :-) enjoy Yarndale xx


That cocktail bar looks like so much fun! It’s funny seeing Autumn on your side of the world as we head into Spring here in Australia ☺️ I’m looking forward to the warm weather! Your cross stitch project looks beautiful, love the colours ❤️ Megan


~What lovely photos, I especially love the second one. Your youngest sounds a lot like mine, always full of joy and happiness and enthusiasm and lovely company. Mine's older siblings tend to be off doing things, so we do things together quite a bit. He's a chatterbox as well, never stops. And he'd also be absolutely thrilled to go to a cocktail bar. I know what you mean about the summer hols flying by with promises still left to be fulfilled. But you're right, it was a glorious summer. Happy sigh. CJ xx


Green being my favorite color, you can imagine my little gasp of admiration at your first few photos. SO beautiful! We have not had a drop rain here for over 5 months. Our SF Bay Area hills are brown and dry. I'm jealous. Maybe we should move to your neck of the woods.

Love hearing about all your fun activities. You are so fortunate to be able to stay home with your kiddos because they grow up so fast. I can tell you don't take anything for granted and cherish every moment. Your Little People will never forget their wonderful childhood experiences. And I hope they don't take you for granted!

Hugs, Kimmy ♥

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, I so enjoyed this post. It's very sweet of you to take Little B out special with Mom. I am happy I found your blog so long ago as I've been "with you" before he arrived and through his growing up years and feel a nice bond with you both. I just love seeing the canal boats on your school run. I'm glad you're happier with Autumn now. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Lily Davies

Looking forward to Yarndale! I was walking the pup in the park this morning and saw the lovely lamppost covers...so pretty. And, I can see my boat peeking out the side of the picture of the canal!!!

Mary W

Thank you once again for a little trip to your neck of the woods. It was a beautiful post for the changing of the seasons and so many beautiful pictures, also. I will never be able to travel to Europe but feel like I have visited it and better yet, got to know the countryside through your very descriptive and meaningful posts. Your blog is a treasure!

Pam in Texas

I love your posts Lucy, thank you for taking us along.
I now live in a suburb of Dallas Texas. For many years I lived in Huddersfield, so I know many of the places you mention.
I such a joy to revisit them with you, very close to my heart and still missed a great deal by this Brit in TX.
Best wishes,
Pam in TX.


Lovely post. Wishing you every success at Yarndale.


I think we all get melancholic at the start of fall. It is temporary . Loved your post and your pictures are beautiful.

Miss Daisy

Lucy , I just love strolling with you and sometimes little B and the rest of your family. I always read your blog first. Wish I lived in a place like yours that offers such lovely country walks. I also love to crochet and embroidery but can't get the hang of knitting - haven't tried hard enough. Have a great day!

Anita Walters

I love that your son enjoyed his trip to the cocktail bar so much,that drink looked amazing
I think our lovely summer is easing the transition to Autumn for lots of people this year,like you say we have some gorgeous days to look back on instead of lamenting missed opportunities,it's been very misty here this morning in Devon but it's lifting now and the sun is coming out,it looks like a beautiful summers day from my window

Susan Smith

Lovely post Lucy. Walking in the dales is lovely & I'll be doing it next year, all being well. Hope Yarndale goes to plan & you can enjoy too. Take care.


its lovely to start to enjoy those change of seasons, Id worked myself up during the summer with my daughter starting secondary in september...all those worries and anxious feelings, i dont know why i was feeling so concerned. I think its those times in the summer when you can all relax and be together and then the end of summer looms and it feels like a sense of sadness. But shes quite happy and content.
And now im slipping back more into a routine of work, organising myself for autumn fairs as well and general life i can begin to relax and enjoy Autumn as well. Isnt it special when you get a little trip alone with your child. especially when they are younger and find the whole thing a great frill of an adventure~ looks like he had great fun! My daughters turning twelve on monday, but i love the fact things are still exciting when we go places together. I know when the teenage years set in this could all change. such a beautiful area where you live. love your makes and sweet Autumnal blessings to you x


The Old School Tearoom in Hebden. :) I was there last year. We stayed at the most beautiful little B&B close by... I so want to go back there again. Bring my family and walk those rolling hills. You live in a beautiful place Lucy.

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