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September 09, 2018


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Ooh that was a gorgeous start to the week,so much of what you said made me smile,it’s wonderful to hear likeminded stuff in this mad world.Ive nearly finished my log cabin blanket and loved seeing it on the top of your pile.Hope to see your smiling self at Yarndale❤️


Thank you for a moving story, very emotional. I know what you mean abut missing the sea; I think I miss the sound of the seagulls even more. We live in rural France now which definitely has its attractions but getting back to Southend on Sea is a joy. Love the pile of blankets. I've been using my Moorland blanket the past few evenings here. Really feeling the change of seasons. Happy hooking ...

Hooks and Needles

Thank you Lucy for sharing your summer with us. I do hope in time you find peace as you unravel memories of your Mum. Take care and enjoy your Yarndale preparations. Cathy x


Sometimes I feel I’m living in “The Matrix”, deceived into thinking that life is about stress, money and problems. Then I spend a few minutes in an “Attic” frame of mind and it’s like I’ve seen life as it should be, as it can be, as it is when I let it be.
Thank you Lucy, for the reminder to take my foot off the accelerator and look out of the window ❤️

Vanessa de lukowicz

Such a lovely post, I do enjoy reading them so much. Your life sounds so like mine. I often wonder if I’m odd being so different from all the other mums that I know. They are all posting about their holidays abroad, days out, their children are constantly stimulated and entertained. We are homebodies and love nothing better than pootling around at home, knitting, crafting, playing Lego and being together. We went away for three nights to a little cottage and it was lovely, but we were quite happy to come home and be ourselves again.
I find it so hard to come back to the world of school and work, it’ll take us a few weeks to get used to it!!

Heather Coady

Really enjoyed your blog! I have wool to work with but have a border collie that once I walk it I then get caught up with houses things then seem too tired so youdo motivate me to be more organised! When is the yarndale on please? I live in Scotland but would love to try and visit if can once again get organised!


So so fun to hear from you Lucy. Thanks for all your wonderful pics. I too love the sea and to breath in its salt air. Sadly I dont live close. Its a long days drive to get to it here in the U.S. Happy Fall to you

Paula Jackson

Love your blog its like getting a letter from a friend.
Sweet Peas my absolute favourite flower.
It was great to see Dorset through your eyes & the pictures of the carnival were amazing.
Good luck with Yarndale,A friend from Perth WA is making the trip to come & see you.


Hi Lucy, I loved being busy and super planned for a lot of summers when my son was young. As he has moved into his teens, I planned less and we stay around home more in the summer. We like to take the occasional short trip but mostly hang around home with friends and enjoy the life we’ve built. I enjoy travel and take a few trips a year on my own.
It sounds like you had the perfect summer for your family.


Lovely photos as usual Lucy. The Carnival and torchlight procession look quite amazing and I love the magical feel that hundreds of candles create. I hope you get the chance to enjoy some precious moments for yourself over the coming weeks, especially as you will be extra busy with Yarndale. xx Susan


Thank you for sharing your summer and your beautiful photos. Very excited for the mystery felting project and the island vacation post :)

Jackie Farrow

Thank you once again Lucy for sharing with us. Enjoy sitting here in our Spring time reading and looking at your lovely photos. I'm so looking forward to seeing Yorkshire, Skipton and surrounding area again when I travel from Perth Western Australia to be at Yarndale. I have Facebook friends waiting for me to share photos and I decided to bring one of the crocheted Sheep I bough at the 2016 Yarndale with me. So looking forward to saying hello to you again. Xxx from Oz

Laurie Mowat

Another lovely stroll through your world. I almost didn't get past the sheep grazing because it made me start to daydream.
I have spent some wonderful time outdoors this summer enjoying the company of a very precious new ''friend''.
He, or she, is a wild rabbit that apparently doesn't mind the company of a human while it munches away on the greens (weeds). It lets me sit there chatting about this, that and everything. One day a squirrel who wanted to get to the bird feeders started to give me a good telling off from the branch above us. Is it
really strange that I apologized and got out of it's way? I sure hope someone else out there talks to every critter they see! I get so much joy from the little bit of wildlife around my house.
Good Luck with YarnDale.
I can't wait to hear about it!

Heather Braithwaite Simmons

Really really important for children to have lots of unscheduled time. Family vacations are great, but do not feel guilty about just hanging around the house as well. Just now finished my Woodlands Blanket. Love this pattern.

Joan Robertson

Really really love this post , I've just started the summer ripple blanket and so love the colours you have put together, enjoy yarndale . Don't think ill make it this year , most importantly have fun


So many of us have such complicated relationships with our mothers - I did, too, to the point that I disassociated myself from her for several years. My brother called me one day to tell me she was dying and that I needed to put aside everything emotional and just come say goodbye. At the start of my week there, she said she wanted to forget about the past and just live in the moment, and I agreed. We had a good week, but I had to turn around a few days later to go back and say goodbye for good. I remember thinking the day after she died - wait, we didn't get a chance to talk about all the things that happened, and I felt and still feel sometimes, a little cheated that we never could have that conversation. She's been gone for over 20 years now, and I still have those feelings sometimes. Sadly, I never grieved for her, per se, but more for a loving, close mother/daughter relationship we never had that I so desperately wanted. Talking with my brother always helps, and I went through counseling for something else and it came up there. I hope you're able to find someone to talk to who can help you work through your grief and loss. Also, getting lost in crocheting helps clear my mind - maybe it will yours as well. So many hugs to you ...

carolyn mary jackson

Loved your extra long blog Lucy, cant wait to hear where you flew to. I hope the butterflies are arriving with mine amongst them, mine have a long flight from NZ to the UK !! Always enjoy a catch up with you and your family. Caro

Carolyn Peet

What a lovely journey through your summer months Lucy - thank you for sharing. I live in the North too but was born in Devon by the sea - so many happy memories. My dear Mum's resting place is in Dartmouth & I understand the draw of having to sometimes visit at short notice. I'm so looking forward to Yarndale - maybe bump into you! x


Hi - I just love your blankets. I think I have seen one of your blankets on the beach, and now I cannot find it. The colors were those of the sky and the sea. Do you know which one I am talking about - because I have been looking for it all day.

Esther (Denmark)


I have the exact same feeling about going home to be by the sea. It is exactly like you say. I grew up on the Isle of Wight and although I moved away nearly half my life ago now it is so wonderful to go back. What makes me so happy now is that my children love it too.

Green Girl Gardener

Sounds like a lovely summer full of colour and creativity (as ever). Hope your workload allows you some time to relax over the next few weeks xx.

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