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September 09, 2018


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That torch/firework festival looks amazing! I wish my small town did something like that. Wow. Lovely post. I completely understand about feeling emotional this time of year. Something about the changing seasons does that to me.


Wonderful post! Felt like I was on a vacation myself! Love, love, love all your colorful blankets! I was just asked by my oldest daughter for a new one as she's changed her color scheme in her apartment. Looking forward to some cooler weather here so I can work on that!


Magnifiques histoires, comme toujours en couleurs.

Kids Insoles

Wow!! Such a lovely post. I am a fan of yours. I like your designs, they all are wonderful. thanks.

Shirley Lister

I'm a Yorkshire lass living in East Sussex for the last 15 years, your posts bring back memories of life in the countryside. I go back twice a year to see my little sis and I love it, I also crochet, knit, craft and sew and your posts inspire me to keep on at 67 years old. As much as I love East Sussex it's not the same as my home county of West Yorkshire keep on with your posts of the countryside it keeps me tied to home.


Lucy, here's a link to a site that saved my sanity when I was going through the upheaval of menopause. It's titled the 35 Symptoms of Menopause


There's so much more we go through than hot flashes and night sweats. I even experienced inter-ocular eye spasms from a precipitous drop of hormones. Sheesh!



It sounds a perfect summer to me.A good balance.You are a brilliant Mum and should feel so proud of everything you fit in.
Seeing all your blankets is sending me off to order some wool for a blanket to do this autumn.l have lost track of how many of your blankets I have made!!aApart from eight in the house I have given quite a few to a homeless charity and refugees.

susan hall

well, that was a lovely long read with most of my best things in the photos - if you could just take up patchwork as well it would be perfection :-) that sock yarn looks wonderful as does your newest blanket and I'm green with envy for your new linen dress, sounds like just what i need myself.
as regards the long holidays , i think you've got it just right. that could be because its what i used to do myself of course, but i think children need a break from the regimentation of school, time to let their har down and relax with the odd trip out or away chucked in. hope yarndale doesn't prove too taxing.
good luck . Susan

Angela- Southern USA

It's been a roller coaster time here as well with the emotions. Our youngest moved out and to the big city a couple of hours away, empty nesters as they say, it's hard to process and I'm sure it's going to take a good while. We were always a low key holiday kind of family, you have to do what works for your family, there isn't a right or wrong way just your way. Enjoy them while they are there and you'll look back with fond memories. The carnival weekend sounds fantastic, what a wonderful tradition! I hope Yarndale goes smoothly! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Keep on breathing ;-). It looks like you're doing fine! With all the stress from a big event + teens in the house + having to keep up with your readers in blogland and so on, that is a lot to handle. Every year in september I wonder how you do this :-). And about not enough exploring with the kids, people here are becoming more and more aware of how fast and busy daily life has become. When at home for a holiday, it seems more healthy to wind down and stay put. You have a certain way to look at things and handle things that seems so natural. Don't hesitate. Again, it looks like you're doing just fine :-). Thanks for blogging!


what a fantastic place Yorkshire is..we went to Ingleborough cave. Its hard work being a mum (mum to 3 teenage sons one with additional needs) and we all do our best..unfortunately social media conveys a false need to be the perfect mum so ignore it..your doing a great job and crochet is so meditative and helps me get through the day x


What a wonderful summer you have had. Your photos are so inviting, I wish I was there! I can’t wait for the mystery project and look forward to the blanket you will create using the beautiful Granny square! Happy fall!


What a wonderful summer, glorious photos. I particularly like Lady B's garden, beautiful. I had a bit of a transition week last week as well, it's hard to just get back into the swing of things isn't it, and I've been feeling a bit out of sorts as well. I always feel I should do more with the children over the holidays, I never manage as much as I intend to, and now it's quite often just me and the youngest one, as the others go off with their friends. I always end up feeling a bit guilty, but as you say, he seems happy enough. I should love to see your holiday photos, I shall look forward to it very much. Hope you have a good week, and that you're completely better now. CJ xx

Crafty Cath

Hi Lucy, thanks for posting. Great pictures as always. I don't think you need worry about doing enough with your kids. I think you seem like a very homely if quirky brilliant Mum :) They will have lovely memories when they grow up of days out with Mum and Dad, pottering about, colourful blankets, the allotment, seaside trips, beautiful countryside, colouring in and more. I look back on my childhood and it's the comfortable cosy things that I fondly remember. Don't be too hard on yourself and enjoy Yarndale!! (I have only managed to make one of your blankets so far but it is my favourite and I am a bot like Linus from Charlie Brown with it!!). Look forward to the felted crochet project. Nice socks too!


This was a lovely post Lucy. Thank you! I love West Bay. We haven't been this summer but I'm aiming to go next month. I hope Yarndale goes well for everyone.


How marvelous. Thank you for this post. I do want to hear about the island!

Mary W

Another wonderful word trip with pictures. You certainly have a way with writing that perfectly paints a picture with emotion. Have fun a Yarndale.

Cecily Graham

Your summer sounds just lovely, Lucy. As for going out vs. pottering at home, I schedule days out because otherwise I'd stay at home - but then when we do go out I always enjoy it so much. Having said that, I do think that it's really important for kids to have time at home to be bored and learn to entertain themselves too. That's when all the reading and special projects happen!
Looking forward to seeing you in your new dress and Yarndale - and maybe being bold enough to come up to you and say hello!


Such a lovely post, thank you. I was born and raised in a steel mill town among children and grandchildren of immigrants, (me too). Dirty belching towers and trains everywhere. Completely different from your childhood. So thank you.

Heidi Clarke

Not being busy in the holidays is good, I often feel children aren't allowed just to do nothing or not much!I remember lazy holidays with fondness when a trip to the park or Nanny's house was the highlight of the day, my two are 24 and 21 and I miss that lull in the year.


hi lucy, Sometimes its just lovely and cosy just to be at home with family though~ chilled out time together without the routines of school and early starts...My dads been undergoing intensive cancer treatments for a rare spread of tumours, so we've had a 'staycation' summer hols, mainly because ive over spent to visit him in london, guys hospital. So we did local things like crabbing, rock pooling, swimming in the lido and visiting fav beaches around cornwall and devon. exploring dartmoor moorlands. enjoying summer festivals in our little country town. Just to keep costs down a bit too. It is lovely to get out and explore, but Im just as happy indoors with my family. Sophia started secondary so that was a shock to the system all the new routines and early starts. I think schooling now is sooo tiring for the kids~ its good they get cosy chilled out time too. LOve the blankets so cosy and beautifully bright! love the colour combinations you choose. sorry to hear of your mother, hope shes at peace now, sometimes our bodies need time to get over and come to terms with certain situations and that must have been hard for you...best wishes x

Kate Darby

Another wonderful, colourful post . Can't wait to see what the next yarn project is. Your love of colour really shines through. Wonderful.xx

Miss Daisy

Enjoyed your post , pictures are lovely . Such vibrant colors . I think people run run run so because they're afraid of interacting with each other. If you slow down you might actually have a conversation , issues brought up , feelings exposed - you know - all those little nasty things we don't want to explore . I'm a home body type person , love chatting , enjoying refreshments and crochet or embroidery . I had to learn to slow down and smell the roses but only after i'd gotten rid of the thorns . Have a blessed day !


Lovely blog post, balm for the soul after a busy weekend. I am a disaster at blanket finishing but I'll pick up my hook again tonight. I have the original pack to make into a flower blanket for my 4 year old boy (his request!...

Kate T

Thank you Lucy, lovely summer summary! I must admit every year I felt that I should “do more” with the kids during the holidays ,now I have just 1 of 3 still at home but they come back regularly and all seem happy with what we do or dont do! You cant underestimate the quality of time spent just being together ,not necessarily having to “do” something specific, as if an activity or event justifies it as quality! I decided a while back not to beat myself up about it and take pleasure in the little moments.

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