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September 30, 2018


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Annika Gustad

Hello! If you look in Wikipedia for Dala-Floda you can see where it´s located.
Annika Gustad


Hi Lucy, really pleased to see you getting into cross stitch, to help in your search you can buy DMC soluble aida from Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/DMC-Soluble-Canvas-Count-White/dp/B004NI5NZM I sent a butterfly to Yarndale, hopefully I will make it there myself one day, can't wait to see the photos.

Eleonora from Coastal Crochet

Hi Lucy... Yarndale was amazing! Hats off to you and the team for all you do in organising such a fabulous event! It was lovely to be able to meet you too and have a brief chat - thank you! I’ve written a blog post all about my ‘Yarndale Adventures’ if you’re interested... xx 😊❤️🌊🌊🌊


The wonderful Larissa at Mmmcrafts uses Sulky brand stick and stitch. It's changed its name but the old stuff is $5 US cheaper. I've purchased many of Larissa's embroidery patterns, which call for the use of the stick on paper. It works great on felt and I imagine would be fine with knitted fabric.
Here's the link where Larissa discusses it in painful detail.


I'm another one struck by the gorgeousness of the wool embroidery and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do. I'm hoping for a post about Yarndale too.

mrs. smythe

What a find! I would definitely wear that sweater. Such a pretty color. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.


I have a teal cardi almost the same as that! But Im not a granny!lol Looking forward to seeing what you folksy ideas you come up with. Thank you for all the Yarndale pictures.

Green Girl Gardener

Last night I really wanted to get stuck into some crochet (Christmas approaching and so many wips!) but my hands were just too cold, so I think I need to make myself some fingerless mittens and I may have a go at embroidering on them after your inspiration. Hope you had a fabulous time at Yarndale - I hope to get there next year xx.

Teresa Kasner

The wooly embroidery on the mittens is fabulous and I look forward to seeing what wonderful things you come up with after being inspired by them. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Looking forward to seeing the granny project.


I found this post so inspiring, absolutely love the embroidered mittens and leg warmers! I think that is water soluable interfacing ☺️ That would make life easier though I have stitched through thin tracing paper before with good results.


Knew there was a Posie Gets Cozy post about waste canvas somewhere! Used for the beautiful monagramme on the birthday coronet: http://www.posiegetscozy.com/2017/09/couch-and-cake-topper.html I haven't tried it myself but this tutorial also seemed very clear: https://oliverands.com/community/blog/2013/02/customizing-with-oliver-s-cross-stitching-with-waste-canvas.html


Hurray for buttons made of wood, much nicer than plastic, and what a fantastic selection. I know what you mean about being sucked into a rabbit hole of delicious inspiration, there are some amazing and beautiful things out there. I have the most gorgeous mits in my Ravelry favourites notebook. Almost no chance of making them, they are really tricky, but oh, they are so beautiful. I shall look forward to seeing your cardigan all prettily stitched. CJ xx

Hooks and Needles

I was going to say waste canvas, like Wanda too. It was all the rage 20+ yrs ago with cross stitch, allowing you to cross stitch on clothing. Cathy x


Is there going to be a Yarndale Calendar for 2019?

Angela- Southern USA

Definitely eye candy! I'm sure the cardigan with be beautiful. The white fabric she is embroidering over is fabric stabilizer for embroidery, you can buy leave in stabilizer, tear away, or water soluble stabilizer, depending on the need (the more stitches the heavier the stabilizer needed). I look forward to seeing the finished cardi. xxxxxxxxxx


That's hilarious as I have bought a cardy to upcycle about a month ago and am doing the same thing but plan a patchwork flower to one side and different colour buttons as it has gold ones, but am having difficulty deciding on my patchwork/applique flower. But maybe embroidery hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm decisions decisions they are so lovely cant wait to see your finished cardy.xx


I cannot believe I keep missing Yarndale. I so loved sending my crochet across the pond for you to use at Yarndale. I probably will not ever be able to come see this wonderful event, so I took pleasure in part of me being there. I love your blog and have shared it with many of my friends. Thanks for sharing your creative self with all of us.

Sheelagh Franklin

My first Yarndale, what bliss! Saw you but didn't get to have a chat, maybe next time?! So many beautiful things to see, I really do appreciate all the hard work that must have gone into the preparation!
I have bought two of your yarn packs, just need to find the time! The icing on the cake was getting to see your studio yesterday, I'd love to have your room, as you suggested I did have a good look round and took lots of photos😊
Thank you so very much for the opportunity to see. Love all your blogs and am always looking forward to the next.

Thanks again

Sheelagh x

Cathy S

Just want to say a huge thank you Lucy for all the work you put into Yarndale. This was my 2nd visit and I loved every second of it. I was also amazed and honoured to see one of my butterflies on a display board. I am now back home with another of your gorgeous blanket packs and feeling very inspired (and skint!!). Roll on next year!!!

Debbie Mitton

Hi Lucy,
I think the item you are talking about is soluanle
Stabiliser, used in sewing. There is one you use on the reverse of fabric when you see decorative stitches and one that is soluanle so you can put a design on the front
Of fabric, hope this helps xx

Lindsey Daubney

Lucy, it was so lovely to meet you at Yarndale this weekend just gone! We loved every single minute of Yarndale. What a treasure trive! Coopers cafd for lunch was amazing and chatting with you was the icing on the cake. Im feeling all inspired. I’m wanting to subscribe to your blog so I don’t miss a single thing but the link doesn’t seem to be working. When I click on the link I’m taken to another version of the blog post without the side panels and all the url links are shown in full. Normally when subscribing you can add in your email address so blog posts automatically appears in your inbox. Maybe I need to be subscribing on my pc and not my phone! Any advice?


Love the cardi--can't wait to see the 'after' shots. I think you are looking for "waste canvas". My sister and I used to use this to put a cross stitch motif onto a guest towel, or a t-shirt, bag etc. Then you wet it, and pull the threads out. Alternatively you can use cross stitch fabric--although it requires more pulling to get the threads out.

Joan Old

I use Sulky solvy for embroidery. I print using ordinary ink and settings on my printer and have never had any trouble with it.


Dala-Floda is a town in Gagnef's municipality in Dalarna, which actually consists of a complex of several villages around Floda church and is the center of the Floda parish.

Handicraft has a strong tradition in the landscape of Dalarna.

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