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September 19, 2018


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Sandie Keeble

I have a blog, but regret that so much has happened in my life in such a short time, that it lies, unloved for the last 6 months! Maybe I'll take a leaf from your blog (no pun intended) and try to do it little and more often! Thanks for the push!

Jo Howes

I'm just in the process of planning my blog and working out what I want to blog about, so I found this so helpful to read and it has helped me to feel confident about writing up the little moments as well as the big events. Thanks Lucy, wonderful timing! x

Angela- Southern USA

Such a beautiful shade of yellow, thanks for sharing. Enjoy the day and good luck with Yarndale!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Since my stroke I cannot read to well but I love the photos and if my daughter is hear she reads the posts more me.

I am just starting on my Cosy blanket I did the Moorland one while I am recovering and I have done the Cup Cake on for my Grandaughter. My CROCHET keeps me sane.

Thank you Lucy and your family to make me smile again.
Love, Hazel c uk


Looking forward to it :-).

Kate Perry

That's so lovely. I am with you completely, that those unexpected moments need to be captured. My blog post is a regular thing, every Friday evening, as I link up with two other bloggers with the aim of posting a 'smile', and highlighting the 'happy moments' of our week. For most of the 'Smilers' their smile is a funny joke or meme, whereas mine is often a photo of a ray of sun breaking through, or a new bug or flower I have found.
This week I am smiling because I have made one of your hangers and I love it. It has transformed a very old wooden hanger (inscribed with my son's name from school days, and he's now 32!), which I used as a trial run. My set of new ones should arrive today.
Please keep posting your spontaneous moments, and your colour inspirations. I love to read about them.
Kate Perry


So true we crave ordinary stuff when every thing seems madness but never appreciate it at the time.Walking our dog always seems to give me time to pause as she sniffs at another exciting thing. Also wanted to thank you for helping me finish my log cabin blanket which looks and feels amazing.Ive had so many wonderful comments about it and it makes me smile every time I see it.Thanks for making my crochet journey so much fun❤️


Your post echoed my thoughts this week, I'm so busy doing this and that, looking after grandchildren and trying to get some decorating finished that this week I've not taken much notice of anything else, and we really should just stop sometimes and enjoy the moment. As for blog posting, well I guilty of only posting when there is something to show too, strange that I should do that because the blogs I love to read talk more of everyday life. Thanks for sharing a snippet of your day :-)


I love everything about your posts, they are a treat and very inspirational, a reminder of the beauty and importance of the little things. Thanks

Luisa xx

MotherOwl (Charlotte)

Thank you. "In the rushing from A to B [we ]may so easily have missed what was right in front of our eyes." How right you are. I'm going to follow your example.

Teresa Kasner

I am pleased with your short little hello to us and the moments you took to capture the light. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Hi, Lucy! I feel like a friend as I follow your blog until over seven years now. Your fabulous pictures and fantastic designs inspire me and bring happyness. And with all my Lucy blankets around I feel cosy and remember to enjoy all the small things in life. Thank you for all the shared moments and beautiful designs.


OH how I wish I could have joined you in that conversation Lucy. I think I could need some blog friend views and chatter about this topic... I still struggle to find my voice it seems and still I just don't want to let go.
Beautiful light! Beautiful season changes. I can smell the air.


I enjoyed this post and the yellow heart shaped leaf; simple posts of little moments have a charm.


oh lucy in the beginning when i was first lear i g crochet i discovered your blog. so simple so color filled and laden with gorgeous and easy to view close up step by step photos..... it’s what brought me so much of the crocheting confidence i needed as my mom had passed away and i only learned to crochet in order to complete the afghan she was leaving eating the end of gor my younger sister. but those little snippets of walks the gently backlit footpaths some with water and always with sweet comments of some common little thing that lit up your spirit and in your dreamy written words did the very same for mine. it’s been nearly ten years since mom transitioned out of body and i’ve learned more crochet skills than she ever had. so much so, that i barely crochet anymore far preferring to have happily gone back to knitting ~ something i learned as a wee child by my mom’s mother with whom i lived until i was three. i’ve very little interest in crocheting these days but always read your blog regardless of length as i adore and crave those very simple things you share. your lemon drizzle cake, walking along the canal getting your wee folk to or from school ,and your family outings on foot thrill me and always bring a ray of light and a splash of joy to even my darkest moments!!!! i could never explain adequately enough how much you brighten my days with your ordinary little moments!!!! 💕


You've captured the moment beautifully and Little B is certainly a master props helper. Enjoy the lovely little moments in your life. xx Susan


Great pictures. Thanks for sharing the little moments of life.

Lizzy Dillingham

I love your blog and especially admire your color sense as a designer and photographer. You're definitely invited to visit my blog, soon to begin its tenth year! Chronicles of a very mundane, everyday life. Maybe a hint of nature nerd,lol.


Megan from Cape Town

“I do so love the comfort of sharing and celebrating the ordinariness of life. ”
Completely agree! It’s basically the reason I read your blog. The little snippets of your real normal life bring such a sense of peace into my day, no matter what my day holds, and even though I’m on the other side of the world in South Africa. I appreciate it! And you for bringing some peace and beauty into my life so often <3

Margaret Simpson

Your blogs are almost as good as sitting down with a friend over a cup of coffee and sharing our everyday lives with each other. The added bonus is your beautiful photographs. Thank you Lucy for letting us share your beautiful family. 😊🇦🇺


Such beautiful photographs. I think blogging helps me notice these moments as I think of blogworthy things to post. I too like to post the every day occurrences - I kinda have to, since the ta-da moments are few and far between.


I’m the same as you, I love to read about the every day - but I do have a habit of having to have a reason to blog, something I’m trying to rectify at the moment. Lovely pics as always

L. Mowat

That is Little B. holding the leaves. Leave it to me to miss that, especially when I wrote about taking time to notice things!
I have now decided that I see an owl and a cat in those two leaves.

Lori Vandergriff

Those simple, everyday moments are what bind us together as a community - makes us feel more like neighbors rather that friends across the ocean of the internet. Keep doing what you do - it’s absolutely lovely!👍🏻❤️☺️


I love this! What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing.

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