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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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September 19, 2018


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I really like the little snippets of life, the little family or home or random life moments. I especially like reading about living life in another country, especially the little differences. (I am American.) Of course I also love your crochet and craft posts. Your love of color reminds me very much of my daughter in law. When you say color makes you heart skippy happy that is her personality too.


You are so right - it's the ordinary that makes life extraordinary and I love reading about it too. You are inspiring me to start my blog writing again x

Mary H

I love to see small and frequent snippets of everyday life. And thank you for your lovely blog. I've been reading it for ages. It's been one of my favorite few for a long time.

Jo Gee

Thanks for posting your 'light moment' Lucy - it was really timely for me as it gave me the final push I needed to publish my own little blog. I didn't have the confidence even though I'd written my first post in July, so it had been sat hidden from view. But your easy manner and lovely photos linking nature and creativity inspired me to have a go. I'm looking forward to being part of blog-land and learning as I go! Your snappy 'Attic24' also inspired my blog's name 'Cobblers42' (house name and my age!). Thank you :-) x

Lynn Dee Butler

Thank you Lucy for sharing the ordinary and extraordinary moments in your life. I love reading about your delicious cups of coffee or cakes, flowers in pots, what you saw on the school run and the sea air. I love your big ta da moments too! Your funny and yourself and that’s why I love your blog. Keep doing what you do. I think many of your readers, including me, are like you!


I just wound a ball of Red Pots into a centre pull ball ready for socks, really lovely colours! The actual yarn is slightly more muted than the online pictures, but it reminds me of sort of vintage fabrics and children's picture books. I'm going to knit some lovely socks for my sons lovley teaching assistant for Christmas. How exciting to have an actual ball of sock yarn to your name! So clever with colours


Just one of life’s little moments, we had your sausage and sweet and sour vegetable last night. It has become one of my husbands favorite dinners. Maybe you should write a cookbook. Thank you.

Daphne Goodenough

Oh Lucy I so love your blogs, and look for new ones every day, you are a joy, and can make me feel so happy. I shall be leaving beautiful Yorkshire soon and returning down south, but I shall still be reading your blogs and wishing I had been able to join you at 'coopers' just once. I too love the snippets of your day you write about, if you can manage it keep em coming, I think they bring a lot of people joy Thankyou , Daphne x

Crafty Cath

Hi Lucy, your blogs are great just as they are. Keep doing what you're doing (but only if you feel like it!!). I always look forward to reading them :)

Angela Williams

Hi Lucy! Yes, I totally agree, it’s the ordinary things in life that I love to read the most! It’s always so wonderful to read how other people live their lives especially if they’re in a different country! I live in New Zealand and plan to come over to the UK next year and because of your blog I will definitely be visiting the wonderful Yorkshire Dale’s! Also I find I read shorter blogs more often as I tend to put off the longer ones until I have time to read them and then I jolly well forget them! I’ve followed your blog since day one and yours Lucy is the only way he that’s held my interest all this time! This is my first comment in a few years! Thanks so much for allowing us in to your lives! Warmest regards, Angela 😊

Barb W.

Gorgeous, Lucy. I am so glad I discovered your blog and your colorful creations a year ago!

I have a framed print of a painting: a golden wheat field, wind-tossed, with a stormy gray sky. Very similar moment, and I love your photograph.

Creative Mummy Bear

Good morning! I have been thinking about our conversation too, and it was therefore so wonderful to see you mention it in your post. Thank you for linking in my knee high socks ‘ta dah’ post! I suppose as a fairly new blogger I felt no one would want to read a post I had written that was ‘mundane’ but the more I have thought about it this past week I have come to realise the things I like to read on yours and other people’s blogs are those very ‘ordinary’ things about every day life. The things that we take for granted but when we stop to stare (as the poem goes) show us how wonderful the world really is! I shall look at my blog with fresh eyes and do exactly what we concluded, i.e., more frequent, sometimes short, sometimes long posts. After all, I suppose there is no such thing as an ‘ordinary ‘ day. Love, Donna Xxxxxx


I agree, I love reading about the seemingly ordinary moments in life - they feel me with thoughts of warmth and home and usually remind me that the simple things in life are sometimes the sweetest ☺️ On a note about Instagram, I made the scary decision to quit it recently to focus on blogging ☺️

Bruna Ferreira

Hi Lucy!! I am so grateful that you like to share the little things of life, I feel as we are a close friends even living in different continents. I think I follow your blog for 7 or 8 years! Thank you for your inspiring posts! xxxxx

Green Girl Gardener

I’m so glad to have read this because I literally just pressed ‘publish’ on my own latest blog post and was a bit worried because it’s not about anything earth shattering or significant, but just random thoughts tumbling out of my head. Hopefully it’ll bring some light entertainment to a few xx.


Wonderful photos, and an excellent post, you're right, being present and capturing the little moments makes life richer. Beautifully done. CJ xx


I'm glad you feel this way, Lucy. I feel the same as you. Your photos literally took my breathe away! We are still in summer mode here in Silicon Valley, CA, but I notice the much cooler air now in the early morning as I walk to the train. It's a delight. Now if we would just get some rain. We have not had a drop in about 5 months. I know that you don't have this problem where you live.

Annie Kingma

Prachtige herfst kleuren. lees graag dit blog, en andere geef hier en daar een reactie.
Het zou er meer kunnen zijn, maar door ik zo heel veel zaken zijn die leuk zijn te doen, en het me tijd kost is het bloggen beperkt.
zelf heb ik een bescheiden handwerk blok
Groetnis Annie


Oh yes thats so true lucy, I so love the 'ordinary' in other bloggers posts. A simple walk, a little project, the seascape or local wood...or even the cakes fresh from the oven...or a simple rose in a jam jar from their garden. Sometimes when im rushing through my day and just stop...think...take a breath and look whats in front of me, the view, I saw an evening primrose coming out of a building site wall...i wished i could have rescued it. Its those kind of moments that are great to capture. Even the change of the leaves...I think Autumnal changes are the most noticeable when the leaves change from green, golden, rust red tones...Its a beautiful sight! Its so important to 'look' with your eyes and see these wonders. Thanks for sharing x kazzy x (countryrabbit)


love your titbits...keep them coming

charlotte m.

Thank you for blogging everything that you do blog about. I love your craftiness, but also your every day life moments. I am so grateful to have found you. You have brought me back to crochet, which I haven't much done in years. I bought the yarn kit for the summer ripple blanket and am happily hooking a little each day, enjoying the colors as they come. I live in the US, and love to see pictures of the beautiful countryside where you live.

Mary W

Celebrating my ordinary means I am so much richer than money since normally the 'ordinary' is free and found almost continually when looking. I learned to appreciate even more when I began walking my dog and copying her. She is easily distracted by a falling leaf, a tiny rabbit hopping off, or some new smell coming from under a leaf. She loves to walk the exact same path each day down the road where unsold lots are waiting for a home to be built and the woods and weeds are heavy. She has an exciting time each day and I have found I enjoy the tantalizing small smells I find, the gorgeous variety of clouds, and the changing of the seasons. We are currently awaiting that first cool breeze in the evening that lets us know fall is about to descend. In Florida, that first breeze is a true cause for celebration and I love being so in-tune with nature. Thanks to a happy little dog that begs to walk the same daily path with me and your blog that provides a completely different view to enjoy with my morning coffee. We need an international day of celebrating the ordinary!

Amy Swiftr

Thank you for the reminder to be mindful... yes I love to blog too... it is a joy to me! Amy

Gerta - Milwaukee, WI USA

Your little snippets of life is what makes me come back to your blog all the time. I have been following you since Little B was a baby. I am now retired, but when I was working you were my go to blog at lunchtime. You always provided a great blog to "escape" the stress of work. The Ta Da moments are great, but taking the walks/hikes with you and the family is wonderful. Thank you so much for your wonderful writing and beautiful photos.

Tuula Maaria

I also love talking to other bloggers, though almost always it is in the various various blogger and online entrepreneur Facebook groups. In one of them we have regualr Zoom calls where everyone sees each other even though we are separated by oceans! Occasionally I meat some bloggers in person too, that is very special!

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