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September 11, 2018


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Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, what a wonderful week you all had! I think it's great that J went on the trip you wanted, now next time you should see where he'd like to go! :-) How fun to have your own pool. My favorite images are the turquoise waters and the pinkie red hibiscus! Enjoy your Autumn. We are getting Fall weather here today and leaves are beginning to fall. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Thank you for sharing about your holiday. It reminds me of a TV program that is called "A place in the sun" It is about people from England who are buying a second home or holiday house in Spain, Portugal or France or even in the Caribbeans. (It is an old program from years ago as most of the programs on Swedish TV are replays)The summer in Sweden this year was extremely hot as the rest of Europe;but usually we have "low" summer temperature so you might consider doing a visit to Sweden one day. Lots of beautiful places to explore. :-)
Take care

Winifred Waite

I do love Spain & Italy but avoid holidaying in the summer months. How about going by Eurostar to France. You can book your tickets via Eurostar website from lots of UK railway stations through to France so it works out pretty cheap. Much cheaper than booking separate rail journeys. Also you know that if you miss your connection the rail companies have an agreement to put you on the next train. Great & comfortable way to travel especially for children, no being restricted to your seat for ages.
We took our granddaughter to Paris from Newcastle for less than £100 each return in the Easter holidays, we could pay that just to travel to London). She had never been on a train before & absolutely loved it. You can also go to Amsterdam, Brussels or Disneyland Paris.
Enjoy your travels!


Hi Lucy. Lovely to hear about your holiday. The villa looked lovely. I made the mistake of booing an appt without air con last year when we went to Tossa de Mar. It was on my list but we looked at so many places I ended up forgetting to check.
I didn't really relax all week because of the heat and the thought of the flight home so I feel for J.
This year Swanage was perfect, but I know we were very lucky with the weather.
I hope you get to travel to new places again next year.
Jacquie xxx

carolyn mary jackson

Hi Lucy, I will have a long slow read soon but my first thought is come to New Zealand for a great holiday especially where we live n Hawkes Bay the Fruit Bowl of NZ lots of wineries too. Great crochet and knitting group also !!!!!

Green Girl Gardener

Sounds absolutely lovely. So glad you had a good time. Menorca was the first place I ever went abroad and it holds a special place in my heart so I really enjoyed reading about your break - thank you for sharing. Hope J has managed to catch up on his sleep now - so hard when it’s too hot and sticky st night xx.


Wow, Lucy, it sounds absolutely blissful. Like you, I would be oh so happy to relax and drift around the home and the pool and local area for a week (or more!). In fact I dream about it regularly. We went to a fairly remote bit of Wales this year, and went to all sort of remote parts of the remote bit, and at times, as I staggered up steep sand dunes, laden down with absolutely Everything like some sort of pack animal, I imagined exactly the holiday you've had and wondered how to get such a thing. Honestly, it was hard work, and I would absolutely love a week by a pool somewhere. Alas, I fear my other half will not be convinced. Wales was wonderful, I am not really complaining, but I did heave a happy sigh when I read your post. Glad you had such a lovely time. CJ xx


At the end of your blog post, you talked about exploring other possible options for holidays so I thought I would make a recommendation. I struggle in extreme heat so sympathise with you husband but also like to feel like Inhave actually had a holiday. So for the last two summers we have gone to Holland. We drive to Hull (we are also Yorkshire based) for the over night ferry and arrive early the next morning. On the way back you do not leave till late so you feel as if you don't waste any time travelling. Holland is a lovely, friendly country. You know you are abroad and things are different enough to make you feel on holiday but the comforts we are used to are there. The weather is better than here without being too hot. The people are lovely and you could easily have a holiday that suited those who like to do and those who like to relax. We stayed near a place called Wassenaar, which is a beautiful, pretty, friendly and quite posh town, near the beach and less than an hour from Amsterdam. We have talked about going to France and one day I would love to but Holland Is just so easily accessible and the weather just right for me that I can thoroughly recommend it.


It sounds lovely! Especially the private pool... We only went as far as Ireland this year (by ferry), but if you're interested in travelling without flying, it's dead easy to book trains right through to all sorts of places. We've been to Sorrento and Berlin by train and love the journey as much as the holiday itself. Last time, we used loco2.com.

Jenny Dawson

I went to menorca in early April loved it ,it was,warmer than the UK but not crazy hot .My husband sounds,like j and me like you I will go anywhere,I love to see new places,its,hard trying to please everyone.I love to swim in the sea and at least this,year it was warm enough in the uk.


What a relaxing holiday! The heat would have finished me off though...I am so not a traveller. If J wants to stay in the uk, how about the Isle of Wight? You go by ferry, the walking is great across Tennyson Down and round the Needles, sailing lessons for the kids, Blackgang ?Chine for Little B. You'd have a great time.

Winwick Mum

The early mornings are my favourite time on holiday too; I love those moments when the rest of the family are still sleeping and it's warm enough to sit outside with a brew and some knitting. It looks like you visited a lovely place although it's a shame it was so hot - but if the experience results in more holidays then it was worth it! xx


Oops, not the first picture! I meant the one of Cala en Porter, with the turquoise sea :)


I recognised that first picture immediately - went there a few years ago - isn’t it gorgeous?!?! It sounds like you had a very relaxing holiday xx

Sally Spragg

"Is this the real thing, or is it just fantasy....." These words keep running around in my head at the moment after hearing the Waitrose advert! But your first few words of your blog, just sounded like this tune!!! Marvellous blog. Made me wish I was in Menorca. Looked a fantastic place. The little ones will always remember this holiday with pleasure. It was different for them, not the norm! You may do other holidays but this one will be the best to them! Glad you came back relaxed. It's the holiday that is always needed, not too much activity, being with the family, relaxing! Oh I love your blogs. Don't overdo it. Xxx

Kate Perry

I live in Spain, in Andalucia, so I can relate to most of that. The photo of the pink bougainvillea hanging over the fence, could be my backyard. We do have aircon, in the main room and master bedroom, but we only use it to cool the bedroom while we have our last dip of the day, and then turn it off and just use the fan. When it is on all night it dehydrates you. I have a fan out on the porch so I can crochet in the evenings, and hard though it is to imagine, come the winter months we are very glad of all my blankets. Our houses are designed to be cool in summer, not warm in winter, and stone floors are unforgiving when the temperature is in single figures. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay. If you can escape the tourist madness, there are some beautiful places around. When I had a mixed age brood (five sons aged 4-18) our best holidays were at a camping site further along the coast toward France, (Estartit was our favourite), where you hired a tent or caravan all set up ready for you, and there were three pools and entertainment every night, and most lunch times, so the older boys could do their own thing while the little ones stayed with us. Happy memories. Family holidays are the best, and I am sure your little people will enjoy remembering yours for many years to come. Kate x


Lucy, I loved hearing about your Spanish holiday with the beautiful pictures. I'm more like J because I prefer walking rather than sitting around or swimming. But you deserve to have your water experiences every now and then. It seems that you do a lot of walking near home, so it's wonderful to have a leisurely change of pace. It won't be long until the teens don't want to do this kind of thing, so I'm glad you got to have this precious family time together. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Kimmy


Hi lucy, Such a wonderful trip~ love the view from above and the seascape to the beach~ glorious turquoise sea!. but lovely to have your own pool. It is good to explore new destinations and must have so exciting for your family. I really cant bare airports, busy crowds and waiting around. So I always prefer a more British holiday...But saying that I have been to Spain and Dublin by plane. We put on hold holidays this year due to my dads health battling cancer. But I still have a 'to do' list of ideas of places to visit. We live in Devon so we're quite lucky to have the moorland and the beaches a stones throw away...My daughter I can tell will be a traveller in her 20s...she loves travel! she's nearly 12 yrs but she already talks of her 'to do' list to travel the world. I remember your trips in the caravan. Hope your enjoying a more cooler arrival of Autumnal days x

Annika Gustad

Been there, done that. In 1986 me and my husband, and our five children,visit Menorca. It was a happy tripp and not at all too hot.
Much love
Annika Gustad

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