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September 11, 2018


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Menorca is very beautiful. I have been for many times in Mallorca, but next time I am going to visit menorca. Thanks for nice pictures.


Missing sunny days now-a-days


Hi Lucy seems like you had a lovely time. We've been going to different areas of Spain and the islands for many years since our children were small, and discovered early on that self catering was the way to go. We didn't really "fit" in hotels. We also discovered that May or October half term week were the best times to go. Not too hot, but warm enough for pools, beaches and even sight seeing and walking. I even manage to crochet, it's not too hot and sticky! Our favourite place is still Ibiza, not just a clubbing island, but very friendly and still has Spanish areas. Great tapas as well! Good luck with your future plans, whether at home or in Europe.

Gillian Roe

Lucy, what a treat to sit and read this on a chilly end of September night! I think it looks like heaven, and I'm sure I would have adapted beautifully to that routine of lounging and reading.

Leah Lynch

Really enjoyed your scrumptious post! We vacation usually once a year in Cozumel, Mexico. The resort's there are wonderful and there is so much to do. The Mayan ruins are so cool to see! It is quite affordable. But maybe that is because we live in Texas. I have always wanted to go to Spain. I majored in Spanish oh so many years ago in school and fell in love with all places where the language is spoken. All of the resort's there have air conditioning and palapas on the beaches so there is shade. The water is crystal clear and the marine life fascinating

Nadine G

Lucy, je suis très heureuse pour vous, des vacances de rêve et en famille ! Formidable (même le crochet était du voyage !)- Ici aussi dans le centre de la France nous avions la canicule pendant des semaines, hier 35° à l'ombre…..-
J'aime passer régulièrement vous lire, rêver en couleurs de vos créations de crochet. Bises.

Barbara Johnson

This travelogue was lovely, made me feel I could go there perfect x

Spike Deane

Sounds wonderful. I think that time of relaxing without an itinerary can be just the thing. Sometimes we pressure ourselves too much to do all the things and get back exhausted. Sounds like a perfect week, love the photos.


We have been discussing purchase of a caravan but think we may be too old now middle 70’s. It seems like such an easy way to travel especially with my many food issues. I always enjoy your post and because Yarndale is on th immediate horizon I think that they may because less frequent.


We who live in this climate have been trying to plan a trip to the mountains for a cooler climate. Looks like a great holiday for you.


Oh wow - I have just got back from our two-week holiday and was catching up with your blog, to find you have been to Menorca, which is where we have just been! This was our first proper summer holiday without our two boys who are now thoroughly grown up, although our youngest did fly out for a few days after his vacation job ended. Menorca holds a special places for us as it's where we spent our honeymoon 26 years ago - it's developed a lot since then! The last two visits we have stayed in Cala Galdana, which is busier but still lovely. We self-cater, with plenty of treat meals out, and air-con is def on our list - my husband gets very grumpy if it's too hot to sleep too! I hope you manage to find another good location for next year ….


As soon as I saw the first pic I just knew it was Menorca, Lucy! We holidayed in the Balearics (mainly Menorca) at various times from 1983 until 2007 - eventually exclusively Menorca as the other two islands didn't "do it" for us.Only my decision not to leave my wonderful rescue Staffie in kennels stopped us going from then, followed by the ailments of our advancing years!! I'm so glad you liked what you saw of the island. Such a friendly people the Menorcans. We eventually travelled independently, collecting a car at the airport to keep for our two week stays, and a local lady would always be able to find us excellent accommodation. If you go back you have to find Cala Turqueta, Calas Mitjana and Mitjaneta and, absolutely, Cala Galdana! You can grow a hardy version of hibiscus in the UK - not the showily beautiful red that grows like a weed in Menorca but look here: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/garden/501926/How-to-plant-hibiscus-syriacus - we have a purple one in our back garden and it has loved this hot summer and rewarded us with so many blooms, but just as happily survived the -9°C we suffered in March. I loved all your pics, they brought back lovely memories and reminded me that we have loads of pics of our own taken over the many years. Glad you have returned with recharged batteries!


And that is why we always go camping (mainly in France) with our family of 5 + dog. Relaxing, not time-bound, new experiences, and always something to do or someone to meet for the little peeps. And if you don’t like the place, you go somewhere else to pitch your tent...


Sounds lovely. Except for the lack of air condition. And the woolly felting yarn...Sounds really hot.


I follow your blog but I never comment, and it has been a surprise to me when you told you have been to Spain this summer. I'm spanish, and I can imagine the terrible hot without air condition there. (Probably that made the resort cheaper). If you wish to try again, go to the north of spain (Coruña, Bilbao, Oviedo). The weather is much nicer there in summer, and beaches in Coruña are amazing too!

Angela- Southern USA

A lovely get away, the heat sounds like here. One of the reasons spring and autumn is my favorite. Sorry to hear of Connievan, on to new adventures. Have a lovely weekend!xxxxxxxxxxx

Heidi Clarke

As a child we used to go to France end of August (dad worked in car trade) it wasn't to hot and to appeal to mum and dad we used to do mornings sightseeing, afternoons by the pool or lake and the occasional day trip,and as a teen I can remember not participating in every morning activity!! These were great holidays.

Hooks and Needles

I'm pleased you enjoyed your hols, the photos have captured the blissful time you had relaxing. Thank you for sharing x

Libby Parker

Lucy, I'm so glad you were able to convince everyone to fly someplace exotic and new, but I wish it hadn't been so excruciatingly hot. Don't let J. guilt you into not planning another adventure. Your describing tapas dining and Little B's discovered love of calamari reminded me of the time we asked our 7 yr.-old son where he would like to go for a birthday dinner. He immediately proclaimed the name of a Thai restaurant (Royal Orchid) he had admired as we drove by because the building was painted a bright purple. He ordered something that came with baby squid in it which he announced was delicious. To this day, at 41, he still loves Thai food.


I would definitely recommend holidays at the end of august or early September if the kids start school late. The weather is still warm in the Mediterranean but you have less crowds.

We have also found having our own kitchen and a pool or lake is a must have when travelling. Hopefully next year they let you do some more travelling, Tuscany in early June or September for wonderful food and scenary, or prehaps Crete with it's wonderful beaches and ancient sites.


Oh no! Not Connievan? Well you had some wonderful years full of amazingly inspiring pictures. This vacation looked magical. Welcome home and back to the lovely routine of it all.

The garden there looked magical.


Loving your honesty about family life on holiday,I can so appreciate J’s feelings about the heat and flying so he was wonderful agreeing to go to Spain in August!Cant wait to see what crochet projects you have from your sunny hol😎


So pleased you managed to get away and have precious family time. We too have visited Spain in the extreme heat and completely understand the struggles everyone had with the heat! But oh the fun the kids had in that pool from morning til night! Looking back on it now they only remember the fun and uniqueness of our time there, they don't remember how hot they were. On the other hand, I do recall the heat, and as a result we have only revisited in May when the weather was much more acceptable. Hot hot hotness is not for everyone...but beautiful foreign climes give amazing memories, so maybe choose a cooler time of year next time :)


Hi Lucy, my husband & I are in Menorca right now!! And it is still very hot & humid, but luckily we have air conditioning in our apartment so it’s bearable, we have had an amazing thunderstorm & another forecast for today. I shall try out the the star walking app tonight, I didn’t know there was such a thing!! I too can recommend French camping holidays, we went every year from when my 2 boys were 1 until in their teens, - we all have lovely memories of those holidays x


Hi, Lucy! I'm from Menorca and I live in Mahón. I am very happy that you spend your holidays time in our island with your family. Its a pleasure for us. xxxx

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