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September 13, 2018


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Linda Ashworth

I have already made five and love them! See my latest blogpost where your tutorial is acknowledged. Thanks for a great idea!

Patricia A

Lucy, you didn't wrap thin wadding around the hanger to go under your crochet strip.
Everyone that I know who makes these always wraps the wooden hanger with something to make them a bit chunkier and softer for your clothes to hang over.
ie to prevent that sharp pokey look at the shoulders of your garments.
I have done them in fabric and knitted lace and yarn with the wadding to pad them out.
As always, your colour combinations are lovely.

Nina C

So pretty! My mom crocheted many hangers for me and I wish I had more. With your detailed instructions, I think I can make my own. Your flowers are a nice touch to the project and would be a great addition on the ends to help keep straps from slipping off. Thank you for your ideas, inspirations, and blog!


I have several that my mother made while in school. The year was probably 1935. I've since made many myself, and just ordered up some more hangers to make as presents.


You reminded me of the hangers i crocheted as a gift for a friend. They were made differently but came out very satisfying.


I would love to cover some hangers for small Christmas presents. What colours did you use and where can I purchase the wool.
Loved making the bag last year. Pattern and wool came in a kit.


Nadine G

Bravo pour votre création, j'aime beaucoup la simplicité, les couleurs très gaies. Félicitations pour vos explications, je vais en réaliser. Bientôt l'Equinoxe de septembre, dimanche prochain !- Bises.


Lovely! You can also buy old wooden hangers second hand on ebay. I recently bought 15 lovely old hangers for £7 (including postage) and although they are not all exactly the same they are so much more in keeping with the few covered hangers I have kept from my grandmother's and mother's wardrobes and the odd padded hanger picked up in charity shops. A few of your gorgeous crocheted hangers will fit in very nicely with my collection!

Mom Das

I often visit your blog. It's so relaxing, inspiring and bursts with colors. I just sit back and watch you choose one color after other. l also love going out with you. beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Alice Bellis

Very sweet pattern. I have hangers that my husband's grandmother made crochet covers for, and always wanted to figure out the pattern. It's over wire hangers, and I have been using them for 40 years!


What a brilliant idea. I shall have to look at my coat hangers and make some covers.


Thanks for including the link to buy the hangers--I just ordered 10 from Amazon UK to ship to California, because even shipped to the US, which doubled the purchase cost, the total was only half of what they cost on Amazon US! (I haven't found them anywhere local; have been looking for years.)


Love the coat hanger and the goergeous yarn basket basket too, would love a post on how to make the basket!
Thanks for sharing!


Love love love these. Have an old knitted one which belonged to my mother in my cupboard. brings wonderful memories.thanks for reminding me.


Oooooh! So pretty and such a good idea for Christmas pressies (although I suspect not easy to wrap 🤨). Thanks Lucy 😁.


Wow I have already started to make padded patchwork coathangers for Christmas presents now I can add crochet. I thought they would be something a little different for my crafty friends.

barbara marshall

Thankyou Lucy for the coat hanger pattern You always come up with something new for me to make Loved reading all about your holiday too

Debbie Tristram

Love the coat hangers. Really nice for hanging clothes as they don't fall off! Can't wait to try your basket. Love the colours 💕


Πολύ όμορφο!!!

Eileen Emerson

3167 State Route 3


I just found the link you provided for the hangers. Thanks!

Simone Thompson

Very Lovely! Your instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Thank You!


I knit a cover a couple years ago and would like to try yours too. But I can't find those hangers anywhere. Do you have a source?

Mary W

Still wearing flip flops - you made me smile!


My grandmother made these back in the 70's. Her's had clothespins hanging from the bottom edge for drying unmentionables! Still have a few..want to make some but cannot find the plastic clothespins anymore... Love yours!!!

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