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August 31, 2018


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Need to say making one today has made me feel human again!


Hi Lucy,I saw your jar cover post
a while ago,and thought I might try
making one myself,and I can surely say
that it was a very easy project to do and I will be making a few more.Thankyou for the inspiration,I always look forward to reading new posts here on your blog.
Ella 😁🇦🇺


Lucy, I love your crocheted jar covers, perfect for putting candles or the vase. I too have seen these online but never made any. Pretty versatile too as they can be made in any color to match up holidays, etc. I am currently working on your Harmony squares blanket, at the crocheting together stage now, and I had never done the crochet as you go method of putting the squares together but have grown to like it. A nice way to add that last row of color to the squares and crochet them together at the same time!I made your Woodland fall colors blanket a few months ago and sent it to a good friend for her birthday, and it was very well received! The colors in that one are so gorgeous and fall like, I am tempted to make another one to keep for myself! Thank you for all the neat patterns on here!


Oh these are so purty! I've been collecting jars in an effort to reduce my plastic waste and all my hoarded jars are being used to store bulk bought dry goods but as soon as I have some spare I'm going to steal this idea! I'm really into the *idea* of quiet, early starts but I'm yet to get in a rythym where I'm up before 7am (and up before the kids!) - something to aspire to I think.


Such a beautiful idea! The colors don’t really go with my decor but these are not your usual colors and they go with your home. Maybe I need to try these softer colors of the sea.


What a lovely sweet project that can add that pretty touch to an old jar. You've given me some ideas for my next portable project. Thanks! xx Susan


They're really lovely Lucy, and so pretty lit up. I really like the way yarn transfers a glass jar into something warm and tactile. Some of these would be great for winter candles on the mantelpiece and winter flowers on the table as well, they have a delicious cosy feel to them. I really like the colours you've chosen, as you say, paler than you usually work with, but very pretty. Nice job. CJ xx

Kathryn Ashe

You are always, always, always so clever! Thank you for sharing.


its lovely to catch up on your posts. such a great idea, so inspiring your blog and makes...also love your home and adventures through the seasons...i'm enjoying being back in blogland and keeping to a regular post...I am looking forward to the days of septemeber (well, after the anxious 1st day of secondary school for my daughter!~eeekkkk!)...i love the colours in septemeber...i have been watching the swollows swoop in my hill top garden~ its sad to watch them lining up ready for their trip to Africa, i read it takes 6 weeks for them to reach their destination~ amazing!...love the candle light in the evenings. x

Aggeliki Tsavou

Welcome back. The beginning of the school season is The Event associated with Autumn and with mixed emotions! i had in mind to crochet somecovers for glass jars and been meaning to investigate so I'm thankful you did this for us. Thank you so much!


Oh, your crocheted bunting is BEAUTIFUL!


love, love, love these!!!
fall and Christmas also comes to mind~~~

Debbie Smetherham

These are so beautiful! I have a ton of jars just lying around, and now I know exactly what to do with them. Thank you 😊

Mary W

Your Making the Seasons crafts are so lovely. I also subscribed to your friends blog. What a grand idea to make a monthly craft - to enjoy each season with a finely tuned tactile memory. Genius!

Tuula Maaria

Such a lovely idea about the lanterns! Great to have some lights and candles already now, not just wait for Christmas time.


Lovely. Perfect for this time of year in the garden with tea lights in them.

// Heidrun

What a lovely idea! Thank you for sharing. 🙋🏻‍♀️


Hi Lucy,
They look so nice, with the lights in it. So cute.
Have a nice weekend.

Sweet greetings,


These look so good. The colours could be changed according to the season. Thanks for showing us.

Jenny of Elefantz

These are incredibly pretty!


What a brilliant idea, love it. I have a whole bottle of sea glass that is so beautiful.

Teresa Kasner

I love the colors you picked and the design too.. I made only one crochet covered jar and adore it, but you've inspired me to make more! Yours all lit up are so perfect for this time of year! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Margaret Simpson

Beautiful idea Lucy. Today is the first day of spring in Australia. 😊🇦🇺🌼🌸🌻


These look lovely, and look gorgeous with flowers in and candles so are versatile too! Xx


Was it round 14 causing the problem? My understanding is as follows. You have to decrease 5 stitches evenly around the 40 stitches you have, leaving 35 when the round is complete. You can do this by trebling 2 stitches together (if you are in the UK, or double crocheting 2 stitches together if you are in the US - the pattern uses US terms).

So, you work the round by doing 3 chains to start - which counts as your first treble(dc), then doing 5 more trebles(dc), one into each of the next 5 stitches then you do your 2 trebles (dc)together to decrease. So far you have accounted for 8 stitches but will actually now have 7 completed as you decreased by one stitch.

Continue around, trebling (dc) for 6 stitches and then doing 2 trebles together to decrease. This has the effect of decreasing 5 times by crocheting every 7th and 8th stitch together. Your last decrease will be in your last two stitches of the round. There will now be 35 stitches evenly spaced.

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