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July 23, 2018


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Sandra fox

I take red clover, I don't suffer hot flushes, but get the anxiety and panic attacks and this helps. Also crochet is a great relaxing hobby, which thanks to you I now do everyday if I can.

Enjoy the summer holidays,

Teresa Kasner

I love your positive attitude, Lucy! Thanks for sharing your days with us. We're having a heat wave here in Oregon and our garden flowers are in bloom and so colorful on our deck. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


That hour of the morning is when all of us wake, don’t know why but it’s almost like we all have a connection of some sorts, we all do the same thing just breathe and chill do what you’re doing, lovely post as always thank you for sharing


Lovely post. Just a heads up...waking in a panic can be a sign of sleep apnea, especially in women.

Susan Koszak

Menopause is such fun!I wake up exactly the same but tend not to panic now & listen for any bird song v.calming❤️

Dana Sheridan

I always love to read your posts, being from the United States it’s such a nice lesson of English country living. It sounds so lovely! Speaking of which, what is an allotment? I’m assuming maybe your section of a community garden? You’re getting such a nice variety of goodies from it. I understand you’re suffering with the hot flashes, I would suggest trying herbal remedies to help. :)

Anorina Morris

Have a wonderful summer break. We've just finished our winter school holidays here so the countdown is on for the next 2 week break in October.


Hi Lucy, try buying a ladycare magnet from Boots. I went from dispair and cotton wool brain to normality again.. still hot and bothered but at least I can function in everyday life again 😊 does its natural no medication xx


So sorry to hear of your sleeping troubles. I have the best tip EVER to help with the boiling feeling, flushes, and the anxiety that comes with them. Simply wet your earlibes with very cold water using your thumb snd forefinger. That’s it! It’s what got me through my hormone changes. So simple, yet effective. Skyn Iceland do a cooling cream and I put that on my earlobes before bed. It does help. I carry a travel size tube in my handbag too for heated emergencies!! Headspace is also a superb app to help with anxiety and relaxation. Hope you have a lovely summer xxx


oh Lucy, please take care of your mental health. there are lots of things to help.have you tried meditation? it might be worth speaking your GP if you haven't already.


Enjoy your hols with the children, mine are all grown up now, but I remember the feeling of a slower pace of life that the long summer holidays bring.

Heidi Clarke

Home grown cucumbers are the best, ours come from Grandad and normally only last a day! Enjoy.

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