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July 23, 2018


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Reading this while the snow falls makes me yearn for warmer summer days! Thank you so much for sharing.

Annie Brodrick

Lucy a group of butterflies is called a Kaleidoscope isn't that just perfect!!!


I love your posts. Your blankets inspired me to teach myself to crochet. Im working on a king sized cupcake blanket right now. I too wake up at odd hours and can't go back to sleep. I am sure it is hormones too. Its nice to hear someone else is out there dealing with the same things. Your posts also make me want to see Great Britain. You are the best....

Jo Hyde

So hated that anxious fluttery feeling, it seems a lot of us wake really early and cannot get back to sleep again. Its best to go with the flow and not get stressed about it all if possible. I found a slice of HRTcake9 recipe on internet) might. Lots of seeds etc if you like them.... a spread of butter helps! Enjoy the hol


I love holidays tooo, I can't wait to see your little bowls post!


I remember my summers as a child and I'm glad your little one is enjoying himself. I've had sleep problems like you mentioned for a long time. I'm 66 years old, so I don't think hormones have much to do with my situation. I've been awake (in bed) since midnight and then got up to go to work at 5 a.m. I have many nights like this, but I generally do not get up because I think that resting in bed might be better than nothing. Needless to say, I feel very tired today. However, I'm not willing to take any meds because I think the side effects are generally worse than the things they attempt to fix. Incidentally, my other half is my age and he sleeps like a baby for more than 8 hours a night on average. I'm SO jealous of his ability to sleep! BTW, Melatonin does nothing for me. Life is good otherwise. I have no worries to keep me awake, so maybe it's just that I don't need as much sleep as the average person? Of could it be that it's just very difficult to shut down the creative brain?

Leah Wheatley

Oh I do love the summer holidays especially as I am off for two glorious weeks. I always have mother's guilt at times that I should be doing this and that with my kids but sometimes it's best to just be. Xxxx


The taste of fresh vegetables is so much better than those that have been shipped in to store. Enjoy your Summer.


I wondered if there will be any Connie Vanning? Havent heard much about your darling little camper.

Miriam Stevenson

Waking insanely early and enjoying the lack of pre-school run stress resonates very much with me also. I love the holidays. In previous years I worked long shifts as a nurse and juggled expensive childcare. Such a pleasure to not have that worry this year. I am poor but happy and love the time it gives me to be creative with my cross stitch/ crocheting and play all sorts of board games with the kids. Thanks for sharing Lucy. Love your work :) x

Pom Pom

Oh, how lovely to have six weeks off from all things school-ish.
It is such a good idea to get up when you can't sleep. I rarely get up because I don't want my husband to come downstairs and check on me. Ridiculous, I know. I'm going to start getting up. Decided.
Enjoy your holidays!

Joanne Roberts

Hi Lucy Thanks for visiting my blog today. On further investigation I found the blanket pattern. Here is the link. https://www.yourfamily.co.za/crafts/serendipity-crocheted-blanket

Tammy Goodwin

As a teacher, I adore the summer holidays. Just being able to lounge all day and not have to do anything is luscious! I don't have my own children, so I could sleep all day if I want. Yeah those hormones suck at night...sometimes I wake up sweating....thankfully I am usually able to go back to sleep, but it may take awhile...


I often think our mid life super power would be really useful as a power source. A bit like the old Ready Brek advert. We could power whole cities. Lol.

Angela - Southern USA

The lazy days of summer, always my favorite! The garden produce looks lovely and tasty I'm sure! We made pickles with some of our home grown cucumbers over the weekend, such a satisficing feeling, growing your own food. Smoothies! My lunch most days, lately mine have blueberries in the mix for our bushes have been in fruit.(A very good way to hide those items the family prefers not to partake of.) A healthier version for a chocolate milkshake as well, I add milk, bananas and cocoa powder. Enjoy the slower days!xxxxxx

Judith Dee

Thank you for sharing your lovely life, your post today was such a joy to read. My children are now grown up but I loved those summer holidays when we rambled along picking berries from hedgerows and identifying flowers. Enjoy each day.xxx

Mary W

Your children are so lucky to live in such a colorful world, both in the warmth of blankets and in the coolness of drinks. Loved your post today.


This hot spell and drought are devastating my garden but I am picking cucumbers and tomatoes.

Enjoy your summer holidays.


You link to a particularly fulsome description of menopause symptoms! Got everything covered there. No wonder women with complaints they fear are not menopause are so frequently fobbed off with 'it's your age'. The same health concerns that may be menopause concerns are also symptoms of a lot of illnesses that have nothing to do with menopause. Women often have to fight and be persistent to have them fully investigated in order for a proper diagnosis to be made.


The start of the summer holidays really is feeling amazing this year isn't it, with the fantastic weather. The sort of childhood summer you remember all your life. I love the idea of smoothie packs. The biggest boy made himself a smoothie with garden blueberries yesterday (grown in pots) which he liked, so I need to encourage healthy habits. I have a feeling he might draw the line at kale as well though, we shall see. Your allotment is looking brilliant, well done you. The sweet peas might just be getting going, there may be many more flowers to come. Have a lovely week, and a great summer break (in between the juggling!). CJ xx

Nancy Duffer

Hi Lucy,reading your symptoms was just like reading my own story.Awake each night around the same time,could not go back to sleep so I did what you do, get up read and relax.I tried not to nap during the day and not go to bed until usually ten or eleven and that seemed to help some. I have been read your blog here in the US that I feel like I am going through the stages of life with you.


Isn't it wonderful when the diary is no longer full of reminders to do stuff at certain times! It's so hot here that flushes or no flushes it is just too hot to sleep. I know that the second I buy a fan though it will start to pour and it will be another 40 years to the next heat wave summer...by which stage I will be too old to care! Take it easy, we'll all still be here when you post the next blanket....and those who aren't will be able to move on and nag someone else.

Winwick Mum

I don't like the sound of this menopause malarkey so I'd like to give it a miss if nobody minds :) We lost our cucumbers this year but I'm hopeful of plenty of cherry tomatoes - I just need them to ripen up now! xx


It's been a long time since I checked in with you Lucy, love hearing about your allotment successes and your crochet projects.

I suffered with the exceeding hot periods at night and eventually saw my Dr who prescribed Clonodine for them. They are migraine tablets but are also prescribed for hot flushes. Just one a day every so often helped and I've had to up the dose for the real hot flushes that came a few years later. Happy to say that with a sage/basil 'female complex' herbal tablet and 1000mg of evening primrose oil, my hot flushes are gone. Although I still need a fan at night and on hot days xx


I too suffer the hormone induced 3am crazies. I have been sleeping so such better after taking magnesium tablets before I go to sleep....may work for you too. X

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