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July 27, 2018


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Crafty Cath

Ah they are lovely blankets! I want to try out the cotton soft yarn now....it's too hot for me to make blankets at the mo, but look forward to trying this ripple pattern Starting in September when we visit the Leeds and Liverpool canal (stoppages permitting!). Maybe I can get a pack or two (or three) at Yarndale. Really do like the Summery colours you have used in the latest blankets :)


Happy 10th ripple blanket birthday! These are both divine. I am now itching to crochet a blanket and you have answered my "which cotton do you like to work with" that I posted on IG.
Thank you for all that you do. I have started making flowers and leaves from your awesome tutorials. I am a real hooking newie but you are building my skills and confidence. Yippeeeee!


Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. I'm a big fan of cotton yarns, they make such lovely texture. A great trip down memory lane as well, it's good to look back and see how far we've come I think. I LOVE the photo of your blanket in the Attic window, with the hills in the background, what a wonderful spot to crochet. CJ xx


The cotton has lustre Lucy! I think that is what you are trying to say. Love the apple green, it reminds me of celadon antique plates.
I miss the view from your attic window. Could we have a 10 year anniversary photo please? And what happened to Connievan?

Lily Davies

I have been so inspired by your blog that I took up crochet again. Now (still) working through the Moorland blanket and wanting to order the Summer Ripple..only to find out the pack is sold out on Wool Warehouse on its first day and I have to wait til next week!! Well Done, Girl!!!

Angela - Southern USA

FAN tastic!!!! Must try one with cotton after reading about yours. Have a wonderful weekend!xxxxxxxxxxx

Winwick Mum

I have been very privileged to see both of these blankets in progress and I would be seriously hard pressed to choose a favourite! I agree that you can't beat a ripple (ask my poor Moorland Blanket which is growing at even-slower-than-a-snail's-pace!) and these colours are just gorgeous. Perfect for wrapping up at any time of year - in either of the yarns! xx


Congratulations on 10 years of blogging about all things life, nature, color and crochet. Your beautiful pictures and use of color inspired me to learn to crochet. As of today, (despite the fact that today's high in North Texas will be 103*F) I have crocheted 7 of your blanket kits and am currently working on the Woodland Blanket. I can't tell how much comfort this has bought me since moving here, after my husband's retirement I hope to pack up my blankets move back to my beloved and cooler Midwest. Thanks for touching me so. Teresa


I learned to crochet about 6 years ago (my Baba (aka grandma) tried to teach me when I was young) I too just love doing afghans. I have done scarfs/cowls/whatever you call them. I tried to do toques (crochet winter hats) but I never get the gauge right. I love doing any afghan with a cluster style stitch, so forgiving, can't mess it up. So rhythmic, long rows of stitches. Too much fussing (or faffing as you would say) to do granny squares, with colour changes every round. Just put down and pick up anytime without having to think or read a pattern. I also work on my afghans year round. Except for a few exceptionally hot days we don't get crazy heat here, by the evening you could usually work on a blanket if you had the time.


"And so began my journey into the realms of designing and creating my own patterns, born out of necessity when I realised I hated the mental struggle and frustration that came with trying to work out other people's patterns."

A kindred spirit. :-) I can't stand following directions, plus I never get the gauge other people get so I figure why not just knit/crochet my own?


10 years I am drooling over this ripple blanket and I still haven't made one!
This is unbelievable!
And this is going to change RIGHT NOW.
I am ordering one of the kits, and make one before the year is over. Period.



How can ten years have passed since I first thought I'd like to make a ripple blanket? I do remember I saw it on your blog, so it must be. Maybe it's time to really start one... I love the colors you chose, so I'm thinking about just ordering the pack. Thanks for sharing all your great designs for all these years!


Totally agree with Sandra. Learning how to read patterns and diagrams definitely opens up a whole new world in terms of what you can make. You will never grow as a crocheter if all you can do is ripples or granny stripes and why not express your indivuality in terms of colour choice.


Wow! Those packs sold out fast! The lovely folks at WW are going to send an email when available again! I want to try the King Cole Cotton DK version. If I were to choose to use the wave pattern will there be enough yarn? I hope!


Thank you for all the time you must have spent over the years doing your hand-holding patterns. I would never have tried crochet without it and would have missed out on so much hooky-goodness! xxxx

charlotte m.

Well, the cotton is sold out so I signed up to be notified when it's back in stock. Meanwhile, can you tell me what size hook you used? I want to make sure I am ready to go. I have a bunch of sizes already from past projects.


Love them both! Such gorgeous colour combinations and the ripple is the perfect showcase for them. I hope Wool Warehouse have preordered plenty of stock as I think these will be flying out of their store over the next few days 🤣🤣🤣

Leisa Smith

Good morning Lucy!
I have never commented on your blog before but I have been following you since I learned to crochet in 2012. Im a quiet, keep to yourself kind of person but I wanted you to know how much you have inspired me. I absolutely love your creations. I am in the middle of the coastal blanket now of which I have made an error in doing single rows instead of double rows but still love how its turning out.
Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas. I enjoy your blog so much :)

Robin Elaine

My Great-Aunt Kate taught me how to crochet the summer of 1967 when I was 12. Through the years I have made many afghans, mostly of one color and felt very happy and content to do so, until I found your blog 5 years ago and had a color explosion go off in my head. I saw your granny afghan with something like eighteen different colors and just had to make it. I even switched to DK after a life time of worsted (aran) weight yarn (Red Heart). I even placed my first overseas order for the Stylecraft DK yarn. When that first box arrived, I couldn't wait to dig in. Fast forward to today...I can't thank you enough for opening my world up to such creative projects made with incredible yarn. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your family grow and your obvious enjoyment of them. Blessings upon you and wishing you many more crafty years.

Kay G.

You are a crochet ARTIST with your colors, Lucy! You are an inspiration for someone like me who craves art and color! xx


wow wow wow love them just trying cotton yarns and oh how I understand the splitty thing so annoying.
I don't know when I first discovered your blog but it helped me get out of a granny rut as that was all I made granny squares. I am a visual crocheter and many a time I am enlarging pics trying to work out how patterns are made he he
Congrats on all your loveliness x

Catriona Mason

Lovely post Lucy and it certainly is enhanced by how well you photograph your beautiful blankets. Happy summer holidays with your family.

Miss Daisy

BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS I can just imagine the hours you've put into creating these spectacular blankets , another win win Lucy!

David Brush Abel

Congratulations Lucy on your anniversary, and also on creating such beautiful blankets to make a wonderful milestone. Also, a heartfelt thank you. 3 years ago I decided that I wanted to pick up a crochet hook and begin to make, specifically, blankets, and also to use the therapeutic value of crochet to help me deal with some serious seasonal affective depression and anxiety. I stumbled into your colourful, ripply world, and found constant inspiration. Like yourself, I struggled to understand written patterns, but the Neat Ripple, with it’s logically explained visual and written guide, was my first pattern I’ve been able to fully embrace. Last year I managed to make 13 blankets, 4 or which were your ripple. This year I’m working on my third, and so excited to recreate these beautiful summer waves. I also found the Facebook group, and have found in many ways, an online community of kind, caring, talented and generous folk. I’ve learned from you not just to make blankets, but make blanket journeys, and always feel so much when I hook the last row.

I often say that I didn’t learn to crochet, but that I remembered how to, because if I had a previous life, I spent much time in it with hook in hand. Thank you for your generosity, in sharing with such candour, your creative life, and allowing us to join you along the way.


so so beautiful! What a lovely post! I'm working on my 2nd and 3rd ripple blankets at the moment (Hydrangea and Coast.... both absolutely gorgeous colors!) ... I'm ripple-addicted! Of course I had to order the cotton Lucy pack as well - I can't wait to start with this beautiful yarn!
Thank you so much for all your love and time you put into your posts as well as into the Lucy packs at Woolwarehouse - when I'm crocheting, I feel like being part of a big Lucy Blanket family.... And as I'm working in a at times very stressful job, sitting in my garden and crocheting my ripple blankets is so relaxing and Zen...

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