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July 27, 2018


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Ayant découvert ce site depuis peu, j'aimerai faire ces couvertures.
Peut-on encore acheté ces pask de laine qui sont magnifiques
Merci de votre réponse.

Margit Kidd

Have just started the cotton blanket. Getting ready for color 5. This yarn is so delightful to work with! The afghan reminds me of an old soft cotton quilt that you wrap around to ward of the evening chill or the chill you get after getting out of the water and get dressed. Feels soft and homey. Love working on it even though today's high is 90 degrees F. Here in the southeast USA.


I wanted to crochet your granny stripe blanket using this cotton soft yarn. If I bought the kit would there be enough yarn to do so?

Donna Hill

This is just a warning FYI for other crocheters: I am a very tight crocheter so I used a 4.5mm hook for the foundation and a 4.0mm hook for the body of the King Cole Cottonsoft DK version of the Summer Ripple. The pattern did call for a 3.5mm hook but since I crochet tightly I went with the larger hook I love the yarn and pattern but I am running out of most colors on the next-to-last ripple or last ripple of the color, e.g. I just barely finished Row 47 (Apple) and will need one more ripple of Apple on Row 67. I have weighed my remaining yarn and it looks like I will run out of several more colors. This is my first time using King Cole Cottonsoft DK but I have made several other "Lucy" blankets. I suspect I might have been okay if I'd used the 3.5mm hook.


Hi Lucy,

WOW. What an amazing blankets. I completely fell in love with the colours. You're a wizard with colours, they look like magic. So amazing. This blanket is now on my list with things to make, just like all your other blankets. Amazing Lucy, really.

Sweet greetings from The Netherlands,

Mary W

WOW What an amazing and informative comparison between yarns. I can't decide which I like better! I may try the cotton just because - well it's completely different. In Florida with air conditioning, it may be really nice for a bed blanket. Can you tell me if it seems heavier to use? My arthritis may not appreciate the change as my hands require me to work every other day or so. PS-I love the pictures you presented - so many to view. My first and then second through 5th blankets were all ripple - it is so fun to make.

Mary - Le Coeur Celtique

These are both so lovely. I've never made a ripple blanket … yet, but it is on my 'to do' list.

kathryn heywood

Hello Lucy, Loving making this summer ripple in the cottonsoft and I am now on colour stripe sequence 55, it's looking amazing and feeling absolutely gorgeously cottony wonderful but I have a problem, I only have enough apple to do one row instead of the two required for rows 67! I can't find any online either. Arghhhhhhh, what to do?

Julie Higgerson

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy!!!I am so excited about these blankets!!! I wanted the cotton version as it is more to my color preference. It was out of stock but in only a couple of days WW emailed me. It was in stock & I ordered, received today even though I'm in the US! So quick, such beautiful squishably soft beautiful yarn! So what did I do? I just ordered the Stylecraft Special DS yarn pack! I had first ordered the original Attic 24 pack to make a Summer Harmony for my MIL' s sunroom & fell in love with the yarn.Thank you for your wonderful blog & neat ripple pattern as I have crocheted for AGES & made only 1 ripple due to the confusing pattern.

Ger B

I’m making the cotton blanket and when I started, it measured 47 inches (120 cm). Before starting row 20, I laid out my work flat on the table and was surprised to see that the bottom is ruffled and that it measures close to 2 inches less in width than it should be. All the stitches are lined up perfectly and my edges are straight. Does anyone know what the problem is? Do you think I could block out the ruffle? I’m really enjoying working with this beautiful cotton!

Sue Boulding

Cotton soft yarn just arrived. Can't wait to start on new blanket . Ripples are so good to work , very relaxing .


I love that you remade this blanket in two new ways. That was a great idea and it will make your original inspiring design more accessible to so many. As always, Lucy, I thank you for your creativity and generosity. You gave me all the tools I was looking for to become a better crocheter and to start thinking differently about my daily life.






Nora 💕💕💕


Dear Lucy,
thanks for 10 years full of awesome pictures and beautiful crochet things.
I love you blog and especially your blankets.

I did a little counting:
could it be possible that you did 26 blankets so far (not counting the doll blankets).
It's unbelievable!!


Lucy, you are amazing!!! I LOVE both blankets! Thanks so much for 10 years! You make me want to hop on a plane and meet you at the cafe then go for a walk through your charming town! I live in a city and am so amazed when you post your beautiful photos. Any chance you would ever consider making a blanket in sunset colors? Or even just suggesting a palette in Stylecraft dk? Thanks from Boston! 💛


Deliciously beautiful blankets!
It's rather unfortunate/ fortunate that right now I'm ordering my first ever batch of Stylecraft Special DK to be delivered all the way to Kangarooland. I was about to hit 'Pay' on a rather large order. Like SUPER large. I paused. Found this post online and have subsequently added an extra 10 balls. Thanks Luce for enabling my binge. And I say that with genuine happiness with no trace of credit card guilt at all!
But how is it whenever I try and take a photo with my cat as she's rolling over my blankets, she looks at me with disdain, gets up and walks away, whereas your gorgeous moggy stays and rolls around like the super model cat she is?? #catgoals


Hi Lucy, both blankets are beautiful but for me I would take the cost into account. The cotton sounds lovely but at approx £2 per 100g dearer and less yardage it would have to be a really special blanket to justify the extra cost. As I nearly always give my blankets away it is something I bear in mind.

kathryn heywood

Hello again Lucy. The cotton pack arrived yesterday, thank you to the lovely people at wool warehouse! I've just completed the first two rows in cloud blue and I am about to start with the mint. I decided on a size 3 hook as I crochet on the loose side and it is working perfectly for me. It is rainy here in Manchester today, so how perfect to snuggle up with a hot coffee and your lovely pattern and colour choices. Thank you Lucy.


As I have recently developed a problem using acrylic yarn, I am very excited to see your cotton alternative and will be ordering it as soon as it is back in stock. I have made several of your patterns with the Stylecraft packs and suddenly n no longer use the acrylic yarn. I have so very happy friends who have been gifted my “excess”.


Thank you, Lucy, for the time and effort you take to photograph and clearly explain your patterns. For the life of me, I cannot read a knit or crochet pattern because I get overwhelmed by the massive amount of abbreviations and numbers. Without your pictures and instructions, I would never be able to enjoy the hours of "hooky goodness" that I do now and have the joy of completing a project, looking upon it with a small amount of pride, and saying "I did that!"

Myrtle O'donnell

Lovely work, reminds me of ice cream sprinkles!!!
I still prefer the original cashsoft & cashmerino DK blankets, sorry :( You do get what you pay for, in my humble opinion if you are going to invest weeks of time into a family heirloom then buy the best, softest & most natural content in the yarn as possible.you won't regret it.


Ahh absolutely gorgeous blankets! The ripple is one of my all time favourites. I've only made a couple but I just love how simple it is and how effective it looks! :)

Nadine G

Félicitations, vous êtes "formidable" j'adore vos créations, vous lire me fais voyager aux pays des couleurs. Continuez à me faire rêver de cette douceur. Je vous embrasse.

Barb W.

Ohhhhhhh, how pretty Pretty PRETTY! I want to make the cotton version, so perfect for the Gulf Coast of Texas! Have pinned this page and asked Wool Warehouse to notify me when the yarn pack is re-stocked. Did you know they sold out the very first day?


They look amazing! The stitch definition on the CottonSoft blanket is so clear and precise. I have been really toying with the idea of making a crochet afghan of my own... this post was a good kick in the butt!

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