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July 19, 2018


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Kate Darby

I love all your photographs and how the colours influence your crochet. Truly gorgeous.

loesch dominique

Take care of yourself, Lucy !

Marijke Rolink

O those sweet peas so lovely and all the colours of the flower. Here in the Netherlands it's also very dry wether the trees are losing their leaves and there are such large pieces of bark of the plataan I have never seen that before... On the news they say that a lot of trees are going to die... I hope not I love green...
Have a nice day

Ingrid Meecham

I too revelled in the petrichor although our rain lasted all of ten minutes. Did you know there is apparently a perfume company which has bottled the smell? Lovely blog as usual Lucy, so pleased you are back, I’ve missed you.

Kate McCurrach

Lovely to read Lucy and I think maybe we are the last generation to cook from scratch and sit down together to eat. I hope my children also look back on our family meals with happy memories and appreciation. X


Ah, emotional wobbles - I don't think the weather helps, building temperatures and pressure don't allow a person to think or feel straight!! I had a good chuckle at your bean quota allowance - we've been the same, though it's amazing how far a small beetroot will go when grated onto a salad!

Even so, I'm envious of your allotment. We've only been allowed to water since early June as there's an ongoing situation involving unexploded WW2 devices meaning they don't want us to cultivate. Watching our hard work get picked apart by pigeons and weeds running riot in the beds, and the possibility of not even getting chance to harvest some crops has been dispiriting, to say the least..... However, there has been a sneaky harvesting of a few new spuds, lettuce, strawberries, and the odd wonky carrot.

Love and stuff xx

Angela - Southern USA

Another lovely blanket, and the sweet peas in crochet sounds fab! I did a vine of morning glories a few years back, boy was it time consuming, but I love them, they lend themselves well for displaying in many ways. I'm currently crocheting some market bags.I'm sure the kids will remember the yummy meals well into the future. LOVE the clematis climbing the line! Our veggies are not producing as well this year either, better luck next year to us both!xxxxxxx


The summer has everything looking dried out, brown and crisp so to me is far less beautiful than our other seasons. The colours of spring are dead and shrivelled. Also it makes people lethargic and low energy or conversely cross and irritated. Together with people's penchant for making noise with garden machinery and it being the time apparently for building work everywhere, it isn't my most delightful time.

No, it's the lush greens of spring or the golden hues of autumn that are my preference. I'm looking forward also to getting our roaring rivers back instead of the insipid trickle they have become. I can't wait for some cooler weather with clear blue skies rather than the grey muggy skies that come with our typical hot summer. Looking forward to some green again too. Summer is looking burnt out and colourless around here right now.

Winwick Mum

That dry river bed at Linton Falls looks like a building site! You can't imagine that it's going to be full of water again probably very soon. Your beans did better than mine; we didn't get a single one this year so nine is quite an achievement! :) xx

Blass talma

You are totally entitled for a rest. And we are waiting for the cotton news. Have a lovely summer.


Reading your posts and looking at your colourful projects and the beautiful scenery up there makes me so happy.Thankyou for sharing and hope you are feeling tip top again now.
I cant wait to hear about your cotton blanket is it heavy all the cotton yarns I have experimented with are so heavy??

Kate Perry

I love reading your posts and often learn something new. I had not heard the word 'petrichor' so I had to look that one up.
I also like to cook with fresh ingredients each day, and I totally agree that using your own harvest from the garden or allotment, however small, is very special. For me this year it is lemons from our young tree. There are around 20 fruit on it although some will not be ready for a few months yet. It is especially good as neither our orange tree nor our mandarin has any fruit at all this year. What I miss here in Spain most, is my Bramley apple tree - we don't have cooking apples - and growing my own runner beans. But you can't have it all, and using our lemons will do fine for now. At least I can still enjoy my crochet! Kate x

Jan Quigley

I love all your posts, but the Summer ones are especially wonderful as I struggle through another Melbourne (Oz) Winter. Tops of 11 & 12C most days with a lot of high winds. Seeing your lovely, long sunny days, & pretty posies give me a real lift.
Yes our heat waves are a lot hotter, high 30s & into the 40s at times, but it's all about what you're used to. cheers, Jan xxx


Thank you for making time for us. Enjoy every last minute of these beautiful summer days. I love your pics and can’t wait to see your new crochet gorgeousness in all their glory 🤗😎

Ellice McLaren

We all have a life to live and only you know what’s best for you . So often we have huge expectations on us and time is a healer .
I love your blog but if there’s a break between blogs so be it . Enjoy your children and family and that’s what’s important 😍😘😘

Margaret Craig

The colours look amazing together looking forward to seeing the finished result x

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