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July 19, 2018


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diane wilalrd

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. They are always so uplifting. Also thoroughly enjoy your crochet pictures and colors. Ahh to be at 84. It's so hot here in South Carolina USA. It was 95 with a heat index that made it 105. Humidity is horrid. Thank goodness for air conditioning and fans. Hope to come to England and stay for a time in the next year. Will love traveling to the towns and villages and walking trails. Thanks again.


There is nothing quite as lovely as new baby potatoes boiled with a sprig of mint. Yum. Served up with plenty of butter, s&p.

We've had some awfully hot days as well here in Ontario, Canada. Retreating to the air conditioning or basement as much as possible.

Love your posies. Very cheerful.

Tuula Maaria

I love that meadow field too!!
We have also had a long-lasting heatwave here in Finland, and the dry hot summer started already in May, very unusual for here. Lately it's been 34°C on many days, far too hot for me because most houses and apartments don't have air-conditioning. But on the slightly cooler days like today 27 I just love the heat :)


Thanks Lucy for this blog and good for you getting out into the heat. We had our first rain last niht, since 29 May and it has poured but unfortunately I think I am going to lose some treasured plants though lack of water. I love Sweet Peas and the smell is glorious.

mrs. smythe

Loved the bit about you being "rubbish at housework" but good at cooking. I always enjoy hearing your imaginative and tasty sounding meals and snacks. You put together such simple, delicious combinations.I feel like I lack imagination in the food arena. You certainly do not!

Diane Smith

Love your blog, I find it so uplifting. Thank you Lucy


I can almost smell those sweet peas! Had to giggle about the homegrown veg. I dish mine up with a teaspoon so we can all get a look in! New potatoes from your own patch taste all that better. Loving the summery (that is a word?) blanket a gorgeous pick n mix of pretty colours.


Well done on all the growing, I know how hard it is to keep an allotment watered. Homgrown veggies are such a treat though. No-one is allowed to leave anything homegrown here! The RHS kitchen garden looks lovely, I bet it was inspirational. It's always good to see round an amazing garden for ideas and just a bit of relaxation. Your clematis is a thing of beauty, it really is. Hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx


We've still not had any rain not that I am complaining. I'm loving the glorious weather even if it is a little too hot for comfort some days. I just wish we could have a good old thunder storm over night as I love watching them. Doesn't look like we are going to get anything anytime soon on the rain front. Its amazing what your children do remember as adults, some more than others. Finding out we're to become grandparents this year has sparked off lots of conversation with my son about when he was growing up which has been lovely. It's nice to know they think you did a half decent job of it. Your blankets as always are lovely. Still haven't attempted a ripple yet but loving making blankets with waffle stitch at the moment.



Love,love,love your posts - thank you! That dry river looks a bit worrying. It's even been hot up here in Scotland, and we're on a private water supply so the possibility of turning on the tap and nothing coming out is very real! Wish us luck (and maybe a wee bit of rain 💧)!

Patti Smith

Your potatoes look grand. The ones we get here in the US leave a lot to be desired. I have never seen such perfect potatoes ever. I just don't buy them that often because half the bag is wasted because they are beginning to go bad. They look good!


WOW the difference in Linton falls is amazing lucy. I remember my 2 visits so far to uk and loved your area and met you of course at yarndale 2016 ☺☺ Love all the colourful pics today xo

Andrea S.

I love these photos! 29 degrees C sounds so refreshing to me as it was 110 degrees F (43 degrees C) here in Dallas, Texas, USA today. It makes me long for a trip to your part of the world!


Dear Lucy, You would not survive in our Aussie heatwaves where many days are 40 to 42 degrees withot any relief. I find them very hard, especially with the high humidity that comes with the high temperatures. I would love to visit some of the places you photograph on your blog. Have been following your blog for many years and love reading about your daily life. Am coming to the UK. in August but sadly will not have time to travel to Yorkshire. Thanks for your blog.

Mary Lloyd Jones

Lovely blog as usual Lucy ,you draw us in with your lovely photos and descriptions. The colours are always a delight,like our favourite coloured sweets in one lovely package. Take time now to smell the flowers and know how much you are thought of !

Carolyn wood

Love that clematis! Gorgeous colour! I must try growing one.
Can’t wait to visit uk next May going to Chelsea but those gardens you went to look lovely too.
Going to try and make some of those pumpkins you made I love them and it is winter here in n.z! Although having frosty mornings and sunny days, very lucky.

Susan Smith

Thanks for such a lovely post Lucy, the only trouble is that when everyone posts about summer in Yorkshire, I just want to come back. I'm looking forward to seeing how you tackle those sweet peas. Keeping "mum" about your work is taxing, as I had to not say too much before my article in a magazine was published just recently, especially on social media. Hope it all goes well & you can share soon. Thanks again, take care & have a great weekend.


The most extraordinary thing has just happened! I have been reading your lovely blog for the pasg few years. You have on the one hand inspired me to take up crocheting. On the other hand, your beautiful photographs have inspired us to come visit Yorkshire this summer. Can you guess where we were today? At Linton Falls, visiting all the way from Switzerland! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have given me more than you possibly imagine!


I love all the flower photos! Your sweet peas are so pretty. I do love to cook from scratch and I do so most nights. Cooking is one of my favorite things to do, I find it very relaxing.

Gillian French

Your photos are STUNNING!!!Nature is incredible.
Step away from the public eye totally if you need to.You have made a huge contribution already.X

Crafty Cath

ooh I've just noticed your link to "Petrichor"! I love that smell and will use the word all the time now....when it starts raining!!

Crafty Cath

Thanks for sharing. I love your latest blanket - crocheting with cotton in the Summer is a splendid idea. I am battling with wool, desperately trying to make 50 sunflower heads for my nieces wedding and it's too hot!! I wish I'd used cotton yarn but it's too late now. I look forward to your crochet sweet peas. They are one of my favourite flowers, the scent, mmmm. No rain here yet in the South East UK....

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, good to see your blog pop to the top of my list! Sorry for your feeling a bit stressed, I really am amazed at how much you do in a day so a good rest is in order. I enjoyed all your photos and stories. I'm looking forward to hearing more about those gorgeous blankets and I do love cotton yarn! Enjoy your summer.. hard to believe it's over half over already! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Aahhh...I feel better now that I got my Lucy fix! LOL I adore the blanket your making, I still haven't tried to make a ripple. I'll take up the challenge soon though :)

Here in Southern Indiana we're in a heat wave that's had no break since mid-June. If you've heard the phrase "it's not the heat, it's the humidity" you'll grasp the reason hot weather is so miserable here. We've been consistently at or above 90F with anywhere from 75-90% humidity. It's like walking around in a sauna. Now that that negativity is out of my system...spring and summer are still my favorite time of year. Everything is green and lush, flowers are everywhere, and the local farm stands are bursting with yummy fresh choices. The melons are just beginning to ripen on their vines and our area is famous for our cantaloupe...yyyuummmmm!!

Thank you as always for sharing a bit of your world with us all. Best of everything to you and yours :)

Kathryn Grimshaw

Thanks for your lovely uplifting Blog Lucy!
I love it that I know and visit most of the places you talk about.
our dog George had a lovely time chasing the swallows in that park the other day.
he was oblivious to anything else and wore himself out to a frazzle.
I also love the small Summer posies. I ha e been bringing flowers in from our small cottage garden and I much prefer them to the large bouquets you buy in the shops.
Thanks so much for sharing and take good care! X

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