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July 28, 2018


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Wow! Your butterfly are beautiful the real ones and the crocheted. First time reading your blog. I live in a small town in Ohio USA and some of the ones in your pictures are new to me.


I love butterflies too and I have both of those books, I have to say well done on making your lovely butterflies, I have made a couple of things from these books but find it a wee bit fiddly and to be honest don't usually have the patience. I haven't seen many butterflies about these past few years my buddleia used to be covered in them but now not so much such a shame. :) xx


This is a beautiful post! I suddenly have a great need for those flower and butterfly books, so I'm going to have to look them up this rainy Sunday :)

Trish Annie Stevens

Another fabulous and inspiring post, Lucy, I so look forward to reading them. xx


Love your sharing of projects going wrong and being put in the bin,inspiring to see the finished butterflies.I’ve got several of the tea card books,my brother and me loved collecting the various cards especially the under the sea ones,learnt loads.😎

Julie Terry

How beautiful! I still have my Brooke Bond butterfly book ( all filled up ). My grandmother used to save them for me.

Fiona Murray

Hobbycraft have box frames in their sale just now, for your butterflies! They are beautiful. Lovely blogs thank you


Lovely! I used to have that exact same ‘tea card’ book. I’d forgotten all about it until I saw your photo. It prompted a wave of nostalgia for sitting at my grampy’s kitchen table sticking them in the book. I like your ‘made up’ butterfly best. Those huge butterflies are amazing. I too am tempted. I hope you have a go and let us know how you get on 😊 Thanks for a super post to read on a rainy Sunday morning.


I agree with Kathy, one of your embroidered hoops with a buddleia cross stitched behind them would look amazing.


Lovely butterflies Lucy. I'm with you on the instruction problems....a few of mine landed in the bin too!
We've just visited The sculpture quarry on Portland in Dorset. Little B would love it...lots of rocks to clamber on and cool sculptures to find. But, it is also home to a huge collection of butterflies. We found rare blue butterflies that are only found on Portland and a few bits of the Devon coast. Do check it out. The views are incredible over the Chesil beach and the coastal path looks most enticing for those with more energy and ability than me!


Lucy, I've been watching butterflies in my garden and thinking of making another butterfly quilt like I made my daughter a few years ago. I can see a wreath swarming with your gorgeous crocheted butterflies all over it. I love your butterflies so much and wish I could crochet as well as you do. Happy July. Onward to August. Can you believe it?

Laurie Mowat

I really love butterflies but we don't get as many as we used too. The monarchs ,especially, since they are being lost in huge numbers here in the states. Farmers are using chemicals that are making them change their migration routes and there was talk of putting them on the endangered species list. I really miss seeing them and I hope things can be turned around. My favorite insect of the summer is the Cicada, visually not everyone's cup of tea but it's not summer without their distinct ''voices''. I like to call them part of the Summer Concert Series. They emerge from casings that seem incredibly small from what emerges and like I said beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I just find all the different insects singing together to be really calming and relaxing and I look forward to it each year. All the best to you and keep enjoying your beautiful weather!


Clever you actually completing some pretty neat butterflies...lovely post to read here while having my cuppa in Oz xo


I actually think that your own designs are the most successful here. Well done!

Here is a link to butterfly patterns on Amigurumi Patterns:

Kathy Bryer

The last photo you showed in this blog would make a beautiful cross stitch or embroidery pattern. Lovely work, Lucy.

Tricia Bravener

I need the Camberwell Beauty pattern! They are called Mourning Cloaks here in the US, and have been my absolute favorite since childhood.


Oh I meant to say the butterflies would look lovely on a summer wreath love Jjenny from Cornwall xx


Lovely post Lucy so interesting and what a challenge !I am a visual learner and enjoy your lovely photo rich patterns ,just looking and enjoying the colours is so inspiring !Thank you Lucy very much love Jenny from Cornwall xx


Wow, great work! Have you grown your own Painted Lady butterflies? We did it earlier this year and it was fascinating to say the least!! X

Sally Spragg

I like the idea of putting them in a frame, but the first thought that came to me was attaching them to some of your bunting that hangs over your fireplace! Then you can see them all the time! I love the blue one you made!


They're brilliant Lucy, clever you. Chalkhill blues are one of my favourites, and your version is lovely. We see them here in the summer, up on the ridge above the river. I have that butterfly chart as well, along with a ladybird one and one or two others. The biggest boy has snaffled the butterfly one for his bedroom wall. I love that you have buddleia outside your window, I bet it's great to see the butterflies arriving to feed. It's been a good year for them I think. Marjoram is a really great herb to attract them (also for cooking - multipurpose!) and does well in a pot. That's where most of mine are, along with on the verbena bonariensis. CJ xx


They’re gorgeous! I’d stick magnets on them and use them as fridge magnets. Practical and beautiful x

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