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July 28, 2018


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Maria Randerly Cunha Feitosa

Maria Randerly
[email protected]
As borboletas são lindas

Gostaria do Diagrama


Hey Lucy,

What a nice butterflies you make! Love it! Ik makes me verry happy. I hope you will enoy making the butterfly of the little fox.

May I post some of your fotos at mine blog, fb, instragram of miekscreaties?

Kind regards, Annemiek


Hi, Lucy - I greatly enjoy your blog and blanket kits. I've made Coast and Cottage and am starting on the King Cole cotton one. However, I always have a hard time with the first border row on the foundation row. And I have a tip I tested last night on a swatch. I work the first row only thru the top chain - the gaps disappear as you go. This then gives me 2 easily seen loops for each stitch to work the border through. Thanks again for your lovely designs and great color choice!


Oooohh! Your butterflies are lovely! I do have one of those booksand have made many flowers, but notyet made butterflies! And I often think of planting a butterfly bush in the yarn. I might do that soon as Spring approaches in 4 weeks down here in Kangarooland!

Meredith Healy

Ohhh, just imagine these beauties eveywhere at yarndale!


Lovely butterflies


This blog post is interesting. http://emilydamstra.com/news/please-enough-dead-butterflies/

I am going to try to draw my butterflies carefully from now on. I am sure my current doodles are not all they might be.


Butterflies are too beautiful and brilliant in nature for me to attempt to crochet them. The making of butterflies is for Mother Nature.

Veggie Mama

Gosh, so fiddly! you have the patience of a saint. They're beautiful.

Crafty Cath

Aw those butterflies are just brilliant :) I will flutter by my local bookshop and order the book. I already have the flower one....haven't tried any of them yet though! just nice to look at....I like your spotty hook too!


Please, you must make a summer butterfly wreath with some crocheted buddleia. Stunning butterflies.


I think the butterflies are adorable! Your pictures would be very cute on the front of a greeting card... or as little mini-prints to put in a picture frame.

gina in alabama

I love the butterflies and I vote for a summer wreath for them to dance around.


A few different things:
Winters where I live (Iowa, US) are BRUTAL. The cold and the short day length kills me. I am from India and do not do well during winter. Thankfully there is a botanical garden about an hour away that has a butterfly house. High humidity, tropical plants, butterflies all help me remember that winter isn't forever.
I may have to crochet a few butterflies to be a daily reminder that winter isn't forever.
'What Delilah Did'has a beautiful set of butterfly silhouettes. I bought them all but have yet to put needle and thread to fabric to make it happen.


What glorious butterflies you have made. Too fiddly for me but yours are brilliant.

steph fox

omg this post made me giggle!
I love your finished butters.
it would be funny to use the little pins in the frame like they did in the old days.
cant wait to see more!

Susan Smith

I thoroughly enjoyed that post and seeing both the real butterflies & the crochet ones. I too love butterflies, but don't see near as many as we did as children any more. Thanks for the inspiration and take care.

Annette Frater

Absolutely beautiful post Lucy, I just love your butterflies - YOU ARE A STAR - thank you for such a lovely feast for the eyes. Annette

Lucy Wynne (Kent~England)

I would put your lovely butterflies on thin wire then arch it and put in your vases of flowers.
I make crochet butterflies for my cats and hang them using fishing line, sure Tilly would love them and a good use for less than perfect ones.

Sue T.

I love this entire post because I love butterflies. I wanted to see about getting your field guide as a gift for a good friend who spends much of her vacation time in Yorkshire. However - sad to say - there appears to be a problem with their website and I couldn't get past their home page. Sniff...

Mary W

I just finished reading an article in National Geographic about Butterfly Catchers and it was filled with pictures of common and rare species. The article was interesting and well written then the next thing I read was your post. I think your crocheted versions are just wonderful and if it were me, I would attach them randomly to your new summer zig zag blanket. Just as babies love to play with the tags attached to their 'silkies' I would love to fall asleep under your gorgeous blanket of color alive with butterflies dancing around me as I drifted off.

Angela - Southern USA

Love them all! I love butterflies too, magical and cheerful, I always smile when I see a butterfly. Here's some I made many years ago that hang on the wall of my living room.
As well as some brooches I've made.(with link to pattern)
Here's a giant one I turned into a pillow.
I have a WIP in progress of nine to display in a shadow box. Happy hooking!xxxxxxxxxx


These bring back so many fond memories- my grandmother was a crocheter (she is the one who taught me), and had a whole slew of crocheted butterflies as fridge magnets, and as a small child, I was fascinated by them. Thank you for reminding me of her- she's been gone for several years now, but every time I use yarn I think about her. It may be time for me to make a few for my own fridge!

Carole Williamson

Lucy your butterflies are brilliant and I'm so looking forward to your special pattern. I can always follow your patterns and I've used them many times. Can't wait 👏
Thank you so much Lucy

Love from Carole in Rossendale xx

Miss Daisy

BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL ! Just LOVE the way you arranged the butterflies and flowers .

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