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June 28, 2018


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Sara Anthony-Boon

Oh another beautiful blog.
Such a clever husband and another avenue for your incredible creativity.
Thanks for the link for Tales from a happy house what a lovely blog I have added to my list.


This is lovely Lucy and so handy that J can make you an app to design your own cross stitches. Is there no end to one women's talents.


Cynthia Jones

This is so sweet!! I love to stitch small gifts for my Sunday school girls. This is perfect. I'm so happy you've taken an interest in cross stitch and are using your talents to design. Thank you for offering the free chart.

Trudi Partridge

How sweet is that. My mum was throwing out a pile of wooden embroidery hoops, now I know what to fill them with! I'm loving the idea of strawberries, the funny little wild ones. Somewhere I have an embroidery pattern with strawberries on, perhaps I could try and adapt it. That's my afternoon sorted!

Little Quiltsong

Thank you Lucy - this Daisy cross-stitch is adorable! Cross-stitch is something I love to do - and can do :)! Knitting and crocheting is something I still need to learn. Such pretty flowers you bought. Always enjoy your posts - they just lift the heart!


Thank you for chart and your lovely summery photos. There is a cross stitch chart in this month's Cross Stitcher which should appeal to you with the words Do More OF What You Love with a floral design.

Esther Albors

Thanks, Lucy for this subtle and lovely chart.


Absolutely brilliant. What a clever pair you both are. Yes I would love to stitch this, even though we’re in the middle of winter down under. Thank you so much. Blessings Gail.


An app that actually does something useful! Good on J and you - a fabulous creative partnership project. I do hope he'd thinking of marketing it for the rest of us crafters ;-). My husband writes programmes so I know just how much time and effort goes into this sort of work. Brilliant.


I haven’t done any cross stitch or embroidery of any kind for years - I found the cost of having them mounted was prohibitive. But I do enjoy knitting and crochet, especially blankets. At the moment I am picking loads of Sweet Peas from my garden and have bunches around the house, especially in a blue jug that was my Mums that I remember from my childhood. By the way I live a bit further round Lyme Bay from your childhood home, in a seaside town at the western end of the Jurassic coast.


oh I just love this must try some cross stitching.


perfect! simple and beautiful. thank you. maybe you would like to share that app that you have created?
thanks again,


I've been waiting for this to happen. And lucky you having a hubby who can just "whip up" an app for you to play around with. This is so cute!!! I see many more designs of cross stitch coming up here on your blog for the future. Enjoy the play!


Jane Mc Lellan

Love, love, love your little daisy. How clever to be able to draw your own pattern. Thanks for sharing it.


So pretty in cross-stitch! I used to love doing cross-stitch, but now crochet has taken over!


Thanks for sharing the pattern. It's lovely and I do feel like trying.

Teresa Kasner

Lucy.. bravo! Designing your own cross-stitch is fabulous and having J create a computer program to produce the patterns is so cool.. what a team you make! I love how it turned out. I used to have feverfew but no longer do.. I wonder how that happened. I might just have to get some from the garden store! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


By golly Lucy, that app sounds fabulous! Might I endulge your creative mind with a mix of your two favourite yarny handcrafts? Have you ever considered doing a CAL with double crochet (UK) and cross stitches? A couple of years ago the Hygge shawl was a big hit. I'm sure your CAL would be even more glorious in all its fabulous Lucy-ness!


Such a cute little flower.
Lucy, when stitching, try using three strands instead of two. I find it gives much better coverage and no background fabric peeks through.


Just seeing your site makes me smile. I, too, love bright colors and it just doesn't seem to be the 'in' thing. Thanks for everything you share.


These daisies/feverfew are adorable, both the actual flowers and the cross stitch. Thanks for the pattern!


Thank you so much Lucy for sharing the design. It so cute I will have to make one. X


Oooo I love daisies and I love this!! Thank you for sharing! An inspiration as usual...and what a handy hubby, I can see endless possibilities cant you!


It's absolutely lovely Lucy. I like doing cross stitch, but I may have mentioned before, I've discovered I can't really see the fabric well enough at the moment. Eek! May be time for glasses. Sigh. I'm already short-sighted as it is. I have a feeling your cross stitching may be the start of something... The app your husband created sounds brilliant. I look forward to seeing what's next! CJ xx

Grace Patane

Lovely stitching project!
Thank You for sharing your chart!

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