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June 28, 2018


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Ariadne Desarro

Well Ms Lucy showing me your cross stitch daisy flowers had brought me down memory lane. One of my mother's favorite flowers were daisies! So you see I must make this little picture in her memory! It is time! Thank you for posting your chart!!

Janet Finlayson

Hello Lucy,

Lovely to hear from you. I always look out for you & often look through your patterns.

It was so nice to read about your summer & see the really lovely pictures you post from the places you go to.

Take good care of yourself my love.

Janet X


My dear Lucy, I have always had a love of daisies. I love this cross-stitch pattern of yours. Hugs to both you and your J for creating it and sharing. Thank you both!


Hi Lucy, I haven't checked in on your blog in a while (several years, probably!) but your mandala hoops on Ravelry brought me back.

I think your feverfew is a cousin of something called snow daisy we have growing in our yard. It is a biennial with small (~1 cm) flowers that also reseeds prolifically. In fact, much of our front yard was taken over by it this year!

In addition to seeing your similar plant, it was also a joy to realize you live in Yorkshire since I was there in June with my family. We stayed just outside the village of Kirbymoorside at a lovely AirB&B. We kept joking that they were going to have to evict us because we had no intention of ever leaving! Such a beautiful area.

Thank you for all of your lovely splashes of color and happiness.


love it,,, very beautiful


So lovely! Haven’t looked at your blog in a while and was really pleased to see you have taken up cross stitch. I have just discovered it myself and have been looking for a pattern app. Would you consider selling the app to people so they too can create their own patterns?

Carol Juniper

So clever and so generous to share your lovely design - many thanks.

Estelle Salem

Lucy I really love your Daisy cross stitch design. I have ordered my fabric today, will make it into a needle case when finished. I wish you would publish a book, even if I never made anything from it the colour "fixes" i would get from your beautiful work would be amazing!

Elaine allerton

Thank you,, so much,,,
Have not cross stitched for years,, and years,,,
Your colors have inspired me, to try again,,,
Love ur sweet simple daisy!!

Helen Lightly

Your cross stitching is simply lovely! I love to cross stitch and am very jealous of your talented app-designing husband! Thank you for sharing the chart with us, is such an adorable little design 😍 thank you for brightening up my days 😊🌱


Thank you so much for sharing this lovely pattern!


Oh that is ever so pretty and so tiny! Great job! As for the flowers, I would have never thought of putting snapdragon in a posy, but it looks splendid!


Fab little pattern. I couldn't get the grid lines to show up well on the print out. Could be our printer settings though. I'm off to buy supplies to make this at the weekend!


Oh, just what I would also like to create! Small and beutiful. Oh , could this application be downloaded? Basic and easy app, please????

Lynne Stankard

Aw Lucy, you are the answer to my prayer!! I needed a tiny daisy chart - and look what you did!! Amazing!
This will be stitched tomorrow, ready to send to my daughter in Portland, Oregon for her Birthday, complete with hoop! Her favourite flower is the daisy! And it will make a nice change from all the Christmas cross stitching I'm doing at the moment xx

Conni Mitkowski

Your little hoop is so lovely! I make the same sort of thing, but when it’s mounted in the hoop, I take a strip os complementary fabric, hem the rough edge, gather it into a ruffle, and hot glue it to the back of the hoop. Makes a nice finishing touch . Sometimes I use eyelet lace.


I'd love to know the name of the book that you have open showing the daisy family. Hope you can let me know, thanks.


Lucy, I just started cross stitching when i saw your lovely stitched coffee cup! thank you for this pattern! i love the small projects best of all. Always something new to learn.


Love it!


That's so lovely but how do you finish off the back once you've framed it in the hoop?

Joya Roy

you're simply a delight of a human being, lucy!

i share your love of cross-stitch. have you seen the old Japanese pattern books? ondori published them and there are quite a few inspiring old-timey (well, 1970's, lol) designs, tho i love your sweet design you've created, and how supportive your J is, and how tech savvy that he can whip something up for you like this. you're a dynamic duo!

if you'd like, i have an extra set of Misako Murayama cross-stitch pattern books i'm happy to share with you. i know you're well inspired already (!) and more than capable of designing your own lovely patterns, but just let me know if you'd like them. i'd be happy to share.



You could have a seasonal display of hoops. Just swap them out size for size on a wall. I take feverfew tincture for migraines (one of the vitamin things I take), nice to see it flower form we don't have it here in northern Canada.

Melody Anderson

Good Morning Lucy, the app sounds like many of us would love using it, might be something worth looking at from that angle. Love your sweet design that will not take so long to do, thank you for sharing it with us. As always, your ideas inspire all of us!!! Happy Stitching from Iowa

Barbara Baines

I knew it wouldn't be long before you made your own pattern! Well done, it is beautiful. I will stitch it this weekend, as always thanks for sharing!

Angela - Southern USA

Well done the pair of you! It's lovely! I could definitely see a collection.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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