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June 20, 2018


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اتصالات جوشی

Thank you for sharing such a beauty


مناسبترین قیمت میلگرد زاگرس و همچنین  خرید و فروش انواع  میلگرد ، ورق، ناودانی ، نبشی ،

قیمت میلگرد

enjoying all these pictures

ماشین ظرفشویی صنعتی

شرکت زاگرس نیشابور
ماشین ظرفشویی صنعتی
فروش انواع تجهزات آشپزخانه صنعتی


بدو کیش سامانه رزرواسیون هتل ها و تفریحات جزیره ی زیبای کیش
هتل های کیش
هتل لیلیوم کیش
تفریحات کیش
تور کیش

Tricia Clark

Hi Lucy

I've been catching up with your blog after quite a gap and how wonderful it is to see it all going so very well! Although it's good that I'm very busy with other things now I do miss the Cooper's groups!

I have just started a blog of my own and my most recent post reminded me of you all and so I wrote a bit about you and the difference you made to me at a very difficult time in my life. I may see you at Yarndale this year - but if not I wish you and the other lovely Cooper's women all the very best.

Below is what I wrote:

When I first moved here I joined a fantastic group based in a local cafe. It was set up by Lucy, who has become a bit of a crafting celebrity in recent years! You can see her very popular blog, Attic 24 by clicking its title. It's full of interesting stuff, loads of photos, her own crochet projects, patterns and yarn packs etc. The craft group she set up with a friend, Tracey, was and is hugely popular, attracting all kinds of women from near and far, in Yorkshire and over the border in Lancashire - and much further afield too! I have found myself on several occasions sitting round a table, crafting and chatting over coffee and cake, with women from Germany, France etc and even from Australia and Canada!!! And things have gone from strength to strength, culminating in a craft festival called Yarndale which happens every September and is hugely busy! This year's Yarndale is coming up very soon - find out more here.

The women I met through a shared love of crafting were really friendly and welcoming and I really enjoyed the times I spent with them. Other things have taken over now and I haven't been to the cafe for some time but those women will never know how much they helped and supported me through a very difficult time in my life. With them I was able to forget the hurts, to have fun, to feel connected and a lot less lonely, all of which was enormously important in helping me to build a new and happy life here. I will be forever grateful to them all.

With thanks, Tricia

قیمت میلگرد میانه

I live the sun and the summer and I especially love your blog, it makes me happy xx

Mich Brown

I love that you’ve posted about your walk to the supermarket along the canal - it was that very walk to the supermarket on a holiday on the canal in Skipton in 2012 which led to me buying a knit and crochet magazine and I started both!


Do you have instructions for the adorable crochet piece that your jug of flowers is sitting on? I would LOVE something like that!
Thanks in advance.

Lucy @ Attic24

Typepad HTML Email

I bought them many years ago from a local garden centre, but they are easy to find – search on Amazon or Ebay for “spiral plant supports” . Mine are around 180cm/6ft and I’ve used them for all sorts of things over the years, flowers and
veggies love to climb up them!


Veggie Mama

It's always so soothing, coming here! I love seeing the same table cloths, the same walls, the same love of coffee and chocolate, the same canal, the same attic view... it's just the best. year after year x


Hello, beautiful post as usual. Can I ask you where you got your wavy metal plant supports from please?


Thank you for posting this, Lucy.
Sometimes life seems to go by at such a high speed, the days being filled with big and small things. Some of them are important, most of them aren't.
And then you write this and remind me to stand still every once in a while and capture the little moments of joy in life.

Helen Lightly

I live the sun and the summer and I especially love your blog, it makes me happy xx


OOOPS! BIG Oops....

That should be the 4th last photo!! x


H again |Lucy

Loved this blog and especially your 3rd last photo..
It is beautiful and would be lovely enlarged and hung on a wall somewhere...just beautiful!!

Enjoy summer days and evenings with your family..

Nora xx


I had to look up Shinrin-yoku. Forest bathing...well who knew! I love to forest bathe too. Keep loving life and all it's simple pleasures and keep sharing them with us too xx


I love the simplicity of your life and the lovely walks you can take. Here in the states there is nothing like it. I enjoy reading about your life.

Susan Smith

Thank you for such a lovely post, which made my heart sing. Bolton Abbey, the canal, your crochet, pretty flowers, cherries & chocolate, all favourites of mine too. Have a great weekend & take care.

Mojca Srečnik

Beautiful flowers ,nice pictures, lucky you to live in such environment....just enjoy and be happy. Thank you for sharing such a beauty

Margaret Simpson

As always Lucy, your photo's and words are so beautiful. Thank you for all the effort you put into your blog. 😊🇦🇺

Linda Kay Spooner

I so very envy you at this time. Here in Texas we are already in the mid to upper 90 degrees F. This coming Sunday we are expecting 100+ for 3 days. We went from winter to 1 or 2 weeks of spring to dead summer. The grass is already brown and burned looking. Flowers are struggling to hold on but there are hanging on. So enjoy your cool evenings and walks out in early evening. I love your posts and pictures of around your area. Please will you name some of the beautiful very old buildings. Keep up the work. Thank you Linda.


Hi Lucy, enjoying all these pictures of your summer over there. Love the ones along the canal! I am waiting on one of your yarn packs to arrive, the Harmony blanket one, so I can start it. I love to have something to crochet when watching TV in the evenings, or to take to our shady front porch in the afternoons! We have had heat here in Ohio I don't think you have in England, 93 Fahrenheit two days ago! Don't know what that is Celsius but it was muggy with it, so stayed indoors with air conditioning on. Much too early to have been that hot here in the northeast Ohio.Today is perfect summer weather though.Hope you are having a good week, sounds like you are always busy.

Irene Jackson

I know exactly how to feel Lucy and enjoyed reading your blog about the weather.

Mary W

So many questions! The recipe says to boil water in a pan on the hob - what is a hob? You also mention a fruit squash - is that the name of a drink or is that something like lemonade? We may speak the same language but we certainly have different words for things - so fun to listen and learn. Your description of the beach and the kids playing sounds like a rocking chair memory. One of the blessings of old age is your memories saved for days when you can rock and relive - if you are blessed with memory then. Take time to make plenty of them to keep handy for those days. You have a small vase of little purple blossoms that I loved and grew so well in Florida - but can't remember the name. In the picture you are standing next to them with a little bouquet in hand and they are in a clay pot. They look like tiny pansies to me.

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