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June 12, 2018


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قیمت میلگرد

very good

قیمت میلگرد

very good


Real pleasure to follow your posts. Thanks for sharing!

قیمت میلگرد میانه

You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place!

Karen Harvey

I really enjoy you descriptions and photographs of the lovely are you live in. Thank you for sharing them.

Anne Agar-Krill

Loved this article.I felt I was on the waalk with you.!


I’ve been in that area before but not hiking. It’s so beautiful, thanks for the photos. Here in the US, we have nothing like this. In our area, they have taken up unused train tracks and made bicycle trails that can go many miles. But the views aren’t like yours.

Teresa Kasner

I'm so glad to see that you're taking advantage of your time with J and getting out and about. What a fabulous place where you had your lunch! Maybe you and J should stay there sometime just the two of you and get a massage at the spa! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Susan Smith

As always Lucy, thank you for taking us along on the walk. My, you seem to be having a good summer this year & pity we won't be coming over so now I'm just dreaming of my dales (not unusual), & longing to come home again. Quite cold here at the moment with a biting wind blowing up from Antarctica & snow predicted for the Alps. Nuff from me. Enjoy the warmth & take care.

Crafty Cath

What a fantastic place to walk! I love the picture of the cottage, so cute. You can't beat a Ploughman's and a beer after a long walk on a hot day. I hope there was a suitably spicy pickled onion :) Thanks for sharing your lovely days and crochet inspiration xx


I always enjoy walking with you, Lucy. If I had to choose another place to live, I think I'd move close to you - at least during the sunny months. Simply GORGEOUS!

Angela - Southern USA

Sounds fantastic! Too many times our free days are filled with chores. I need to take a page from your book Lucy! Have a fab day! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sounds like you had a perfect day Lucy. When on holiday in Devon a few years back we ventured up onto the moors and I over stretched trying to take a photo and fell straight into mud. It was around lunchtime and we saw like you a pub the only one for miles which turned out to be a hotel too and there I was backside covered in mud sat on very fancy chairs and like you there were napkins on the table and silver cruet sets. The staff were lovely and even found me something to try and get some of the mud off and I think we all felt completely out of place. Still its a memory I can keep of when I made a complete numpty of myself.


Cecily Graham

Lovely photos which really capture the glorious weather we are having. My husband is from the dales, and we had our wedding reception in Burnsall village hall. It was beautiful, with all the hops still strung up from the autumn. You've made me want to go back at the next opportunity!

Mary W

I still don' t quite understand the walk/pathways through 7 miles of countryside. Obviously someone owns the land and how on earth do they allow anyone to walk, enjoy, use their land? If that were allowed here in the states, there would be trash, waste, and vandalism to the private land. Yet you manage to walk on footpaths through the countryside. Must be different laws in England as we have fences and no-trespassing signs everywhere with notices that trespassers will be shot. Please tell us about the laws that allow all this wonderful walking and the problems and solutions faced with it. Amazing and wonderful - no wonder we have a weight problem here.

Helen Lightly

Such beautiful pictures ☀️ I grew up in Stalybridge just outside Manchester and my best friend still lives there, next time I’m visiting she said she would take me to York, I think a trip to the Dales is now on the cards too 😊💚


You live in such a beautiful part of the UK. I love reading about your walks in the Dales. Have you noticed the stack of books at 1:10 in the video, Lucy? You were meant to be there 😉


Wow, full of admiration that you walked all that way in flip flops! Thank you for such an uplifting and inspiring post.

Marilyn Maybury

Your photo's are really very good, and because they are of the Dales makes them even better. I remember the real time bus journey featured on BBC, through the Dales and would love to do this journey. The Dales are absolutely beautiful.


What a wonderful walk. There is honestly nothing lovelier than the English countryside at this time of year. And I see what you mean about the ravine, it is very hobbity. I've been very aware of the last six weeks until the summer hols as well, and also have a mammoth to-do list and a strict schedule of what needs to be done each week for my fledgling writing business. I know that once the children are off I'll get almost nothing done. Which is as it should be, and I'm not complaining. Just trying to do as much as I can in advance. Glad you had such a lovely walk, and a very good lunch. CJ xx


It is good to treat yourself sometimes. What a great walk and what glorious scenery.

Linda Harvey

You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place!

Winwick Mum

I love a ploughman's lunch, and your walk looked fab - although I hope you didn't walk all seven miles in your flip flops! :) xx


Wow! What a posh spot for lunch after such a walk. I am sure that it was glorious.


Beautiful walk Lucy. Oh! Ploughman lunch, I can’t wait to have one in sept when in England for Yarndale. I worked in a pub in London in the mid 70’s and they had it on the menu, delicious. I had just finished my nursing training so my girlfriend and I decided to explore the world, what an adventure. X

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