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June 14, 2018


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Once you REALLY get into it, you might want to check out http://heavenandearthdesigns.com. They have the most gorgeous designs, but they're huge and take a long time to complete. Still with it IMO.

Kay Guest

Oh yes, every household should have a little bit of homemade goodness!
You only started doing this in February of this year! Lucy, you are a wonderful artist, you know you are!

Rowena Corlett

Hi Lucy - I haven't visited your page for a while so I was delighted to see you have got the embroidery bug as I just started a couple of months ago with a technique which uses chain stitch. I am hook and enjoying doing my own designs. I have a magic pen, which disappears as soon as you wet it, to make my outlines with.Having seen your star signs I am planning to do my own designs for everyone in the family - it will take a while as this is a slow type of work but I find it very enjoyable and relaxing. Thanks for all the tips on equipment too. P.S.I am still doing crochet!


Your cross stitches look great!. I think you made the right choice with the mug. I haven't done anything like this for years, the last one was a Winnie The Pooh design. Hope the next one turns out well!

Jude Doherty

Beautifully inspirational work Lucy, and love the new design waiting for you but surprised you didn't go for the 'Every day is an adventure'featuring the little caravan!! Yes, I'm also awaiting your A24 design.


These are absolutely stunning! Have just packed some threads and fabric to take on holiday! Very new to this.

Annie C

Oh sheesh! You had to go and post the link to Satsuma Street! I'm so loving the Virgo and Aries signs patterns (for myself and my daughter)!! Let's see . . . sewing or drawing or painting or crocheting or cross-stitching??? I have too many loves and my brain is a-whirl!!! Thank you for showing us your pretties, Lucy!!!

Mandy Williams

I wash my hands a million times when I have a project going. You think your hands are clean but oils in skin will make yellow/dingy spots that may not show on fabric until months later. Although there are guidelines for the number of strands to use, I’ve been playing around for added texture. When you’re ready to tackle more, try beads and also try stitching on linen (not the same as linen clothes fabric).

Little Quiltsong

Beautiful designs - love the coffee one especially!! Yes, cross-stitch can be addicting - and now with my new glasses, I just might have to get back to it again :)! Love your storage for your floss - great idea, as are the cards - makes the whole project more fun!


I think you have definitely got the bug now for cross stitching Lucy.



Love your work & the fact you ae blogging about it. I started again after a long stay in hospital which means I cannot work. I started with a couple of litle kits I found in charity shops, now I have a few books & use them & downloads to stitch little pictures to put in small frames I find also in charity shops. Just finished a celtic design dragon. You are right it is very addictive. Although am very short sighted & inbetween cataract ops at the moment, so things are going slow


Lovely x I've not cross stitched in more than ten years. There was a group of us at work used to do a bit in our lunch break. I have three in frames in my home when it became too expensive to get them framed I moved back to knitting and crochet. I still have some threads and canvas but would never go smaller than 14 count...too taxing on your eyes.


You've made a lovely job of it, I love your addition at the top, it's just right. I love a bit of cross stitch too. In fact I got a half-finished project out the other day to work on. To my horror I couldn't see the stitches clearly enough. It's got a fairly small thread count and my eyesight wasn't quite good enough. I'm hoping I can make do with some off-the-peg glasses from somewhere, but I suppose I really ought to go to the optician. I love the cross stitch on black backgrounds, they are incredibly effective at showing off the colours. CJ xx

Nina Kellock

Thanks for the link to Amazon for the thread storage, just what I was needing now I've taken up cross stitch again.


Wow, it's all very beautyful. Greating from Switzerland Cornelia


I did a lot of cross stitch back when my babies were small and have many UFO's that I could pull out. I just love that pic of the silks all lined up, it makes me happy. I may have to pull out something to do this weekend. It's winter here in Australia and we are having an Antarctic freeze at the moment. Lots of rain, hail and freezing cold wind. I might snug up inside all weekend and do a bit...

Cheers - Joolz xx


You are so clever. Would love to have a try. Currently on my first pair of knitted socks. Not perfect but not bad for a first try. Used 9 in circulars. Really love your embroidery hoops. So pretty. I think a beginner one may be worth a try. You are such an inspiration. Have a lovely long weekend. Lesley

Teresa Kasner

Bravo on the 3 of your finished pieces. As a Beatles fan I *love* the next one! Did I ever tell you that I got to see The Beatles perform live in Seattle? It was the most amazing thing ever. I was only 16 or so and went up from Portland to Seattle with my boyfriend in his baby blue Austin Healy Bug-eye Sprite. I married that boy 5 years later. :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Your threads are so organized! At our yarn shop they have all the millions of colours of embroidery floss in a cunning chest of tiny drawers + I always wish I could just buy the whole thing! In reality, I wind mine onto thread savers cut from old greeting cards & toss them all into a large cookie tin. I outsmart the kinks by using Thread Heaven (when I remember. Do you ever cross stitch on crochet? It is a fun way to decorate hats! :)


It's better with your added cross-stitch. Looks like cross-stitch designs from Attic24 might be something to look forward to?

Angela - Southern USA

Awesome, love 'em all and the storage unit too!(Mine are store in several different ways/containers.) You'll soon have a big stash of threads to go along with the yarn. (I know I do!) lol I find them all the time at re-sale shops for next to nothing, they are s-o hard to pass up. Happy stitching!xxxxxxxxxxxx

Deborah Owen

Do you use Thread Heaven? It's great for keeping knots away when stitching. I make my own thread organiser cards using postcards and a hole punch. I love the stitching you've done. It's so colourful and cheery.

Winwick Mum

Ooh, you can see that your confidence is really ramping up with that last pattern choice! Lovely! :) xx


I recently started cross stitching again after a 20 year break! I forgot how much I loved it! And you can take it anywhere with you! Have fun! Your stitching is awesome!

Miriam Stevenson

I have loved cross-stitch for many, many years - crochet being a fairly new love. I have just started designing cross-stitch kits and I can say that it gives me a great deal of pleasure to take an idea, put it down on paper, raid my large stash of threads for lovely colourways and then watch my idea grow into reality on the fabric. Thankyou for sharing your enthusiasm and thankyou for inspiring me with your lovely crochet designs.

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