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May 08, 2018


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Lovely... the Japanese call it forest bathing, what a great naame and soul refreshing.


Beautiful pictures! Lucy, you might be interested that in Japan they call what you are describing 'Forest bathing' 'Shinrin Yoku' where they wander in the woods specifically for their health. Time in woods has now been shown to be so good for us in all sorts of ways especially mental health. I'm a Forest school leader as well as a crochet fan so I know it's true - I see children just unwinding and blooming in the woods all the time! Thanks for all the lovely blog posts and gorgeous colourful patterns xxx


The color of "spring green" is the most calming of all to me. It truly does something to my soul. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Always a pleasure to look at your pictures, Lucy. They really bring Spring to life and make me jealous of where you live, just minutes away from woodland so beautiful. Such a wonderful uplifting place.
The little white flowers with the shamrock type leaves are oxalis.
Keep posting your photos and tales from Attic life - lots of us need your colour in our lives!

Margaret Simpson

Once again Lucy, you have brought back happy memories from my childhood. The beauty of nature in all her glory. Here in Australia we are moving into Winter after a very long hot summer. Enjoy your beautiful spring and I am looking forward to our cooler winter. 😊🇦🇺

Leah Lynch

Lucy just looking at your photos rejuvenated me!


Lovely photos Lucy love Jenny xx


Yes, yes, and yes! :)


Sorry Lucy but that frothy white blossom without leaves is black thorn which flowers before it breaks leaves. Hawthorn leafs first and then flowers.


For me nothing beats a walk in woodland. How it reveives the soul. Thank you for sharing your joy.

Winwick Mum

It's magic, and it's not until you stop and notice it that you realise that that's what it really is :) xx

Angela-Southern USA

I totally agree! Nature feeds the soul! I hope you have an energized day.xxxxxxxxxxxx

Gillian Greenshields

And wild garlic is delicious!!!!


Oh I so agree with you! Nothing like a lung full of woodland magic to restore your energy levels! Enjoy xx


I favour the sea, followed by woods, but can't often get either - so I've been rereading all your old archives and wallowing in all the lovely pictures! You're in a gorgeous part of the country, and it's always so lovely to see your photos :)

Carolyn wood

Can’t wait till spring! Got to get through winter yet but been mild so far here in n.z.
Got all my bulbs planted in anticipation!


Absolutely stunning! We have such a different landscape here in South Africa, so it is so refreshing to see such lush vegetation! Thank you for sharing!


Those white flowers look like wood sorrel - anemones have a different leaf, I thought.
Lucy, you're very fortunate in having such lovely countryside so near to you, and if you feel it doing you good, then even better.
Look after yourself Lucy. And thank you for your wonderful posts. xx

Teresa Kasner

What a lush new spring green walk you had! I agree with you that a dose of nature is restorative. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Thanks for sharing your woodland wander ! The french name of ‘wild garlic’ is ‘ail des ours’ = bear garlic , I don’t know the origin of this name ! I live in the french Alps, there is lot of wild garlic here but no bears !!!


Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful photos, Lucy. Denny and I do a lot of woodland wandering too. We love every minute of it when the weather is cooperating. Thanks for sharing your forest with us.


Gorgeous photos. It's absolutely glorious out there at the moment isn't it. Suddenly there are enough leaves to make it shady under the canopy. I love the flowers in the third picture, with the woodland in the background and all that wonderful moss - a fantastic shot. CJ xx


Lovely pics, and you are so right - a walk in the woods is the best medicine. Our wild garlic has most definitely flowered - it smells really strong this evening after a short burst of rain! I took the puppy for a run in the woods and we both got gloriously muddy :).


Sooo very true! Thank you for your thoughts, Lucy, ever and ever again!

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