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May 23, 2018


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We in Texas call those butter cups.

Teresa Kasner

Oh Lucy.. you captured some amazing images! I felt like I was right there.. loved it all. I'm happy for you that your weather is being so fair. We're having a run of nice warm days, too. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Oh my! When our family moved to Alton in Hampshire years ago the story of 'Fanny Adams' was the first thing the locals told us about. The reason the phrase became popular was that she had been cut into many pieces and year later those in the navy used to joke that the tinned food they were given contained Sweet Fanny Adams' remains...



You really know how to make me smile!!! I'm speechless. You really do live in a little piece of Heaven.

Hugs, Kimmy


My mum always used to say sweet fa. I still use it a lot but not heard anyone else say it for a long time. I am on annual leave from work next week and I am looking forward to spending some time in the garden, going for long walks with the dogs, a lot of crafting both in and out doors (weather dependent) and as for the rest of the time I intend to do an awful lot of SFA :-)


Angela-Southern USA

What a beautiful site! I can see why you had to visit it again. I would have too! We have a field that we let grow wild half the year for the very reason of seeing the wild flowers bloom and for the bees to gather from. A couple years ago in mid summer a quarter of it was covered in a pinkish purple flower that hadn't been there before and it was so pretty. I'm curious to see what blooms this year the most. Have a fab day! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jo Howes

My Mum and her sisters grew up opposite a bit of a busy body called Mrs Adams, who they privately referred to as 'Fanny Adams'. Unfortunately for them, they called her that in front of me, and as expected I then called her Fanny Adams to her face, to much blushing from my Mum and Aunts!! They still remember it. Two of them are in their 80's and my Mum is a bit younger, but they still do impressions of me! :)


That is beautiful! I used to live in the Southern US and they had buttercups, but I now live in the North and they don't have them. It makes me sad because they are so cheery. The fireflies are better here though.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful countryside with us. I love your pictures.


Mary W

HA - I'm 72 and my chin is permanently stained yellow! And of course, I still love butter. The field flowers were spectacular and a lovely way to start my day. Thanks for a walk in nature this morning. Question: are there larger animals loose in the protected areas? We have wild hogs (dangerous) many snakes and alligators in the wetter parts, tons of deer, rabbits, armadillos and opossums,but the hogs and deer would just tear everything up. Just wondering how your land differs from our (Florida).

mrs. smythe

I particularly liked the photo with the white flowers in the jug with the rocks. Loved the blues and the grey of the rock wall. Such a pretty picture. I'm in New England, and I find the light this time of year - especially in the late afternoon - particularly compelling. I get itchy to get outside into it too.

Carolyn wood

I’m jealous! Getting cold here now but still got roses blooming. Not for much longer if weather forecast is anything to go by!
Snow for the Deep South mind you all the skiers are happy!
I’m more of a beach girl!


Lucy, thanks so much for sharing your creativity here. :-) I have followed you from across the pond for years and commented from time to time. At Teresa Kasner's suggestion a few months ago I used your flat circle tutorial as the base of making a slouchy hat for my 76-year-old sister. In a blog post about creating the slouchy hat I linked to your blog and Teresa's and here is the address of the post. https://grayseasailor-onesaylorslog.blogspot.com/2018/03/a-slouchy-hat-for-spring.html


THE perfect colour yellow...my favourite!

Anorina Morris

You live in a beautiful part of the world x


Thank you Lucy for the lovely photos! Here in Adelaide we are grey and damp and cold, so to look at the lovely buttercups and bright green is a real treat.
I am not artistic but I can see a hooky blanket in those greens, yellows, white, cream with a touch of pink :-)
Might think of one of your blankets in those wonderful summer hues.......

Daffy Suburbia

Lovely field and some fab social history - thanks x


Sweet fanny Adams has quite a grim story to it - sailors used to joke that the remains of a butchered 7 year old was in their meat tins!


Thanks for this lovely post Lucy. I love buttercup meadows SO MUCH! They are wonderful after the brash harsh yellow of the rape fields. Do you and your children still hold them under your chin to see if you like butter? For those who don't know this test ... the yellow reflects on your skin if you DO like butter!!

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