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May 01, 2018


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sharon gibson

As usual beautiful work. I did a xmas embroidery which I put in a hoop, wasn't sure what to do with the back, it was a permanent display so I useda pair of curved scissors to cut the excess fabric off the hoop, they were sharp so cut really close to the frame.


I'm so excited that you posted the link to the pencil miniatures, I've loved them since I first saw them...now I can finally get some. X


Really really nice, as always is. Your blog is delicious for the eyes!
Greetings from Spain!!

Jo Kneale

Blogs as bits of memory... for a year I've been so busy elsewhere, my personal blog has suffered. Part of my journaling this year is to keep checking in as Angel Jem now and again, just making a note of life and catching up on old friends. It's good to look over our memories.

Susan Smith

Stunning embroidery!!! What can't you do young lady? Take care.


We were in Skipton on May 1st having walked about 6 miles along the river at Bolton Abbey. Sitting in a certain fish and chip shop overlooking the canal around end of school time made me think of your three.
I suppose one difficulty re posting now is that the older two won't want to be blogged about.
I loved your early blogs too but as children grow up the nature of the blogs has to change anthough I do miss the early ones. Sue


When we were children we had quite a few guinea pigs and my father loved them as it meant he never had to mow the lawn, we just moved the hutch around! Lola is a sustainable lawn mower :-)


Very nice!
This spring is warm and now fragrant - flowery orgy.
I send you greetings from Slovakia!


Dear Lucy, I just wanted to drop by and tell you that your blog is definitely a patch of sunlight in my life when a new post appears. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. I feel refreshed and inspired when I read what you write and view what you photograph and love what you are creating. God bless you and thanks ever so much.

Creative Mummy Bear

I hope Lola enjoyed her al fresco banquet! She looks such a cutie. Your embroidery is beautiful and I especially love the little bee. 🐝 xxx


Finally the sun has come out here too. It was pouring down this morning but now it feels like May. The poncho version of the woodland walk is coming on. It's just above my wrists now and I've done the second line of spice and have put away the blues/ pale green.
I do miss your old style blogs too. The bunches of flowers from the market, the view from the attic, the local walks and cakes you made and trying to take photos of your back yard. I guess now you are earning a wage from your crochet life moves on and people seem to expect more but I liked you sharing the simple stuff because it felt more like me. I look forward to the mandala and the new crochet squares. I'll send you a photo of the poncho when it's done.

Meg S

I agree with your comment about seeing your work from the back. I used to do a lot of embroidery when I was quite young and still have some of the tablecloths I embroidered over 50 years ago. My Grandmother always looked at the back of it; you should be able to recognise the design from the back, she would say, that shows whether you are really a good embroiderer because you take as much care over the back as the front. That defnitely encouraged me to be tidy with how I finished threads off! Your work would pass her test with flying colours!
I always look forward to reading your blogs and these recent ones about embroidery are making me remember how much I enjoyed it.

gina in alabama

Those blues are delicious! Cant wait to see more of them and their destiny. Petrol is my absolute favorite color.

Nadine G

Félicitations pour votre broderie et le montage du cerceau. Oui j'aime les créations d'Emma Verner c'est de petite taille mais fantastique. Ici le soleil est présent, vive le Printemps. J'ai hâte de lire et regarder votre nouvelle création crochet en "bleu". Belle journée à vous.

Angela-Southern USA

Congrats on using the black floss! The finish piece is fabulous! I look forward to seeing the spring mantel and what you do with all those granny squares.xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Lucy, your embroidery is beautiful and oh so springy!


Your embroidery looks lovely mine is nearly finished too.:) x


Like you, I have a love of miniature houses, miniature furniture too. So thank you for directing me to Emma's shop, already treated myself and I can see more treats ahead!

Winwick Mum

No flip flops for me just yet, it's still the hand knit socks :) It's been a long time since I did any embroidery like your picture - in fact, I'd forgotten all about it! Your flower is gorgeous, but I do like the bee very much and he's just the right amount of black :) xx


Another lovely finished project Lucy. I am still stitching away and will share once you can see what its going to be rather than just a series of crosses. Still crocheting away too on a couple of projects to share once I have written everything up. Enjoy your time in the Attic. Starting to plan our trip up to Yarndale too so no doubt that will require a post too.



Loved your blues- can't wait to see the finished item. Whenever I see fresh green grass and plants it reminds me of my goats that I used to keep as they loved eating it.

Pippi Sock

Hi Lucy
I have donned my flip flops as well. Washed and dried all my winter blankets and sweaters and put them away for the time being. Love your embroidery, very cute. Lola is a doll, do you make outfits for her? And your choices of blues for the solid granny squares are gorgeous. Can't wait to see it all assembled. Enjoy the sunshine and all the lovely colours coming back into our lives.

Melody A.

Beautiful writing as always, loved how your embroidery piece turned out !! even with the very black thread on your bee!! who really adds to it !! Take care and Happy Spring from Iowa, USA

Leah Lynch

Happy May and Happy Spring! As always enjoyed your post! Your embroidery is Devine!

Jacqui Fenner

How brave putting your flip flops on so soon. I did it back along, when we had those two days of Spring but now back in socks and boots. Love Emma Verner's little houses, so sweet, as is your Spring embroidery. You were my first introduction to crochet and I have a bunch of little solid granny squares just like yours waiting to be made into something. I'm looking forward to seeing your project for them xx

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