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May 21, 2018


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قیمت میلگرد میانه

Such a beautiful description of a beautiful day in your neck of the woods. If you scroll down to the BOTTOM of my Ravelry project page, you can see some of my neck of the woods - halfway around the globe from you.


Very funny first photo and description!


Is it possible to make the mandalas from Stylecraft Specia DK? Is there a reason for the cotton ?

Helen Lightly

So lovely, such a pleasure to read during my work day and my commute home, it cheers me up and makes me smile 😊 a beautiful read and making me forget about the rain x


You have inspired me to make some mandalas in colors and place them in front of the window. We have tall ceilings and windows too high to do much with to dress up. Thanks for the idea.

Fazendo Arte



That salad looks delicious. It sounds like your son is as ready for summer as everyone else I know!

Kathryn Campbell

Thank you for sharing your days. Lovely!


Hi Lucy! I
What a lovely post, and beautiful inspiration to start the day! Thank you!
Wishing you a good week...


I don't understand makers or designers who only allow their stuff to live in the craft room, almost like they are too ashamed off it to be seen in a proper everyday way. Plenty of reports of mean husbands 'putting their foot down' too. I wouldn't have a husband who sneered at what I did, but many seem to sadly.

What else would you make blankets and other stuff for but to use and/or display? Is there a law that says living areas must be beige? How dreary that that seems to be the UK's default and anything else (even the softest of colours) seems to be seen as so daring as to be braveness personified.

If designers don't seem to like what they make, then I don't either. It's surprising how often I get that vibe. Why make a jumper or bag that you dislike, but expect us to be excited about it and want the pattern? I think a lot of crochet and knitting just gets shut up in a cupboard.

My daughter often used to stay at home, I used to let her, as contrary to expectation not much goes on in school. At home she would read. Of course you get fined now. She ended up with a couple of degrees and the ability to motivate herself.

Sue Floyd

Hi Lucy!
Don't ever stop being you! I read your post and it always fills my heart with joy and brings a smile to my face. I really needed both today. Thanks so much.

Winwick Mum

These sunny days have been a real joy recently, haven't they? I have felt over recent years that May is our new summer time and try to make the effort to enjoy the good weather while it lasts. Here's to many more sunny days! xx


Such a beautiful description of a beautiful day in your neck of the woods. If you scroll down to the BOTTOM of my Ravelry project page, you can see some of my neck of the woods - halfway around the globe from you.


Hugs, Kimmy ♥

Patti Forcier

I have just pulled a strawberry-rhubarb crisp from the oven. Its aroma is filling the house. The weather has been glorious here too (Oregon) and has allowed me to finish planting the last of my vegetable garden. I am finding I must clip my nails before hooking or they snag my yarn endlessly. A small price to pay for garden fresh veggies and warm blankets come fall. I am lookong forward to learning to make the mandalas. They are beautiful! Have a wonderful summer.

Angela-Southern USA

Yes, the little moments are precious. I love this time of year the most for all the flowers blooming. I've spent the last month outside mostly working in the garden, prepping the vegetable garden then sowing/planting for the summer bounty to come. Love the mandala! Here's mine finally finished as well as my freshly revised yarn bombed bike.


It's beautiful out there at the moment isn't it. It sounds as though Saturday was hard work but no doubt very satisfying. I am missing my allotment at the moment - all that rhubarb and asparagus and early salad. Glad to hears yours is going strong. We have mornings when people don't want to go to school as well, I know what it's like. Have a good week Lucy, and enjoy the sunshine. CJ xx

Michelle B

Terrible things are happening in my life at the moment and I feel very stressed and tearful. I just read your lovely post and it has given me zest for life. The sun is shining here too and I am going to get the lawnmower out while I’m feeling refreshed. Thank you Lucy xx


You did make me chuckle at the thought of a naked 8 year old hiding under the blankets.... glad to hear you did eventually make it to school. My teenager is on countdown to the end of the week and half term holidays. He has lots planned and his poor dad will be playing chauffeur as always, whilst I shall be languishing in the garden accompanied by the four furry paws well somebody has to keep an eye on them. I only have two of my blankets as all the others so far have been gifted but I really need to make some for our sofa's and the colder nights.



Sweet that you captured the moment with your son in the blankets. All the nature pictures are so beautiful & refreshing..my gosh, the green is so green!

Susan Couves

Your photos are always brilliant and they always give me a warm feeling of what a home should be like. And the countryside is stunning. I love making your crochet blankets and have made 4 to date. Which are dotted around the house for us to use and the grandchildren love them x

Teresa Kasner

I love all your blankets and enjoy seeing them around your house in your blog posts around the year. I think your little garden with all the sunshine would be a perfect place for a potted lilac! I hope you have more nice weather, we've got some sunny warm days coming to our little part of the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon this week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Sunshine city here in Uttoxeter like you.Took your cue and took my blanket squares outside.Definitely doing a dream catcher when this blanket finished😎


We never hear about Connie van anymore

Margaret Simpson

Your home is a beautiful place, full of colours, stunning crochet and most of all love. Bless you Lucy for allowing us into your home, and walking with you as you take magical photo's of the wonderful countryside. 😊🦋


Lovely post Lucy so enjoy a visit to Attic 24 love Jenny xx

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